Rise vest Investment Review: How does Risevest Work?

Rise vest Review: Is Risevest Registered with SEC?

Do you want to invest your money in a dollar-denominated investment? Or make dollar profits on that hard-earned naira? Then you should consider Rise vest.

You can make automatic dollar investments in US real estate, stocks, and Eurobonds using Risevest. With as low as $10 or N3600 you can start investing in dollars in Nigeria.

What do you do with an idle stash of money, it doesn’t matter if it is a huge stack of money or a small amount. Do you simply spend it? Or leave it in your savings account, where you receive almost no interest.

Or maybe you’re savvy enough to put it to work in one of the popular fintech investment platforms.

Perhaps you invest the money in shares, treasury bills, or a dollar-denominated bond or equity fund managed by an insurance firm or bank. These are very good options. However, you have to consider that in 2018 alone, investments worth N1.89 trillion were lost in the Nigerian stock market.

You will also have to consider that since 1972, the Nigerian naira has lost an average of 12% of its value every year. This signifies how unstable the Naira is. So what is the alternative?

The alternative is a stable currency. Which other currency is more stable than the dollar?

However, finding a stable currency like the dollar to invest in isn’t where it ends. You also need to have the financial savvy to make the right dollar investments. This is how Rise vest comes in.

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About Rise Vest

rise vest dollar investment app review - koboline

Rise vest started as a free investment club helping its members to invest in US stocks and real estate from Nigeria. As the club grew, it became evident of the need to build a holistic wealth management app and community. One that offers financial guidance and long-term investing aid to help thousands of people stabilize their financial future.

In 2019 alone, this company recorded up to 23.78% returns on stocks (their defensive portfolio returned less than the broader US market but far higher than almost all dollar investments available locally) and 17.48% returns on real estate investments. Assets under management at the company are already at half a million dollars and growing fast.

Review of Risevest Investment Platform

4.0 Koboline rating

You can choose your investment asset on the Rise vest app and the company automatically makes the investments on your behalf. It also has a team of financial experts that make these investments. Rise vest also has an investment club that helps learn more about investing.

Ratings at Koboline are determined by taking into account pricing, discounts, ease of filing a claim, website transparency, financial strength, and complaint data from social media.

How Rise vest App Works

rise vest review dollar investment app - koboline

Here is how the Rise vest app works:

  1. Sign Up by creating your account and completing your account profile on Rise vest.
  2. Choose your dollar investment plan. By selecting an asset class that includes US stocks, US real estate, Eurobonds, or a mixture of all of them.
  3. Set a duration & Fund your plan. You can choose between 3, 6 and 12 months. You can fund your plan by either choosing a one-time payment or a recurrent payment. Using a Naira card or bank account.
  4. Sit back and watch Your Investment Grow. Rise vest requires little to no experience in investing. Its team of experts takes care of everything. It has an intuitive wallet that allows users to add their bank and cards so they can fund their plan at any time. It also makes it easy for you to learn about investment and meet other investors through its free investment club. Members of this club include beginners, everyday people and finance experts who are willing to give new members free advice about money and show you where to get the best returns on investments.

Product Features of Rise vest

  • Platforms: Andriod, iOS
  • Minimum investment amount: $10 or N3.600. However, plans can be funded one-time or recurrently.
  • Investment returns: 13-15%* per annum
  • Insurance & Security: Your money is absolutely safe with Rise vest. All Rise vest accounts are protected with the same encryption technology banks use and stock investments are insured by the United States Securities Investment Protection Corporation (SIPC) up to $500,000.
  • Withdrawals: You can choose to make any investment plan available on-demand, and you’ll receive withdrawals on the same day. You can also choose longer investment durations. However, Rise vest currently pay returns in naira on the same day you withdraw them.

Is Risevest my Best Option for Dollar Denominated Investments?

It depends on the type of investor you are. What differentiates Rise vest from other dollar investment platforms in Nigeria, is its asset classes and the automatic features that it provides.

While other online investing platforms like Trove, Chaka, Chipper Cash, Wealth.ng and Bamboo offer foreign stocks and bond options. Rise vest allows you to invest in US Real estate properties just from an app.

Rise vest is incorporated in the United States and Nigeria and invests for its users in Nigeria under a cooperative license, and its portfolio of global dollar investment options includes stocks of leading companies like Facebook, Amazon, Delta Airlines and more.

Is Risevest Registered with SEC

Risevest is registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission SEC in the US. So Rise vest is a registered investment adviser.

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    Business man

    Since 29th September I requested a withdrawal of the money I invested and my account hasn’t been credited up to date.
    I’m getting discouraged over rise vest.

    1. Osinimu avatar

      Hello Sir, I know Rise vest to be a very stand up company. Please try to reach out to their customer service and support. I’m sure they will sort out the issue.

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    Olamilekan Akinsanya

    Thanks for the good information, it worked out fine for me.

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