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Saving money is as important as having money itself. Saving money can help you become financially secure and provide for you a safe place in case of emergency.

Saving your money on Saverclub is so much fun and way easier. Below are five reasons you should activate your Saversclub account;

1. Build a savings habit: It is trite that if you do not respect money, it will slip through your fingers. How to respect money is by properly managing it and saving money is proper money management. You can set your savings plan on Saversclub periodically, it could be daily, weekly or monthly. Like this, a portion of your money is being saved whether you feel like saving or not.

2. It is so stress-free: Contrary to the traditional style of savings, where you have to plan for it, probably have to go to your commercial bank to deposit your cash, on Saversclub, after you set your savings plan by yourself, you can check back at your maturity date and your funds will be available in your wallet for withdrawal. Everything is automatic! You save whether you feel like it or not.

3. Interest rates are enticing: The aim is to grow money while you are saving it. You can earn up to 16% p.a. on your savings on Saversclub depending on the type of account. How sweet is that? Nothing beats that at the moment, and your commercial banks are not even close.

4. You can fuel your hustle: If you don’t have a side hustle, just know that the rest of us have left you. Having multiple streams of income helps you achieve your financial goals faster. You can save up your capital on Saversclub, like that, you even get more. Remember that your money grows here.

5. Build an emergency fund: No one truly knows tomorrow and what it holds. Imagine being in trouble and broke at the same time. We shouldn’t have to be in that position. The emergency funds account on Saversclub allows you to save any amount at intervals and the amount saved is available for withdrawal any time the need arises. We cannot predict the future, it is why you should save money on Saversclub for some sort of safety.

Years ago would have been the best time to start saving, however, today is not too late. Tomorrow may be though, this is why you should take your financial journey seriously on

Salihu Rabiu Lawan


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