Top 20 Investment Companies in Nigeria

investment companies in nigeria

last Updated on October 16, 2023

One of the best ways to make more money or build wealth is by investing. Investment companies in Nigeria provide an easy way for any Nigerian to improve their financial standing in a country that has serious economic issues.

If you want to increase your wealth and gain more leverage in life. Whether it’s being able to take care of family, take vacation trips to different parts of the world each quarter or having no money worries after you retire.

Then it is important you have some knowledge about investing especially as a Nigerian so you can avoid scams, Ponzi schemes and even the loss of your money. The investment world is a brutal world. If you don’t know what you’re doing, you’re likely to lose your money and go back to zero. So it is important you invest wisely as a Nigerian.

The number of investment companies in Nigeria is on the rise, some are legit, some are scams, and some aren’t registered with the required authorities like CBN and SEC.

Looking for genuine investment platforms in Nigeria can be a bit tricky. That’s why we picked the best investment companies in Nigeria. So you dont have to go through so much hassle.

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Top Investment Companies in Nigeria

Here’s a list of the top investment companies in Nigeria for investing your money and building wealth:

S/NPlatformInvestment Options
1RisevestDollar Real Estate, Stocks & Fixed Income
2CarbonHigh Interest Savings
3TroveUS & Local Stocks
4BambooUS & Local Stocks
5PiggyvestFixed income, Agriculture & Transportation
6CowrywiseMutual Funds
7Payday InvestorMarket Funds
9FintP2P Loans
10Bundle AfricaDollar Savings
12AccrueDollar Cost Averaging (Stocks & Crypto)
13GetEquityAfrican Startups
14AjoboxLocal SME
15CrowdyvestFixed Income

1. Risevest


Risevest is one of the top investment companies in Nigeria that offers dollar investments in Nigeria. You can invest in foreign stocks (picked by Risevest), US real estate and Fixed income assets.

You also earn your return in dollars.

You can start investing on Risevest for as low as $10. The Risevest app is both on Android and iOS.

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To sign up for Risevest, the required documentation includes; Government Issued ID a. The documents will be an image, not an actual physical copy. Some basic information like (Verified Email Address, Verified Phone Number, and Bank Account Information).

To pay for a plan with Risevest you can use Mastercard, VISA and Verve cards issued by Nigerian Banks. And even a bank transfer.

You can easily track your investment portfolio on the Risevest app. You can make same-day withdrawals as well.

Risevest is PCI-DSS compliant and uses bank-grade security and two-factor authentication to protect all its user accounts.

Risevest is SEC-registered in the US and user funds are overseen by the company’s partners who are also registered with the Nigerian Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

So know that your funds are safe and regulated at the highest standard of compliance.

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2. Payvest by Carbon

Carbon Paylater reivew

Carbon started out as an instant collateral-free loan lending platform but has gone on to create Payvest; a fixed-interest investment account that you can use on the Carbon app.

Payvest offers a fixed deposit account called Cash Vault. The starting investment for Cash Vault is ₦50,000, where you earn 11% interest on your money.

You can also set saving goals on Payvest. This can be daily, weekly, or monthly investment targets. You can start a savings goal on Payvest starting from ₦100. You earn 9.5% interest on your money when the goal is complete.

The minimum amount that can be saved on PayVest is ₦50,000 and the investment tenures are currently in 3, 6, 9 or 12 months. You can only withdraw the full investment prior to its maturity period.

Investors earn interest on the platform on a quarterly basis and early withdrawal may lead to the forfeiture of interest not yet earned.

Unlike other platforms on this list, PayVest doesn’t allow adding funds to an existing investment, the only option is to create another investment plan. To get on the PayVest investment plan, you’ll need to download the Paylater app.

The Carbon app is available on both Android and iOS.

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3. Trove App

trove app review

Trove is one of the genuine online investment companies in Nigeria that allows you to invest in foreign and local stocks. You can invest from as little as ₦1000 from your smartphone or your laptop. Trove uses bank-grade security, so you know that your money is in safe hands.

  • Platforms: Web, Android, iOS
  • Minimum investment amount: ₦1,000
  • Required Documentation: Government-issued ID and a Utility Bill ready. The documents will be an image, not an actual physical copy. Some basic information like (Verified Email Address, Verified Phone Number, Bank Account Information).
  • Payment Options: Mastercard, VISA and Verve cards issued by Nigerian Banks. Bank Transfer.
  • Holding period: As long as you like.Investment monitoring: You can track returns on investments purchased through the Trove app or dashboard.
  • Deposits Fees: (1.5%+ ₦100 for transactions over ₦2,500)Trading Fees (Naira Wallet): SEC (Securities & Exchange Commission) – 0.30%, CSCS Trade Alert – ₦4.20, VAT on commissions – 5% of NSE, SEC & Brokerage fees. Stamp Duty – 0.075%, Brokerage – 1.35%, Platform Fees – 0.5 %. Trading Fees (Dollar Wallet): 1% of Transaction Amount (Minimum of $2.5).
  • Withdrawals: You can withdraw uninvested cash in your wallet for 3 business days or more. If you’re withdrawing more than your invested cash. You’ll need to sell some of your purchased assets. If you submit a sell order it will take between 1 to 2 business days for your funds to settle in your account. You can either choose to deposit the fund in your wallet or bank account.

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4. Bamboo

Bamboo app investment

Bamboo is another one of the top investment companies in Nigeria that allows people to buy and sell hundreds of US stocks. Bamboo is a safe and secure app that uses bank-grade security to protect its users. The minimum amount you need to start buying and selling stocks on the Bamboo app is $20.

  • Platforms: Android, iOS
  • Minimum investment amount: $20.
  • Required Documentation: Government-issued ID and a Utility Bill ready. The documents will be an image, not an actual physical copy. Some basic information like (Verified Email Address, Verified Phone Number, and Bank Account Information).
  • Payment Options: Mastercard, VISA and Verve cards issued by Nigerian Banks. Bank Transfer.
  • Holding period: As long as you like.
  • Investment monitoring: You can track returns on investments purchased through the Bamboo app.

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5. Piggyvest

finanacial investment oppotunitie in nigeria.

Piggyvest is a financial technology company in Nigeria that has simplified saving and investing money in Nigeria via the Internet.

Having started out as a purely digital savings company, it quickly became an investment medium because of its high interest rates.

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Piggyvest like other savings platforms allows people to not only be able to save recurrently and manually but also earn noteworthy interest on their savings.

  • Platforms: WebAndroidiOS
  • Interest rate: Over  10% per annum
  • Withdrawal charges: 5% fee but with 4 free-of-charge withdrawals annually
  • Investment plan: Core savings, SafeLock Savings, Target savings and Group savings.
  • Other features: PiggyFlex (a sub-account where all the interests generated from a Piggybank account are paid into). SafeLock: This feature allows you to put an amount of money aside for a fixed period — without having any access to it till that time is up. Think of it like your own customised fixed deposit account.

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6. Cowrywise

finanacial investment oppotunitie in nigeria.

Cowrywise is like a blend of Piggybank and Paylater. Users on Cowrywise have access to highly competitive interest rates irrespective of the amount saved. The platform also affords users,  access to loans. Interest on savings is paid on a daily basis.

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Cowrywise offers a fixed savings plan that allows you to put away a lump sum for long periods. The longer the period, the higher the interest rate.

  • Platform: Android. iOS
  • Interest rate: 10% to 15%
  • Withdrawal charges: None
  • Investment plan: Periodic savings, Fixed Savings, One-time savings.
  • Minimum withdrawal: None

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7. Payday Investor by ARM

finanacial investment oppotunitie in nigeria.

PayDay Investor created by ARM Group allows users to create a savings goal and invests the money on behalf of the savers in its money market fund.

The ARM Group manages assets of ₦967 Billion, so you can rest assured that your money is in good hands. Returns on the Payday Investor app are paid quarterly.

Payday Investor allows you to decide how much and when you want to invest. Set multiple investment goals, auto-invest and customize your investment plans all in the payday invest.

You can withdraw your investment (savings & yield) at any time as long as all your KYC (Know your customer) requirements have been met.

  • Platforms: Android, iOS, Web
  • Interest rate: 12.6%
  • Withdrawal/Funding charges: NEFT transfer fee of ₦52.50 / 1% convenience capped at ₦1,500
  • Minimum withdrawal: ₦1,000

8. I-invest

finanacial investment oppotunitie in nigeria.

I-invest is a one-of-a-kind app that enables you to securely purchase and manage treasury bills from your mobile device. This company ensures risk-free investments because its investment portfolio is treasury bills.

The i-invest app provides a dashboard to track diverse investment portfolios and offers a convenient way for retail investors to save money whilst earning attractive interest rates.

The minimum investment on I-invest, is a Hundred thousand Naira (₦100,000). Interest accrues daily and the investment amount and interest are credited to your account upon maturity. You can also cash out your money (pre-liquidate) at any time but after a minimum holding period of 30 days.

The I-invest app was launched by Parthian Partners, in conjunction with Sterling Bank. It doesn’t matter what bank you use, you can access the offerings on the app.

  • Platforms: Android, iOS
  • Interest rate: 8% – 11%
  • Maintenance Fees: None
  • Pre-liquidate: Yes, after a minimum holding period of 30 days.

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finanacial investment oppotunitie in nigeria.

Unlike the other investment companies in Nigeria, FINT is a loan marketplace that connects creditworthy borrowers to lenders.

Borrowers get access to loans at affordable rates and lenders get their money back with interest. Anyone can invest in the Fint marketplace knowing that their money is insured by Old Mutual insurance in the advent of death, job loss or accidental disability.

You can earn solid returns with your money by lending money on Fint and diversifying your portfolio beyond stocks, bonds, fixed deposits and savings accounts.

As a lender, you can browse loans on the Fint platform and decide to fund credit-worthy borrowers based on 18 different criteria, like FINT score, amount and purpose of the loan. Select individual loans, based on your lending criteria.

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You can also lend as little as ₦20,000 (in multiples of ₦20,000). Your monthly returns are deposited directly into your account.

  • Platform: Web
  • Investments Amounts: ₦20,000 – ₦1,000,000
  • Interest rate: 26%- 39% annually
  • Maintenance/Operation Fees: 1.5% Operation Fee deducted from monthly returns.

10. Bundle Africa

App for Crypto Investing

bundle africa review crypto and cash social payment app in nigeria

Bundle Africa is a Crypto social payment app for Africans. it’s one of the few investment apps in Nigeria for saving in crypto (BUSD) and earning returns on your savings.

Bundle Africa lets you buy, sell and convert cryptocurrency. But it also offers a savings plan called Bundle Vault, for investing in dollars (BUSD) and earning around ~7.5% on your savings (of course in dollars). You can also refer friends and earn a commission on Bundle Africa every time your referral joins the Bundle community.

11. Bitnob

bitnob savings

App for Bitcoin Investing

Bitnob is one of the few investment apps in Nigeria that allows you to save in Bitcoin for as little as $1. With Bitnob you can easily create a savings plan (daily, weekly or monthly).

Bitnob’s Savings feature enables Bitnob users to save and invest in Bitcoin and dollars, either by using Dollar Cost Averaging or USD Wallet. this helps to protect you against the ever-growing risk of inflation and provides an easy way to transfer USD across borders without fear of regulations or risk.

Bitnob allows anyone in Nigeria to buy, save and invest in Bitcoin easily. If this is something you’re interested in. You should definitely try out Bitnob.

12. Accrue

Invest in Stocks, Crypto & USD in Nigeria Using Dollar Cost Averaging.


Accrue is one of the newest online investment apps in Nigeria that provides you with an easy and convenient way to invest in stocks crypto and USD using dollar-cost averaging. You can invest with the Accrue App for as little as $1. You might be wondering what dollar-cost averaging is, well it is an investment strategy where you repeatedly invest a fixed dollar amount in an asset, irrespective of its price.

Accrue uses this dollar-cost averaging strategy to spread risk and reduce the impact of price volatility on your investments.

With Accrue you can invest in over 100 assets that include stocks, crypto, and USD. Accrue offers daily, weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly investment plans.

13. GetEquity

Invest in African Startups


GetEquity is a unique investment app that allows you to invest in the top local startups in Africa from seed to IPO.

Investing in startups was exclusive for those in the know, but GetEquity has democratised startup investing for Africans.

Now anyone in Nigeria can fund high growth, promising innovations from Africa with the click of a button.

GetEquity is able to do this by using tokenised equity; which is the digital version of real security assets (equity).

14. Ajobox Investment

Invest in Local SMEs

ajobox investment

Ajobox is another P2P loan platform that is focused on SME financing. These SME loans are funded by individuals and groups of investors with low interest rates and guaranteed ROI.

Ajobox is one of the interesting new investment apps in Nigeria. With the Ajobox investment plan, you can earn up to 16% interest p.a by investing in MSMEs.

The investment period with this app is 6 – 12 months at a minimum investment amount of N50,000

15. Crowdyvest


Crowdyvest offers well-vetted investment opportunities to anyone looking to earn decent returns in Nigeria.

Crowdyvest has two investment plans, Hyperplan and Projects.

The minimum investment amount for both plans are ₦20,000. With Hyperplan, you can earn returns on low-medium risk opportunities spread across multiple asset classes in a single plan. while the Projects plan allows you to earn on project-specific offers in real sectors.

Which Company is the Best to Invest in Nigeria

Depending on risk appetite and your investment preference, you can invest with a company like Risevest if you want automated investing in selected stocks and US real estate. For local & foreign stocks you can invest with companies like Trove and Bamboo.

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