16 Business Ideas for Ladies in Nigeria 2024

business ideas for ladies in Nigeria

last Updated on January 17, 2024

Do you want to make money as a lady in Nigeria, then a profitable business idea might be the solution for you. Here’s a map of the most lucrative business ideas for ladies in Nigeria that can make money for you.

This article was specifically made for Nigerian ladies looking for profitable business ideas in Nigeria that they can do.

There are enough profitable business ideas for ladies in Nigeria you should consider looking at where you can make serious cash if you’re able to execute the business idea well.

Not all would suit your interests though. This list of top business ideas for ladies in Nigeria will show you the different business opportunities to start making money from, whether full-time or on the side as a side hustle.

15 Online & Side Business Ideas for Ladies in Nigeria

Business ideas for ladies in Nigeria can either be mainly offline businesses or online businesses and sometimes a mixture of both.

This list is divided into two business idea models. Offline business ideas and online business ideas.

Here’s a list of top small and side business ideas in Nigeria for Ladies:

Launch a Startup

Lucrative side hustles in Nigeria - Launch a startup

Startups in Africa are raking in millions of dollars in VC investing, and Nigeria is the continent’s torchbearer of startups swallowing VC capital.

Becoming a startup founder is one of the most interesting business ideas for ladies in Nigeria. Although choosing to become a startup founder is just the beginning, the ideas you choose to go after are the main point.

If you believe there is a profitable problem that can be solved with tech, then you should have a go at the problem.

However, You’ll need to be in a continuous learning mode to try to solve the problem.

You’ll also need a small team that is strong in areas where you’re a bit deficient and also build a positive strong company culture as well.

Some of the sectors that startups in Nigeria are targeting include fintech, health tech, and e-commerce.

If your idea(s) sit outside this sector, don’t worry go ahead with it just make sure you’ve done your due diligence on your idea ( that it is profitable and has scale).

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Start an Online Store

how to start an online store in nigeria

This is one of the lucrative business ideas for ladies in Nigeria. A lot of Nigerian ladies are already running online stores, especially on social media.

Selling on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or WhatsApp is a very easy thing to do. The problem is that people don’t know what to sell.

A good idea to solve this is to look at your interests and skills and look for profitable products in the market that align with them and start selling these products.

You can also do research on the best-selling products in Nigeria, pick a couple of them, and start selling.

Some of the best-selling products online are Beauty, Sex & Wellness, Clothing, Fitness, and Health products.

Your online store doesn’t need to stop with Instagram or other social media. You can create a free online store in Nigeria in minutes using services like Flutterwave stores, Paystack Storefront, and Bumpa.

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Gifting Company Business

gift box business | business ideas in Nigeria

This business idea can be profitable for Ladies in Nigeria who are creative and are great are organizing things in a very attractive way.

Because you can start this business from home you only need little capital to start it.

Starting a Gifting company is one of the most profitable business ideas for ladies in Nigeria, so you must consider some things if you want this business to be successful.

Some of the things to consider include

  • Identifying your target Niche and customers
  • Find out the costs of creating gift baskets for different customers
  • Create a business plan
  • Get a business name & register your business
  • Get supplies for gift baskets
  • Set up your online presence and store
  • Promote your business

Beauty Salon Business

hair making business

The beauty market globally is vast. Women and even men churn out tonnes of cash to get themselves the best beauty care products for their bodies.

People will always want to look stunning, impressive, and ever young and they are willing to pay almost any amount to get that feeling and look.

The demand for beauty products and services means starting a beauty shop is one of the top business ideas for ladies in Nigeria.

You can offer all sorts of beauty services like; hair making, makeup, nails etc.

Just make sure you or your workers have great beauty skills and that you put your business on Google My Business so people can easily find you online.

Event Planning Business

event planning

Humans love social connections, especially spontaneous ones with friends and strangers.

For Nigerians, partying is part of life. From the owambe’s to wedding receptions to clubbing, Nigerians love every opportunity to throw a party.

So you can expect the events market to remain for a very long time.

To start an event planning business, you’ll have to gain event planning skills and experience.

Then you’ll have to determine the “type of events” you want to plan. Essentially you’re choosing an event planning niche, You are clearly defining your target market. You’re choosing your market.

Are you going to do every type of event; like corporate, association, nonprofit, and social events?

Or are you going to focus on 1 or two types of events in your event business?

You’re also going to have to build up your network of suppliers and staff. You’ll also have to create a well-thought-out business plan for your business.

With the rate at which technology is progressing, virtual events are even going to become more rampant. Yes, physical events will not go away anytime soon but virtual events will rise.

You should keep this in mind as you start your event planning business in Nigeria.

Planning events takes a lot of work but the rewards can be massive both monetary and social.

Online Food Business

mobile food truck business

The food business is big business. So are the challenges too.

If starting a food online business idea interests you, then you can consider starting easy first-time food businesses that require low investment, minimal equipment, and fewer logistics challenges.

Starting a food business will require that you take some of these steps:

  • To know the type of food to make and sell
  • Do market research to know if it’s the type of food that people are looking to buy online.
  • Create a business plan to find out the cost of starting your online food business and suppliers for your business.
  • Decide your sales and marketing strategy.
  • Get funding for your Business

The online food business is one of the easiest business ideas for ladies in Nigeria to start. You can start this business with N200,000 depending on the type of food business you want to start and the equipment you have

Restaurant Business

restaurant business

Restaurants in Nigeria have levels. You have the bukka (small-time restaurant with 1 to 3 staff, sometimes more), medium-sized restaurants (fast food or casual dining), or fine dining restaurants where customers might need to make reservations).

To start a restaurant business in Nigeria or anywhere for that matter you must have a good understanding of the business.

Then you can go on to craft a business plan as well as a food menu.

One of the most important factors for a restaurant business idea is Location. Some people will tell you that the restaurant business is all about Location! Location!.

The next thing on the agenda is to get funding for your Restaurant business. After which you can go on to purchase equipment and hire staff.

Depending on the type of restaurant you want to launch, this business can cost you anywhere from N150,000 to N10m.

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Social Media Influencer

social media manager

Social media influencing business is expected to reach $17 billion by the end of 2023. With top influencers earning millions every year, you can expect this industry to continue to grow.

Social media influencers make money by charging a fee from brands by posting content related to the brand or the brand’s product.

For you to become a social media influencer, you must have a large following online (on social media channels).

Without a large social media following, you can get paid for endorsing brands and posting product mentions.

Brands and companies are willing to pay a handsome price to influencers to help publicize their products and services.

So this is one of the best business ideas for ladies in Nigeria who have a growing social media following.

Even if you don’t have a large or growing following, you can work toward it by becoming an expert in a niche.

If this business idea excites you, then you should check out this guide on how to start a Social Media Influencer business.

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Digital Agency

Our world is becoming more digital by the way. The digital market spending exceeded $375 billion in 2021, and you can expect the number to continue to rise.

Just like most business ideas, the digital agency business has no easy path.

You need to have some digital marketing experience for you to start a digital agency.

Or you are a creative genius with great leadership skills. Or else you might struggle to start a digital agency business.

Starting any business or anything new for that matter means you have to educate yourself (do market research) and the digital agency business is no different.

The next step to starting a digital agency is finding your niche.

It is important you find an underserved audience or an audience you’re certain you can serve because of how much competition there is in the market.

That is why competitor analysis is going to be important if you’re going to run a successful digital agency business.

Once you have the experience, and the market research in place, you can launch your digital agency by;

  • building an online presence (launch your agency website and other relevant digital channels)
  • start marketing your agency
  • build up your portfolio (In-depth case studies &client testimonials) while you continuously generate leads for the business.

There are certain skill sets digital and soft that a digital agency will require to be successful so might need to recruit people to provide those skills you don’t have.

This business can cost up to N300k above to start depending on how big you want to start.

Are you getting an office space in a posh area or are you going lean and starting with office spaces to meet with clients? it’s all up to you.

Beauty Brand

In the last couple of years, several women-led beauty businesses have been launched. Companies like Glossier, Summer Fridays, Kjaer Weis, Monk Oil, and CAP Beauty. 

Some African and Nigerian women’s beauty brands exist as well, like House of TARA, ZARON, BOSSY COSMETICS, and Natural Girl Wigs.

To start your beauty brand you need to develop your original product while crafting an authentic story for the product. Essentially this is your market research stage.

Next, you need to find suppliers who are willing to make small batches of your product. So you can see how your product performs in the market.

After testing the product and seeing how it does, you’ll have to start laying the foundations of your business.

You’ll have to develop the brand personality for your beauty business and the product packaging, register your business, get insurance, start approaching stockists, and continuously develop a sales and marketing strategy.

Starting your beauty brand can cost north of N250,000. Depending on the scale you want to begin from.

Photography Studio

photography and camera business nigeria

If taking pictures is a very enjoyable hobby for you. Then you should consider starting a photography studio business in Nigeria.

This is one of the not-so-easy business ideas for ladies in Nigeria to start. But do not be dismayed. Like always you can start small.

The main thing about this business idea is getting a camera along with some other equipment.

You can improve your picture-taking skills just by watching YouTube and the operational side of the business by taking courses and by being a willing learner.

However, without a portfolio, it will be difficult for you to get jobs. Getting the juicy jobs means you might need a lot of shooting experience

Some of the things you’ll need to open a photography business/studio include;

  • A good camera
  • Tripod, Lighting & Lenses
  • Backdrops & Props (Studio Space)
  • a Photo-printer
  • Computer and editing software
  • and the other things that any business will require (business license, accounting software, online presence.

The cost of starting this business can start from N500k. It’s important you do your market research to know how much capital you’ll need to launch your photography business/studio.

Fashion Design Business

fashion design business

Starting any lucrative business can be a difficult task especially when there isn’t enough capital. However, you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do.

The fashion design business is one of the most fitting business ideas for ladies in Nigeria.

The market is massive and competitive as well but you can always get a piece of the pie if you know what you’re doing.

You also need to define your fashion business’s uniqueness. What sets it apart from other fashion businesses?

More likely than not your first clients for your fashion business will be family and friends.

For your fashion business to be successful, there are certain skills that you need to possess.

Like creative, marketing, managerial, and time management skills.

You’ll need to procure some equipment for your fashion design business in Nigeria like sewing machines, weaving machines, embroidery machines, a generator set, tables, and pressing irons amongst other things.

The cost of starting a fashion design business in Nigeria can start from N500,000.

If you’re going to go ahead and launch this business idea, don’t forget to create a business plan for it and create a compelling marketing strategy.

Start a Blog

How to start a blog in Nigeria

There are lots of people who make thousands, hundreds, and millions of dollars from blogging.

Starting a blog business is one of the easier business ideas for ladies in Nigeria.

To start a blog you’ll need to choose what your blog will be about. This is all about choosing a Niche.

Then you have to choose the name of your blog which will also be your domain name. so check that whatever name you pick is still available as a domain name.

Next, you’ll have to set up the actual blog. WordPress is a great system to use for your blog.

Any good hosting service will allow you to easily set up your blog in minutes using WordPress.

You will still have to pick a theme for your blog and some plugins to help your blog run as you want.

Here’s where the real work starts. You will have to consistently create content for your blog while promoting it at the same time.

Blogs mainly make money in either of three ways: display advertising, Affiliate marketing, and partner content (sponsored & syndicated content).

You can start a blog in Nigeria with N50k. However what is required to have a successful blog is consistency, great content, and a top-notch SEO game.

Youtube Channel

How to make money on Youtube in Nigeria

One of the profitable business ideas for ladies in Nigeria, Vlogging is blogging but for videos, but I guess you already knew that.

YouTube is one of the biggest black holes on the internet and it has made people into millionaires from kids to adults. You can make money through YouTube by monetizing your channel.

Starting a YouTube channel is relatively easy. But before you start you must find the niche you want to operate in.

You also need to be able to edit videos or have someone who can.

Creating compelling videos that will receive tons of views on YouTube can be more of an art than science sometimes.

One way to win on YouTube is to look at the platform’s greats and incorporate some of the things they do.

Becoming a successful dollar-earning vlogger can take some time but the more great content you put out, the more the YouTube machine is likely to reward you.

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freelancer freelancing

Freelancing offers flexibility. That’s its selling point.

As a freelancer, you get to work on your terms and you’re solely responsible for making decisions about your work.

You get to choose the hours you work, how much you charge for your work, and the type of work you do.

Freelancers work on a contract and budget basis. You can either freelance full-time or part-time.

To be successful as a freelancer you have to operate within your area of competence or interest (sometimes this is not enough), then you need to have a portfolio (to show you can do the work).

Next, you’ll need to find clients by promoting yourself and your work.

POS Agent

pos business in Nigeria

The POS Agent business in Nigeria is one of the lucrative business ideas for ladies in Nigeria. You’ll find that most of the POS shops in Nigeria are mostly female.

A POS business or mobile money agent makes cash available to people in exchange for a commission or fee through a POS machine.

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If you’re interested in becoming a POS Agent in Nigeria, some of the best companies to consider based on cost and commission rates are: 

OPay POS, Baxi Box, Palmpay POS, Bankly, Monie Point POS, Firstmonie POS, Kudi POS, GTB POS, Pay force, Paga, Zenith Bank mobile money agent, Access Bank CLOSA agent, Quickteller, Paypoint, Ecobank, Xpress point, and UBA POS.

The main cost of starting a POS business in Nigeria is the cash at hand you’ll need to make withdrawals possible, the rent for space, and getting a POS machine. This can range from ₦250,000 to  ₦150,000

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Key Takeaways

It’s important to state however that as much as the aforementioned ideas are very lucrative and easy to start up. The major criterion for being successful at what you do is to be consistent and determined.

Many of those people we see today making so much fortune right now all put in the work in some way or the other at some point in time in their lives.

Life is not a bed of roses and so is starting a business in Nigeria.

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