Zenith Bank Loan: How to Get Loan From Zenith Bank (2023)

Zenith Bank Loan: How to Get Loan From Zenith Bank

Last Updated on January 2, 2023

Do you urgently need a loan? Are you a Zenith bank Customer? Even if you aren’t a Zenith bank customer you can get a Zenith bank loan for personal or business needs. In this guide, we show you how to get a loan from Zenith bank.

Zenith Bank is a commercial bank that started operations in 1990, with headquarters in Lagos. This renowned Nigerian bank has over 500 branches nationwide in Nigeria. Zenith bank also has a presence in the United Kingdom, Ghana, Sierra Leone and Gambia.

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Types of Loans offered by Zenith Bank

Zenith bank offers both personal and business loans to its customers. here’s a detailed list of loans you can get from Zenith bank

Zenith Bank Personal Loans (Zenith Retail Loans)

Zenith Bank Loan for Salary Earners

Zenith bank Salary Advance is a credit facility offered to salary earners of up to 60% of their monthly salary. Zenith Bank Loan for Salary Earners is flexible financing for salary earners to help them sort out short-term financial needs.

Personal/Consumer loans (Zenith Bank Eazy Loans)

 Zenith bank offers personal and consumer loans to eligible persons to help them to finance personal needs.

Zenith bank’s easy loan is a short-term loan given to customers at a 3% interest rate to be repaid back within 30 days.

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Asset acquisition/Car Loans

 A loan facility by Zenith bank to finance the purchase of vehicles or acquisition of household assets.

Mortgage Facility 

Zenith bank’s mortgage facility was created to help people buy their dream house with ease.

Zenith Bank Business Loans – SME Loans

Zenith bank provides loans for your business. Here are the type of Zenith bank business loans businesses can access:

Z-Woman Business Package (SME Loans)

Z-Woman, is Zenith bank’s business single-digit loan product for female entrepreneurs in the SME sector.

This Zenith bank business loan can be used for a variety of purposes — including working capital, buying stock or upgrading business premises.

You can borrow up to N10 million with the z-woman package, with interest rates at 9% per annum. The maximum loan tenor is 2 years.

Zenith Bank MSME Loans

Get access to the funding your business needs, with a Zenith MSME Loan. You can borrow loan amounts of up to N2 million with the Zenith bank MSME loan with a loan tenor for up to 1 year.

Interest rates for Zenith bank MSME loans are capped at 9% per annum.

Creative Industry Financing Initiative (CIFI)

The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) launched the Creative Industry Financing Initiative (CIFI) in a bid to boost jobs and stimulate Nigeria’s creative industry.

If your business belongs to these industries; fashion, ICT, movies and music, then it is eligible for the Zenith bank CIFI loan.

This loan is also available to software engineering students.

Zenith banks CIFI Interest rates are set at 9% per annum. The loan amount and tenor vary.

Zenith Bank Overdraft

With this Zenith bank business loan, your business can borrow money — over and above what is in your bank account.

This Zenith bank overdraft or borrowing limit is usually pre-defined, with 12 months repayment plan.

Zenith Bank Receivable Discounting / Invoice Discounting

This Zenith bank loan allows businesses to borrow against their receivables (invoices).

Any money advanced — will be discounted i.e. you would get a percentage of the invoice’s total value.

Zenith Bank LPO Finance

LPO Finance or Local Purchase Order Finance — allows companies to borrow against confirmed purchase orders.

For example, when a business has an order — to supply material to a reputable organization.

Zenith Bank Import Finance Facility

Zenith bank’s import finance is a way for your business to get funds for the importation of goods and services.

For example, you can use this zenith bank business loan to import raw materials or machinery.

Export Finance Facility

With the Export Finance Facility, Zenith Bank lends money to businesses involved in exporting products overseas — whether that’s commodities or finished goods.

This zenith bank business loan can be provided at both pre and post-shipment stages.

Zenith Bank Term Loan

Zenith bank’s term loan is great for businesses looking to borrow money — for a wide range of reasons. Depending on your needs, this Zenith bank business loan can be both short and long-term.

Repayments for Zenith banks term loan are either balloon, bullet or in installments.

Zenith Bank Lease

Zenith bank leases provide support for the acquisition of business assets or equipment.

For instance, instead of buying a truck outright, you may be able to lease it.

Zenith Bank’s Bonds and Guarantees

Bonds and bank guarantees are various financing instruments issued on behalf of customers to support a selection of business contracts.

These contracts may be for construction, supply or performance.

Syndicated Loans

Through loan syndication, Zenith Bank, in conjunction with other lenders can provide businesses with very large, long-term loans.

Project Finance

Project financing is suitable for large, capital-intensive infrastructure and industrial development projects. Funds may be provided by Zenith bank on its own or Zenith in collaboration with other Nigerian banks.

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How do I Qualify for a Loan from Zenith Bank Requirements (Eligibility)

To qualify and be eligible for a Zenith bank loan is you need to:

  • Complete a loan application form online or offline in a Zenith bank
  • You need to have an active Zenith bank account.

If you meet all requirements set by Zenith, they will approve your loan.

However, keep in mind that the age limit for a Zenith bank loan is a minimum of 18 years and less than 60 years.

For the Zenith bank salary advance loan, you will need to earn a minimum of 10,000 Naira per month as salary, and not have any preexisting loans with the bank or any other bank. And you can borrow up to 60% of your monthly income.

Zenith Bank Loan Interest Rate

The Zenith bank loan Interest rate starts at 1.15% P.A. (per annum).

How Can I Get Loan from Zenith Bank (Without Collateral)

You can get a loan from Zenith bank loan by applying via the Zenith bank app, Zenith bank loan Code, Zenith customer email or by visiting a Zenith Bank branch.

However, the most easy way to apply for a Zenith bank loan (personal) is through the Zenith bank loan code method. To apply for a Zenith bank loan using the USSD code, here are the steps to take:

  • Dial the Zenith bank loan code *966*11# on the phone number linked to your Zenith Bank account number.
  • Next, the loan amount that you qualify for will be displayed on your Phone screen.
  • Enter the amount you want to borrow from Zenith bank and click send (Note: The loan amount you enter here must not exceed the amount of loan you qualify for)
  • Next, accept the loan offer.
  • Finally, the money will be sent immediately to your Zenith bank account.

Zenith Loan Code: How to Get a Loan from Zenith Bank Using USSD Code

The Zenith bank loan code is *966*11#. This is USSD Code for applying for a Zenith bank loan.

However, to be able to use this Zenith bank loan USSD Code, you need to register your phone number linked to your zenith bank to be able to use the USSD Code.

To register for Zenith bank loan USSD Code, follow these steps:

  • Dial *966*00# from the number linked to your Zenith bank account.
  • Next, You’ll get a prompt that requires you to fill in the last four digits of your ATM card number
  • After inputting the last four digits, your account name will be displayed to confirm the authenticity of the information provided
  • Then you’ll be asked to create your four-digit pin
  • Confirm your four-digit pin to finally set up Zenith bank Eazy banking and be able to use the Zenith bank loan code.

How Long is the Application for a Zenith Bank loan?

The application process for a Zenith bank loan is usually instant for personal loans and can take a day to get approved and disbursed to the applicant. But for Zenith bank business loan, t can take longer.

How to Repay the Zenith Bank Loan

To repay a Zenith bank loan when the loan tenor is ending, all you have to do is make sure that the loan amount plus interest is available in the Zenith Bank account you used for getting the loan. Because Zenith bank will make deductions straight from your account.

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