The Cheapest POS Charges In Nigeria 2023

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Last Updated on January 10, 2023


Different POS companies have different charges, but here’s a list of the cheapest POS charges in Nigeria:

  • Bankly POS Machine charges 0.3% on every withdrawal and a flat rate of N35 on all transfers.
  • Moniepoint POS Machine charges 0.5% of the transaction amount. For transactions above 20,000 Naira and a flat rate charge of N20 for transfers.
  • Kolomoni POS Machine (charges 0.5% on withdrawals from N1000 to N19, 900. N30 fee for transfer of N2000 and above)
  • Opay POS Machine (charges 0.6% for withdrawals below N20,000 and a flat rate charge of N120 for withdrawals from N20,000 above)
  • Kudi POS Machine (Charges N25 for transactions from 100 – 4,500; Charges 0.6% for every transaction between 4,501 and 25,000. And a flat rate of N150 for transactions above N500,000; and charge N150 flat fee from above 500,000 Naira).
  • GTBank POS Machine (Charges 0.75 as POS routine maintenance).

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