Nomba Kudi POS Charges – How to Get Kudi POS Machine (Daily Target)

nomba kudi pos charges kudi pos price - how to get kudi pos machine
Kudi has since changed its name to Nomba.

Kudi over the past few years has become a very popular financial service in Nigeria.

Now called Nomba, Kudi started its journey in 2016 as a chatbot ( that simplified access to financial services in Nigeria by responding to people’s financial requests on social apps.

It then became a popular mobile money agent service through its Kudi POS terminals.

Kudi has now transitioned into a fintech in Nigeria that offers an omnichannel payment service called Nomba.

Nomba is building an ecosystem that simplifies how businesses accept payments, make payments, and manage their operations. 

Currently, over 150,000 users and businesses use Kudi Nomba.

You can get a Kudi POS machine in Nigeria by signing up on the Noma app, providing the required information, and requesting for a POS terminal.

Kudi or Nomba now offers its products to three types of businesses: Mobile Money Agents (who make financial services accessible to their community), Small businesses (track payments for your business), and Large Businesses (manage operations, make large payments, and track growth).

How to Get Kudi POS Machine (Nomba POS)

Kudi’s Mobile money network has grown by leaps and bounds as a network providing accessible financial services through its POS agents in Nigeria, Ghana, and other African countries.

That’s why a lot of people are interested in how to become a Kudi POS Agent.

Becoming a Kudi POS agent is a very short process you just need to create a Kudi (Nomba) account and request for the Kudi terminal.

The Kudi POS is free as long as you meet the minimum requirements.

The requirements needed for obtaining a Kudi POS include:

  • BVN
  • A valid ID card
  • Utility bills.

Moving on to how to become a Kudi POS agent and get a Kudi POS, follow these steps:

  • Download the Kudi (Nomba app) from the Google Play Store or by signing up via its dashboard here.
  • Next, you’ll be required to provide basic information about yourself and your business. Like your phone number, email, first name and last name.
  • Next, you’ll need to request a Nomba POS terminal by signing into your Nomba account and then go to the “Accept payments” section on your dashboard or app.
  • Then Click on “Terminals”,
  • Then click “Request a new terminal”
  • ”Select “Request for a new outlet” if you are a new user or “Request for an existing outlet” if you’ve had a Nomba POS.
  • Then choose a terminal type and quantity.
  • Then confirm your request.

After some time, Kudi (Nomba) will message you about your eligibility to receive a free Kudi POS.

An alternative method for getting the POS terminal is to pay for it instead of waiting for a free one.

You can become a Kudi agent by choosing to skip the process of using the Nomba app and pay for your own POS machine instead.

Just visit the nearest Nomba office and obtain the mobile money agent form from their service agent, fill out the form, and submit it along with a payment of N20,000 (money is nonrefundable).

Your application will be reviewed and a Kudi POS will be released to you instantly.

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What are Nomba Kudi Product offerings?

Currently, Kudi offers the following products and tools through its app to businesses so they can manage sales, manage money, and make and receive payments without hurdles:

1. Kudi Chatbot

The Kudi Chatbot helps users of the platform to easily use the platform without any hassles. Users can ask questions about any issue related to the Kudi platform.

It is especially great for those interested in the Kudi POS, as you can resolve POS issues by just sending a message to the Kudi Chatbot.

2. Nomba (Kudi) Savings & Loans

Kudi isn’t a bank but it offers banking tools and services to its users, which includes a way for businesses to save daily, weekly, or monthly.

You can also make use of the loan feature on your Nomba account to access funds to reduce the cost of starting out as a Kudi POS agent or for funding your business.

3. Business & Sales Tools

Every Kudi agent or Nomba user has full access to payments and operational tools to keep their business running smoothly.

Like the Nomba business account (which comes with an account number).

4. Nomba Kudi POS Terminals

The Nomba or Kudi POS terminals do two things. It helps businesses collect card payments and helps mobile money agents bring financial services to their immediate community and in turn create wealth for themselves.

Some of these financial services include accepting payments, sending payments, and paying bills.

Kudi offers two types of POS terminals:

nomba kudi pos terminals
  • Nomba Lite POS terminal
  • Nomba Pro POS terminal

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Nomba Kudi POS (Mobile Money Agent)

The Kudi POS Machine is a very good choice as a money mobile agent.

If you decide to join Nomba’s vision of growing a network of mobile money agents that will make financial services accessible to anyone, you might be able to build some sizeable wealth from it.

Anyone can become a Kudi or Nomba mobile money agent as long as they meet the minimum requirements.

Kudi POS agents have some of the best rates in the POS market in Nigeria, making it a profitable venture for them.

Kudi Pos agents also receive a discount for every transaction done through them on the Nomba platform.

Agents can also accumulate points as they transact more and these points can be converted to cash later on.

You can also view all your earnings with the Kudi POS on a single dashboard with the Nomba account.

Here are the transactions you can perform with the Kudi POS with:

  • Cash withdrawals
  • TV subscriptions
  • Buy electricity
  • Data & Airtime purchases 

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Kudi Nomba POS Charges List

Kudi POS charges are relatively low. Every transaction done by a Kudi POS agent attracts a charge of 0.7% charge.

Although an agent can set the actual amount of money they want to charge customers for withdrawal at your end. With this, Kudi currently offers one of the best rates, making it very profitable for Kudi POS machine agents.

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Kudi POS Price

Kudi POS terminals are given free of charge once you have a Nomba account.

However, you might have to pay a security deposit/caution fee of N20,000.

The reason for the security deposit on Kudi is for you to be able to prove that you can meet the transaction target on the Kudi POS terminal through an end-of-day transaction report or statement of account on the platform.

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How to Operate Kudi Pos Machine

Every Kudi agent will be taught how to operate a Kudi POS machine via help aids through the platform or a Kudi/Nomba service agent.

Nomba Kudi POS Daily Target

The Kudi/Nomba POS doesn’t have a daily target. Just make sure that you actively use the POS every day to help people make transactions while you get commissions.

Kudi POS Terms and Conditions

Some of the Kudi mobile money agent terms and conditions include:

  • All Outstanding premiums must be deducted before claim settlements by Agents.
  • Agents must always ensure that their outlets/shops are well secured.
  • Cash must not be kept in premises/outlets unless in a safe or vault.
  • Withdrawal of cash must be done by the mobile money agent or senior staff.
  • Kudi Agent’s negligence won’t be claimed cash must not be left unattended or unaccompanied
  • A 15% policy excess will be deducted on every claim settlement on Nomba
  • To report an incident properly, you will need to provide the following: A completed Claim form, documentary evidence of the claimed amount (Nomba wallet statement of account), a Police report (if theft/burglary is applicable), and Pictures of damaged safe or drawer and any valid means of ID.

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