About 86FB Football: Is 86fb Football Investment Legit? (Over $200B Lost to 86fb Scam)

86fb football investment review

last Updated on September 13, 2023

In a world brimming with investment opportunities, the 86fb Football Investment platform had its moment in the spotlight. But how did this much-discussed platform end up marred by deposit issues, procedural confusion, and scores of disgruntled users waiting for their owed funds?

Moreover, how could one platform, like 86fb, give birth to several others such as 86w, 86fz, and 86z, all now labelled as scams?

How is it possible that a much-talked-about investment platform is experiencing many issues with deposits, lack of procedure, and hundreds of users who are owed money?

Secondly, how is it possible for one platform to host many websites like 86w, 86fz, and 86z, all of which are scams?

You’re lucky to be here since I’ll be presenting all you need to know about 86fb Football investment. “

In this article, we’ll be discussing some of these points:

  • Is 86fb legit?
  • Is 86w.com a scam?
  • 86fb football withdrawal options?
  • “86fb registration/sign up?
  • 86fb football owner/CEO?
  • How does 86fb operate” and much more?

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About 86fb Football?

86fb was a football investment website where you may earn money by participating in games that have a 96 Percent chance of winning.

According to their website at the time, “86FB was created in May 2015”.

It is a business owned by the City Football Group. Major cities across the globe are home to football-related enterprises such as clubs, academies, technical help providers, and marketing companies.

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The goals of 86FBfootball are to promote both on- and off-field football participation, identify and nurture the top match result analytic talent, and provide an amazing and cutting-edge match result quiz project-hedge fund.

By implementing these projects, playing attractive football, making the simplest investment projects, luring their fervent fan community, and adopting unique global and local methods.

They claimed to be developing a sustainable and socially responsible organization, in line with the meaning of “urban” football to people.

The football division of this platform works with William Hill to blend chance and analytics.

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Our Advice for 86fb Members

If you’re reading this post now if you haven’t withdrawn your funds from 86fb then those funds are lost. It was reported that over N200 Billion was lost in this Ponzi scheme.

You may have noticed that I used the term “luck” earlier; this is because the foundation of gambling is the idea that you can never be completely confident of the outcome of an event; you can only make a calculated estimate.

The majority of people who have heard of 86fb have dismissed it as just another betting site, but since you’re here, you’ve presumably heard something different and are interested in learning more about how it operated, the opportunities it claimed to be offering, and if it was even legit at all.

Is 86FB Legit or a Scam?

The short answer is “Yes” 86fb Football investment is a scam.

The long answer is that due to calculations, arithmetic, and other concepts, competitive football is not just a game but also a high-level sport comparable to money and stocks. And since there are a lot of sports betters in Nigeria. The people behind 86FB took advantage.

The platform claimed to make use of the paradigm known as “hedge fund + welfare field + levelling commission,” which is now the most commonly used worldwide.

It operates concurrently in several nations across the globe and allows for the deposit and withdrawal of popular digital currencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. It includes bilingual versions as well.

The phrase “hedge fund” refers to a collection of individuals. Football wagering is referred to as “correct,” and the result of the game is predicted by “a wave” of balls. “Hedge funds” are related to the reciprocal or the predicted score.

is the right outcome. For instance, Argentina’s score versus Croatia’s is 0:3. If hedge funds purchase scores other than 0:3, they may profit. As a consequence, a hedge fund has a far larger chance of generating money than it should. 17/18, up to an incredible 95%!.

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How does 86fb Football Investment Work?

This platform or dare I say Ponzi scheme claimed that you would receive up to three games with a daily profit potential of 3% when you sign up with 86fb. As I explained earlier, this betting isn’t like regular betting and is actually quite similar to reverse betting.

If you bet on a game with a proper score of 3-0, you will win if the final score is anything other than 3-0. You only lose if the score is 3-0 in the game.

And that’s not all, the team will fully refund your payment if you lose while participating in the game it has provided.

There will be no refunds; the only time you will actually lose is if you choose not to play the game that the group has assigned to you and it turns out to be a dud.

86fb football Income/Earnings Review

  • Changing income throughout time
  • Income that doesn’t change
  • Compound interest earnings

Subordinate development remuneration from lower-level agents

  • The fixed income for team development
  • Compound interest in personal recharge capital creates a dynamic income.
  • I’ll then go into detail about the variations between dynamic and static revenue.

Income that changes over time:

Here, the idea of personal recharge is mentioned. For instance, I recharged 100,000 NGN today. The team plan, which has an average daily return of 3%, may help my principle of 100,000 NGN generate a steady income of 30,000 NGN every day.

If you made 3,000 NGN every day, it would be 90,000 NGN per month. Of course, you must subtract the withdrawal cost. The staff does not recommend cashing out every day since the withdrawal fee is expensive if you do it often.

Income that Remains Constant:

This phrase describes the inferior agents I produce. When an agent recharges and follows the team strategy, they get rebates; this is known as static revenue! How can we thus raise our fixed income? Obviously, to train your own staff members.

We may first get a 10% refund on the day’s earnings from a level 1 agent. For instance, I might get a fixed income of 10,000 NGN if I created a subordinate who made 100,000 NGN today. This money is wonderful!

Three categories comprise the agent rebate revenue:

  • 10% of the first-level agent’s revenue
  • 5% of the second-level agent’s commission is at stake.
  • 3 % of the third-level agent’s income
  • A fixed income of 10,000 NGN is equal to the first-level agent’s salary of 100,000 NGN.
  • The annual salary of the second-level agent is 100,000 NGN or a fixed salary of 5,000 NGN.
  • The third-level agent is paid a fixed salary of 100,000 NGN, which is equal to 3,000 NGN.

How much money can you generate each month if you mix dynamic and static revenue? I think everyone can see this substantial revenue potential!

First and foremost, the average daily income is calculated at 3% if I create an investment plan today with a capital of 70,000.

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86fb Football Login?

Note!: 86FB and all other similar platforms are a scam. Be careful!

For instructions on how to join this platform, see below:

  • Click the link after visiting it.
  • Enter your email & password.
  • Next, enter your phone number.
  • Then click REGISTER.

Note: We advise that you avoid 86FB Football Investment as it isn’t a real investment company.

86fb Review: Is 86fb Football a Real Company?

The Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) has 86fb Football Review’s formal registration as “86 FOOTBALL TECHNOLOGY LIMITED”.

The football betting website 86FB Football Review is owned by The City Football Group. A holding business, it has joint operations in China, the United Kingdom, and the United Arab Emirates.

It established a legitimate Internet sports event investment firm and has a club in Nigeria that is accredited and governed by the local government. It has its headquarters in Manchester and manages and runs several soccer teams all around the globe.

The company’s website states that “all funds stay in the investor’s personal account,” and it accepts payments via third-party payment processors like Alipay.

Customers may at any time deposit their account balances into Alipay or bank cards, and the business guarantees to deposit and withdraw cash within 15 minutes, completely protecting investors’ funds.

You may withdraw money at any time and from any place within the first 24 hours with no restrictions on money in and money out.

Investors choose, manage, and invest their own money, therefore there is no concentration of their wealth. Investors are able to make purchases based on their own preferences and evaluations, which allows them to fully interact with the project and feel their interest.

Investors in this initiative have control over how much money they get, making it a unique worldwide investment opportunity with exceptional durability. Each football game is short-lived, making it possible to use it as a short-term investment that you can monitor and adjust at any moment. In contrast, this investment project has no “downhill” since football is a worldwide, international athletic event, which makes it perfect for long-term investment.

This is an outstanding long-term investment opportunity available just once in a lifetime. Because each football game is short-lived, it may be thought of as a short-term investment that you can monitor and adjust at any moment. However, as football is an international sport played all over the world, there is no such thing as a “downhill” for this investment project, making it perfect for long-term investment.

After engaging in any investment plan for no more than two hours, you may withdraw your earnings.

The platform does not lock in the investment or the earnings. You may withdraw your full principal income at any time. A game takes around two hours to finish. There will be no danger to the security of the funds since the profit will be swiftly returned to the account balance after the game.

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Should I use 86FB?

I appreciate you reading this review of 86fb football investment. By now you’d have come to the understanding that 86fb Football investment is a scam where thousands of people lost money. You should try to avoid these sort of Ponzi schemes and scam platforms. If you want o invest your money securely then consider using genuine investment platforms in Nigeria that won’t run away with your money.

Withdrawal from 86fb Football

You must first connect your account number and personal data to this platform before making any withdrawals.

Make sure you have a sizable amount before withdrawing since there is a 5% fee associated with each withdrawal.

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