4 Top Real Estate Investment Platforms in Nigeria

real estate investment platforms in Nigeria by Koboline

In the last 200 years, 90% of the world’s millionaires have earned their millions by investing in real estate. If real estate is an asset class that you want to invest in and you live in Nigeria. Then you should consider using online real estate investment platforms in Nigeria.

There are loads of benefits to being a real estate investor. Online real estate investment platforms in Nigeria offer a way for any Nigerian to start investing in real estate.

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Investing in real estate in Nigeria has always had a high barrier to entry. You would likely have to shell out a lot of money to get started. But online real estate investment platforms in Nigeria provide a unique solution to real estate investment.

It is important to remember that this type of investing in Nigeria is relatively new, so there isn’t much history to look back on. However, these online real estate platforms have been certified as safe and legit. 

Online Real estate Investment Platforms in Nigeria

real estate investment platforms in Nigeria by koboline

The best online real estate investment platforms in Nigeria out there right now that can help you kickstart your real estate investment career are:

1. Risevest

Rise vest Review: Is Risevest Registered with SEC?

Risevest is an online investment platform that allows people to invest in real estate, stocks and fixed-income assets. Risevest can also be seen as a real estate investment platform in Nigeria that allows you to invest in a portfolio of real estate properties in the US. You get returns from your investment in dollars in the form of rent and the appreciation of your capital.

Risevest buys US properties that are in high demand and below their market value. Then they improve these properties. Risevest either rents out or rightly sell these properties. 

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Each property that Risevest acquires is divided into 10,000 investment units priced at $10 each. 

You can buy as many units as you want on this real estate investment platform. If you choose to buy all the units in a property, that means all returns from the property are yours, minus Rise vest basic fees.

All the Risevest US properties are insured against loss, damage and loss of rental income. 

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2. Wealth.ng

wealth.ng koboline

Wealth.ng like Risevest is also an online investment platform. However, Wealth.ng investment assets are treasury bills, stocks, mutual funds and real estate. 

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You can make real estate investments on Wealth.ng either through its fractional property platform or by owning shares of Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs). 

Wealth.ng fractional property feature allows you to co-own real estate properties by pooling money together with other investors. Just like Risevest, this real estate investment platform allows you to own as many units you like in real estate platforms.

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The properties that you can invest in with Wealth. ng-include commercial and residential properties like offices, shopping centres, student housing, and even warehouses.

The interest rate on this real estate investment platform is around 18.7% for fractional real estate investing.

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3. Coreum

coreum real estate investing crowdfunding platform

Coreum unlike Wealth.ng and Rise vest is only focused on real estate investing. With this real estate investment platform in Nigeria, you can invest in a fraction of a property.

You can invest in Lands or residential properties with this real estate investment platform. Each property on Coreum is divided into 100 units. You can also purchase as many units you want.

The minimum investment amount for Coreum is N50,000. The projected ROI on your investment can range from 2x to 7.1% – 15%.

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4. Keble

Keble Africa

Kebele enables you to grow your wealth in a stable way with Fractional shares of Global Real Estate in Naira and dollars.

You can start real estate investing for as low as $10 with Keble in Nigeria

Crowdfunded vs REIT (Online Real Estate Investment Platform)

There are two types of real estate investment platforms in Nigeria. The ones that are crowdfunded and REITs (Real estate investment trusts).

 A REIT is a company that owns and operates real estate that produces income. These real estates include residential, industrial and commercial real estate. REITs are traded on stock exchanges, e.g. NSE & NASDAQ. In the same way, you can buy a Dangote stock, you can also buy a share of a REIT.

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With crowdfunded real estate investment platforms, you pool money with other people and invest in real estate property. So you have fractional units of the real estate property with ease. With as little as $1000, you can invest in real estate in Nigeria.

Bottom Line

All three real estate investment platforms in Nigeria that have been mentioned here are great for investing in real estate. They all have their pros and cons.

However, Rise seems like the preferred option because its investments are in dollars and your returns are also in dollars.

Wealth.ng and Coreum are great options as well. They might not offer dollar returns but they are solid real estate investments as well.

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  1. Akinlabi Amos avatar
    Akinlabi Amos

    Based off your article on Coreum
    , Is the ROi monthly or Quarterly?

    1. The ROI is annually (rental income) spread over 5 years.

  2. Emm okt avatar

    Nigeria is a filled with such a plethora of dishonest people that even on seeing the 3 companies you mentioned..one cannot help but be skeptical about them.

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