Noderworks Review: What is Noderworks all About? Is it Legit or a Scam?

noderworks review

With so many people searching for “Noderworks review”, “what is Noderworks all about”, and “how does noderworks work”, we decided to write this article so people can have a full understanding of if they should use this platform or stay away from it.

What is Norderworks All about?

Launched in 2021, Norderworks or Nigeria order works is a controversial Nigerian online platform where you can earn commissions by ordering products on the platform and by referring your friends to the platform.

Every new user of the erstwhile Noderworks platform is given N500 naira that can be used to order products and earn commissions daily.

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The Noderworks platform claimed you can withdraw the money directly to your bank account, once you get to the minimum threshold of 2000 naira. Yet, a lot of people found it difficult to withdraw their money saying they where told their account activity was limited.

When you register on Norderworks, you will be given 500 Naira, which you can use to order products and earn commissions daily. You can withdraw the money directly to your bank account, once you get to the minimum threshold of 2000 naira.

In essence, Norderworks works (worked) via membership level and a referral system.

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How Does Noderworks Work?

When you register on Noderworks and you’ve been given N500 naira, you’ll be able to place only 20 orders per day on the platform.

To place more orders o the platform you needed to load your account with more money. Which the platform claimed will get you more commissions.

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Referring people to the platform is also another way to earn money on it.

The Norderworks membership scheme had 3 levels. Every new Noderworks member became a level 1 member. The membership levels are:

  • Level 1
  • Level 2
  • Level 3

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Norderworks Login (Registration / Sign up)

When the Noderworks website was still working you could register and login into the platform on this page. But this page and even the Noderworks website aren’t in existence anymore.

Norderworks Withdrawal

Noderworks’ true nature came to the fore when people were not able to withdraw from their accounts. Even though the platform claimed the minimum withdrawal amount is 2000, people with over N8,000 Naira could withdraw their money.

Next, they couldn’t access their account and before you now they could not even access the website. You know how this story ends, don’t you?

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How Legit is Norderworks

At this time and this moment, we can fully say that Noderworks is to legit but a scam operation. Like so many Scams in Nigeria, there was no way to find any company or business registration name for Norderworks on the CAC website.

You couldn’t put a face to the company, and they just did everything in secrecy which only Scam platforms do.

People who have invested their time and money in this platform have lost.

There were several false rumours that Noderworks was paying, however, it was all a lie.

In conclusion, Noderworks is another one of the numerous scam platforms in Nigeria. And if you’re still searching and hoping that it will come back at some point then you’re a better man than me. Because Otilo in the voice of Poco Lee the dancer cum poet.

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