GMG Investment Platform: Is GMG Investment Legit?

gmg investment platform is gmg investment legit

When it comes to investing, it’s essential to tread carefully and stay informed. This article delves into the recent controversies surrounding GMG Investment (Graphene Manufacturing Group Investment), a supposed investment scheme for Nigerians to make money.

GMG Investment is different from GMG (Overseas) International Holdings Limited, a forex company. It’s crucial to differentiate between the two entities and take necessary precautions to safeguard your investments.

Gmg investment
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Graphene Manufacturing Group is currently facing accusations of being a Ponzi scheme. Recent developments have brought to light issues related to GMG Investment. Reports suggest that this separate entity, accused of fraudulent activities, has left investors struggling to recover their funds. Be cautious and diligent when dealing with this platform.

What is GMG Investment?


GMG portrayed itself as an investment company specializing in graphene production and sales. Founded in 2016 and based in British Columbia, Canada, GMG promised high returns on investments, particularly targeting the African market. The platform aimed to double investors’ funds, presenting itself as a lucrative opportunity.

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Is GMG Investment Legit?

Is GMG Investment Legit?
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There has been a lot of negative feedback about the Graphene Manufacturing Group (GMG) investment platform, as its victims have labeled it a Ponzi scheme. Based on our detailed research by our team at Koboline, we’ve concluded that GMG has ceased operations, and left investors in the dark about their investments.

So GMG Investment platform is not legit in any way as it’s not regulated by any governing authority, raising legitimacy concerns.

As you should know, when there’s a lack of regulation for a finance and investment company, it exposes investors to potential risks. This is why this publication continues to emphasize the importance of choosing regulated and reputable financial institutions. Unregulated platforms like GMG Investment will most likely fall short of delivering promised returns and leaving investors in jeopardy.

GMG Investment Platform Ponzi Scheme Allegations

GMG Investment Platform Ponzi Scheme Allegations

Like a lot of Ponzi schemes, GMG used new investors’ money to pay returns to earlier investors instead of generating profits through legitimate business activities. Then there’s also the lack of transparency regarding operations and finances that fueled suspicions, eventually leading to the platform’s collapse and severe financial losses for investors.

At the moment GMG’s official website,, is currently inaccessible. The domain, registered on GoDaddy under Domains by Proxy to keep the owner’s information confidential, is set to expire on June 24, 2023. This means that a lot of people who invested in the GMG platform will have to lick their wounds and count their losses.

Investor Complaints and GMG’s Downfall

Investor Complaints and GMG's Downfall
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Many investors have reported difficulties in withdrawing funds from the GMG platform, further confirming the platform’s disreputable behavior. The collapse of GMG has exposed the risks associated with unregulated financial platforms. As well as people looking for a quick buck and not doing due diligence.

Investors took to social media platforms, expressing frustration over their inability to withdraw funds from the GMG platform.

Final thoughts on GMG Investment

gmg investment platform

In conclusion, the collapse of Graphene Manufacturing Group’s investment underscores the hazards of investing in unregulated and opaque financial platforms. As an investor, you must exercise caution, conduct thorough due diligence, and collaborate with reputable, regulated institutions prioritizing transparency, accountability, and investor protection. Here are legit investment platforms in Nigeria you should invest in.

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