Sunpower Investment in Nigeria – Is Sunpower Investment Platform Legit or Scam

Sunpower Investment App in Nigeria: Is Sunpower Investment Platform Legit

SunPower Corp (SunPower) is different from Sunpower Investment. Sunpower Investment promises Nigerians a chance to make money through solar energy. It claims you can invest in solar panels and receive returns hourly. But here’s the truth: It is a scam.

SunPower Corp (SunPower) is a reputable provider of solar technology and energy services. With its extensive range of solar products and solutions, the company has gained recognition globally. However, the Sunpower investment platform is a different entity entirely.

Is Sunpower Investment Legit or Scam?

Here’s the truth about the Sunpower investment app. It is not a legit investment platform, it is a scam. A Ponzi scheme. How do we know this to be true?

Well for starters users have not been able to log in to the Sunpower Investment site. It’s been saying under construction since August of 2023.

Sunpower Investment is an investment platform that claims to help energy and enable individuals to invest in solar panels and get hourly returns. In essence, the number of your hourly investment returns is based on the capacity of any solar panel you buy.

The Sunpower online platform and app were also user-friendly and easy to understand., which drew more people to the platform. Like every successful Ponzi- scheme it usually starts with a word of mouth from a bunch of people before it hits critical mass.

Well enough people have signed up to the platform and their money has gone up in the air. So how does this platform work that it was able to entice enough people into putting their money into it?

How does Sunpower Investment App Work?

sunpower investment platform

Here is how the Sunpower solar investment platform works:

  1. You have to register an account on the Sunpower platform.
  2. Then you’ve to fund your Sunpower Investment account. You can do this either through USSD, ATM card, or bank transfer.
  3. Finally, you now invest in as much solar equipment as you want by selecting from the equipment listing on the Sunpower investment website.

How Earnings Worked on SunPower Investment?

This is how the Sunpower platform tricked people into believing they could make money by investing in solar panels:

  • Investment: You can decide to invest in solar equipment to receive more commission. This is the major way you could make money with Sunpower.
  • Referrals: Well you know how this works already. Invite as many of your friends to sign up, you can even create a group to dive referral signups. Which means more money for you.
  • Fixed Wealth Management Products: Sunpower users also had access to fixed wealth management products that gave a return rate of 26%.

Acclaimed Benefits of the Sunpower Investment App?

Here are some benefits that Sunpower claimed users could get by getting on the platform:

  • For those who wanted to pay off their debt easily
  • Make enough to sort out day-to-day expenses
  • For entrepreneurs and small business owners looking for business capital 
  • 4. For financial empowerment and people around you.

Final Thoughts on Sunpower Investment in Nigeria

Sunpower Investment app is not a legitimate investment platform in Nigeria as it is not verified or regulated by any regulatory body in the country. It is a scam, a Ponzi scheme like so many others. These include Binomo investment, GMG Investment, Theobarth Grant investment, Crowd1, Noderworks, 86FB, and Telpecon grant amongst others.

Sunpower investment platform is a scam and you need to be wary of it and other similar Ponzi schemes claiming to be investment platforms.

Before you put your money into any so-called investment platform, you need to do a background check.

  • Does the platform have a well-made website?
  • Is it on social media, does it have a contact number or email?
  • Can you contact the company through those channels?
  • Are they responsive?
  • What are other people saying about them?

Also, you need to know your risk tolerance. If you have a low-risk tolerance, you have to perform thorough due diligence before investing your money into anything.

While some people might have made money via Sunpower investment in the beginning it was always bound to crash because it was a Ponzi scheme that did not really outline how investing in Solar energy was a secure investment for people in Nigeria.

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