How to Transfer Money from Zenith Bank without ATM Card

Transfer Money from Zenith Bank to Other banks & Without ATM Card (Zenith Bank Transfer Code)

Last Updated on March 21, 2023

If you want to now know how to transfer money from Zenith bank to any other bank account, then this post is for you.

In today’s world, sending money from one bank to another is more simple than ever. Especially for those who use a mobile phone (everyone uses a mobile phone now, no?).

Zenith Bank nigeria

For those who own a Zenith bank account, you can transfer money to family, and friends, and even pay for goods and services conveniently from anywhere both online and offline.

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You can transfer money from zenith bank to another bank, account whether it’s a Zenith bank account or a bank account from another Bank using different options that Zenith has provided for its customers.

These options to transfer money from Zenith bank include:

  • Zenith Bank Internet Banking
  • Zenith Bank Mobile app
  • Zenith Bank USSD Code

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How to Transfer Money From Zenith bank Without ATM Card Using Internet Banking

Zenith bank internet page

To transfer money from Zenith bank, you need to have signed up for Zenith Bank Internet Banking access, which would mean that Zenith bank will give you a hardware token for performing transactions via its internet banking platform.

This hardware token is a small device that you will use to generate different unique codes (like an OTP) every time you want to make a transfer.

Here’s how you use Zenith bank Internet banking to transfer money:

  • Visit the Zenith bank internet banking page, then log in to your account using your account number, password or pin, and token if required.
  • Then go to the menu and click on the transfer option and select transfer to either a zenith bank account or “transfer to other bank accounts”.
  • Next, make sure you enter the correct details on the transfer page being displayed.
  • If you chose “transfer to other banks”, then select the name of the bank you wish to transfer to.
  • You’d be asked to input a token code/OTP. To do this, just press the button on your hardware token to generate a code which you will enter in the box provided for the token code on the page. Once you’ve cross-checked the details you entered are correct, then you can click on the proceed option, and the money will be transferred from your Zenith bank account to the bank account you inputted.

Note: When you transfer money from Zenith bank to other bank accounts, you’ll be charged a transfer fee. It’s also important to note that transfers from Zenith bank to other banks outside Nigeria will require the use of a different platform and attract different transfer charges than those from transferring to other banks in Nigeria.


How to Transfer Money From Zenith Bank Using Zenith Mobile App

You can transfer money from your Zenith bank account using the Zenith Bank mobile app. Just like Zenith bank Internet Banking, you need to download the Zenith mobile app on your phone and then register for you to be able to use it to transfer money.

Here’s how you can quickly register and activate the Zenith bank Mobile app using the branch activation option ( You can also use your AM card and token to activate the app):

Activate the Zenith bank Mobile app using the branch Activation Option

  • Download the Zenith bank mobile app from the Apple Appstore or from the Google play store.
  • Open the app and then click on register, then on the branch activation option.
  • Next, an activation Code will be displayed to you.
  • Then you’ll have to call Zenith direct on 01-278-7000 or visit any Zenith bank branch for verification.
  • Next, you’ll be sent a 4-digit verification code sent to your phone number, enter it on the app to create and confirm your 6-digit secure passcode.

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How to Transfer Money From Zenith Bank using USSD Code

There’s a USSD code to transfer money from Zenith Bank to other bank accounts. Any mobile phone can do this, and you can transfer money with the USSD code of Zenith bank with or without an internet connection as well.

You can transfer money anywhere and at any time convenient for you using the Zenith bank USSD code. And with Works perfectly on all the mobile networks in Nigeria; MTN, 9Mobile, Glo, Airtel, Ntel, etc.

In summary, the benefits of using Zenith Bank transfer code to send money are

  • It works for all types of mobile phones.
  • It’s very fast, easy to use and convenient
  • You don’t need an internet connection (data) on your phone to any Nigerian bank account.

To transfer money with the Zenith bank USSd code, follow these steps:

  • Dial *966*Amount*Account Number# from the phone number linked to your Zenith bank account. E.g, *966*20000*2341569078#.
  • Then just follow the on-screen instructions that are displayed to you.

If you’re having any issues with your Zenith bank USSD Password/PIN, then you can reset the PIN by simply dialling; *966*60# on your phone number liked to your Zenith account and follow the instructions being displayed.

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USSD Codes for Zenith Bank

Zenith Bank Transaction TypeUSSD Code
USSD Code to Open Zenith Bank Account*966*0#
Code to Check Zenith bank Account Balance *966*00#
Airtime Code for Zenith Bank*966*Amount*Mobile Number#
Transfer Code for Zenith Bank*966*Amount*Account Number#
Zenith bank BVN Update*966* Your BVN#
Pay bills (DSTv and PHCN) *966*7*Amount*Customer ID#
Pay Zenith Billers *966*6*Biller code*Amount#
Reset Zenith Bank USSD Password & PIN *966*60#
Deactivate Mobile Banking Profile *966*20*0#
Deactivate Zenith Bank Account *966*911#
USSD Code to Block Zenith ATM Card *966*60#
Code for Zenith Bank Other Self Service *966*60#
USSD Code for Zenith Bank Loan*966*11#

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Now you know all you need to be able to transfer money from Zenith bank to other Nigerian banks such as like GTB, UBA, Fidelity, Access bank and so on.

If you’re in hurry, I recommend the Zenith Bank transfer code method or mobile app method. The Zenith bank Internet banking is also very good if you want more security, that’s why the Zenith bank token exists.

So there is nothing stopping you from transferring money from Zenith Bank to other banks or without your ATM Card.

Hope this post has been helpful. You can visit Zenith bank’s website for more information or any of its branches for more information.

How to Deactivate Zenith Bank USSD Code

When your mobile phone goes missing, especially if it has the SIM card(number) linked to your bank account, then your money can be stolen. It’s important that you deactivate or disable your USSD Code from your bank, so your money will not be stolen. To deactivate your Zenith bank USSD code; dial *966*911# from any phone and follow the instructions. This will help you stop unauthorized transactions and protects the money in your account as well as account details from being compromised.

When faced with a theft or a missing mobile phone, there’s the likelihood of your money being stolen when your SIM card (linked with your bank) can be accessed. Therefore, it’s important that you learn how to deactivate or disable your USSD from your bank to stop this from happening. So how exactly do you go about that?

Simply dial *966*911# from any phone and follow the prompt.

This unique code stops unauthorized transactions and protects the account holder’s funds in the event of mobile phone, ATM Card or hardware token loss as well as account details from being compromised.

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