Crowd1 Investment: Is Crowd1 Legit in Nigeria or a Total Scam?

crowd1 investment

Last Updated on April 29, 2023

If you’ve heard of Crowd1 or Crowd1 Investment and you want to know if it is a legit investment platform or a scam, then you’re in the right place and you should read on.


There have been controversies surrounding Crowd1 recently, with a lot of people proclaiming that the company is a scam. And as we know most network marketing companies really are a scam.

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But before we decide on if Crowd1 Investment is a scam, let’s learn a bit more about this company.

What is Crowd1 Investment?

Crowd1 claims to be a crowd marketing platform that focuses on the gaming and gambling industry. However, the people who own the company or run the company are anonymous.

The company promises a high return on investment for people who would get involved and continue to stay involved which are its members and affiliates.

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While it is free to join Crowd1, you still need to purchase one of Crowd1’s packages to start making money from the platform.

However, Crowd1 has said that they aren’t an investment company, yet you need to pay (buy a package) to make money, in essence, an investment vehicle.

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How Does Crowd1 Investment Work?

As we mentioned earlier, joining Crowd1 is free, but to start making money on the platform, you’ll need to become a member/affiliate.

Becoming an affiliated member of Crowd1 means you have to buy a starter package from the Crowd1 platform, and then go on to build your downlines or team which is the preferred lingo for the Crowd1 platform.

These are the packages from Crowd1 to become a member or an affiliate:

  • White Package – €109
  • Black Package – €299
  • Gold Package – €799
  • Titanium Package – €2499

So after purchasing one of these packages from Crowd1 how do you make money?

Well after thorough research into how the platform works, the only way we found to make money from crowd1 is by inviting other people to join Crowd1 as your downline.

So whenever someone joins as your downline, you make 12% of what they paid (the Crowd1 package they bought).

While crowd1 has other digital products, those products are of no use if you are not a Crowd1 member.

How Does Crowd1 Make Money?

So you might be curious as to how Crowd1 makes money.

Well for starters, the platform makes money when users purchase any of their packages, which cost between €109 to €2499

The company also makes money when people buy their digital products which include gaming, education, and travel services.

Is Crowd1 Investment Legit in Nigeria?

Hmm, It’s really not hard to say if Crowd1 is real or a scam, especially with the controversies that have surrounded the company.

In 2020, Crowd1 was accused of being a pyramid scheme by the Norwegian Lottery Authority. However, The lottery authority is yet to make an assessment of whether the platform is illegal or not, Crowd1 has been asked to explain its business model in more detail.

In the same year in Burundi, 17 people affiliated with involving Crowd1 were arrested for running a pyramid scheme which offered investors dividends for recruiting new investors.

While the Bank of Namibia has asked that Crowd1 and its participants stop promoting the Ponzi scheme as it has no actual products.

So the verdict is: Crowd1 is a scam operation and you’ll do well to stay away from it except you’re in the business of losing your money to frauds.

Crowd1 Investment is just one of the many scam operations in Nigeria like the popular Binomo investment, Theobarth Grant, 86fb Football Investment Noderworks and so many others.

MLM or networking operations or companies like Crowd1 investment are rampant in Nigeria and have scammed billions off millions of Nigerians, so it’s always better to stay clear of so-called “investments” like these.

In essence, Crowd1 Investment is not a legitimate investment company that you can use to make money or improve your financial standing. Crowd1 disguises itself as a networking/affiliate marketing company but its main goal is to rip you off your hard-earned funds.

Once you buy a Crowd1 membership package to become a full-fledged member, you then have to find downlines to make any sort of money as a member.

This multi-level marketing operation isn’t in any way a legitimate investment, but a way to make money off unsuspecting investors.

If you’re looking for a legit way to make residual or passive income in Nigeria then you should consider taking a look at genuine investment platforms in Nigeria.

You can also have a look at the top business ideas in Nigeria for anyone.

So if you’re considering investing in Crowd1, we’ll suggest you don’t as you’re most likely going to get scammed and it will end in tears.

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