FCMB USSD Code List: How to Activate FCMB Transfer Code without ATM Card

FCMB USSD Code: How to Activate FCMB Transfer Code

Last Updated on July 3, 2023

Tired of the hassle of visiting the bank or queuing at the ATM just to transfer funds? Say hello to the convenience of FCMB’s USSD code! Unlock a world of seamless transactions with our FCMB USSD code list. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through the simple steps to activate FCMB transfer code and take control of your banking on the go.

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No more wasting time on paperwork or dealing with complicated processes. With FCMB’s USSD code, transferring funds and managing your finances is as easy as sending a text message. Whether you’re a tech-savvy millennial or a seasoned banking customer, this user-friendly feature is designed to make your life easier.

By following our step-by-step instructions, you’ll learn how to activate FCMB transfer code in no time. Say goodbye to the traditional hassles and hello to the convenience of digital banking. Whether you want to transfer funds to family and friends, pay bills, or check your account balance, our USSD code empowers you to do it all with a few taps on your phone.

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But the convenience doesn’t stop there. FCMB’s USSD code is available 24/7, so you can perform transactions whenever and wherever you need to. It’s like having a bank branch in your pocket, ready to serve you anytime.

Worried about security? Rest assured, FCMB takes your safety seriously. Our USSD code is equipped with robust security features to protect your transactions and personal information. Your financial data remains encrypted and confidential, giving you peace of mind with every transaction you make.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to simplify your banking experience. Join the millions of satisfied FCMB customers who have embraced the power of our USSD code. Follow our guide and activate FCMB transfer code today to unlock a world of convenience, flexibility, and control.

Ready to revolutionize the way you bank? Let’s dive into the details and discover how to activate FCMB transfer code. Your hassle-free banking journey begins now!

If you’re in Nigeria and you dont know what a transfer code is then you are either living under a rock or you have no access to banking services which is okay I guess. The FCMB transfer code or sometimes referred to as FCMB USSD code or USSD banking from FCMB is a banking method for Nigerians to perform easier and quicker banking transactions.

A lot of people use transfer codes and USSD codes interchangeably in Nigeria. However, FCMB USSD Code is actually different from the FCMB transfer code.

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FCMB’s USSD code; *329# is the main code that customers of FCMB can use to perform financial transactions using any mobile phone. While the FCMB transfer code is one unique USSD code for transferring money from an FCMB account to other bank accounts.

Other than transferring money, you can use the FCMB transfer code to check your FCMB account balance, Buy airtime, Pay bills and so much more.

How to Activate FCMB Transfer Code

If you’re going to use the FCMB transfer code (USSD code), then you’ll need to activate the code on the number connected to your FCMB account.

To activate your FCMB transfer code, follow these steps:

  • Dial *329*0# on the phone number connected to your FCMB account
  • Then Select Create/Reset code.
  • Next, Select your preferred ATM Card (if you have multiple FCMB cards)
  • Then enter your ATM Card PIN.
  • You’ll be asked to Create a 4-digit Transaction Code.
  • Then Enter your USSD PIN

FCMB Code for Transfer: How to Transfer Money from FCMB

To transfer money or funds using the FCMB transfer code, simply dial *329*Amount*Account number#.


  • FCMB Code to buy airtime for yourself is *329*Amount#
  • buy airtime for others is *329*Amount*Mobile number#
  • FCMB Code to transfer money or funds to bank accounts is *329*Amount*Account number#
  • FCMB Code to check account balance is *329*00#
  • FCMB Code to reset your PIN is *329*0#
  • FCMB Code to buy data is *329*1*Mobile Number#
  • FCMB Code to pay for DSTv or GOTv subscription is *329*2*Smartcard Number#
  • FCMB code to increase or reduce the transfer limit is *329*8# for self-service and select 3.
  • FCMB code to block ATM Card is *329#, after dialling select self-service, then select block card to block debit card
  • FCMB code to block the account is *329#, select self-service, then select block account to block the account.
  • FCMB code to link BVN; Dial *329#, select self-service, and select link BVN to link BVN.

FCMB Code to Buy Airtime

You can purchase airtime for your number with FCMB by dialling *329*Amount#. On the other hand, you can buy airtime for your family or friends by dialling *329*Amount*Mobile number#.

How to Check FCMB Account Balance

You can check your FCMB account balance by dialling this FCMB USSD code *329*00# to check your balance.

How to Increase/limit Transfer Limit on FCMB Account

FCMB limits the amount of money per transaction you can send using the FCM transfer code (USSD code) as a way of limiting fraud on your FCMB account.

FCMB’s transfer limit is N20,000/transaction but you can increase the limit up to N50,000/transaction.

Here’s how to increase or decrease your FCMB transfer limit when using the USSD code:

  • Dial *329# and enter 8 for the Self-service
  • Then, select 3 to increase/limit the increase
  • Next, just follow the instructions and voila you’d have increased/decreased your transfer limit.

How to Block your FCMB ATM Card using Self-service via *329#

FCMB’s USSD code; *329#, also allows you to access the bank’s self-service for situations where you want to block your ATM card, change and reset the pin, block your bank account, and so much more.

FCMB’s self-service allows FCMB customers to perform some transactions and actions on their FCMB account without the need to contact the bank’s customer care number or visit a bank branch.

Here is how to access the FCMB’s self-service:

  • Dial *329# and enter 8 to access the Self-service
  • Enter 1 to Change FCMB USSD PIN or transaction code
  • Enter 2 to Reset your PIN or transaction code
  • Enter 3 to increase or decrease the transaction limit
  • Enter 4 to Block FCMB ATM card)
  • Enter 5 to Block FCMB account
  • Enter 6 Link BVN to FCMB account
  • Enter 7 to Enable/Disable transactions on your account

What is FCMB Reset pin code

To reset your PIN on FCMB, simply dial the code: *329*0#.
Alternatively, you can call the FCMB Contact Centre on 01-2798800 or visit any FCMB branch for more information.

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