How to Receive Dollars in Nigeria from USA & Abroad

how to receive dollars in nigeria

Then you know how complex it can be, especially if you don’t have a dollar account, a Paypal or even a Venmo account. These are the preferred methods people abroad like to use to send money.

If you have tried to receive dollars in Nigeria, particularly the first few times. can feel like a real head-scratcher. Especially if you don’t have fancy accounts like PayPal or Venmo. These are the go-to tools for folks abroad to send you money in Nigeria.

Whether it’s cash from customers, paychecks from your boss, or some love from family overseas, you want a simple, secure way to get your hands on those dollars.

Thankfully, Nigeria’s got some cool fintech companies trying to make this whole dollar-receiving thing way easier. You don’t have to use tricky bank dollar accounts or ancient money transfer services.

In this guide, we’re going to show you the easiest and safest ways to receive dollars in Nigeria.

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How to Receive Dollars in Nigeria from USA or Abroad

There are now various services that let anyone receive dollars in Nigeria from abroad, however, here’s a list of the best ways you can receive dollars in Nigeria knowing that your money will safely get to you:

1. Domiciliary Account

best domiciliary account in Nigeria

With a dollar domiciliary account, you can receive dollars in Nigeria when someone makes an international bank transfer into the account.

You can open a domiciliary account in Nigeria with any commercial bank in the country. The process isn’t as easy as opening savings or a current account (because most of the banks require referees).

Once you open a dollar account in Nigeria, you can start receiving dollars with it. If someone abroad wants to send you dollars, you just need to share your domiciliary account number, your bank address, your SWIFT code, and the routing number.

It can take up to 3 days to receive the money in your Nigerian DOM account. You can withdraw your dollars by visiting a bank branch and using a withdrawal slip to withdraw your money (dollars).

2. Money Transfer Services

send money to nigeria

Money transfer services have always been the popular way that people to receive dollars in Nigeria. Even though people are using them less, they’re still a great option to receive money from abroad.

However, some of these money transfer services charge high fees, they tend to have competitive rates.

With money transfer services you’ll have to go to a pickup location to receive their dollars in cash. After which you need to cover the dollar to Naira if that is what you want to do.

Some of the best money transfer services for receiving dollars in Western Union, MoneyGram, RIA Money Transfer, and WorldRemit.

3. Payoneer

payoneer nigeria how to open a payoneer account in nigeria

Payoneer is an international online money transfer and digital payment service with a network of over 200 countries that provides secure, fast, and reliable money transfers to businesses and individuals. The finance company also provides capital to some of its customers.

You can receive dollars in Nigeria with a Payoneer account, and then send the funds to your naira or dom account and then withdraw the money when you want to.

You can open a Payoneer account now by visiting the website.

4. GeegPay


GeegPay offers Global banking to professionals in the UK. As a Geegpay user, you can create a USD virtual bank account to easily receive international payments for your work and a USD virtual dollar card for your global spending.

Over 200,000 Nigerians already use Geegpay to receive dollars in Nigeria. You can withdraw your money from a Geegpay account to banks and mobile money in over 100 countries, Paypal, Payoneer, Wise and Revolut.

5. Leatherback


Leatherback is another great option for receiving dollars in Nigeria.

This fintech company powers cross-border payments in Nigeria so that people can make international money transfers to and from Nigeria.

Other than receiving dollars with Leatherback, you can receive an additional 24 different currencies.

This company claims that it offers upfront low fees and real-time FX rates.

6. Fincra


Fincra is another money transfer provider that you can use to receive payments globally.

It is a great option for receiving dollars in Nigeria as its service is quite cheap and fast.

While you can receive local and international payments with Fincra, you can also make payments and payouts into bank accounts and mobile money wallets in multiple currencies

7. Grey

grey money transfer send money

Grey is a fintech platform that provides foreign bank accounts to Nigerians. Users get access to free USD, GBP and EUR accounts for conducting international transactions.

Once you open an active Grey account, you’ll be able to receive dollars in Nigeria. Once you’ve gotten your Virtual account details, you can share them with whoever wants to send you dollars.

You can also convert your money between different currencies on the Grey app as well as send money online from Nigeria to the UK and other European countries with ease.

Grey is becoming one of the popular platforms for foreign employers to pay remote workers in Nigeria.

You can enjoy high-speed international money transfers with Grey. All you need to do is visit Grey website and create an account which is free of charge.

8. $end by Flutterwave

send by flutterwave

$end by Flutterwave is a money transfer service that allows people with Flutterwave accounts to receive funds from anywhere in the world.

$end allows instant money transfers to barter accounts, mobile money wallets, bank accounts, and even cash pick-up locations.

So you can receive dollars in Nigeria seamlessly using $end.

You can receive up to $20,000 in minutes in your bank account using $end in Nigeria.

The Send service uses secure technology to make sure your funds and private information are protected by the most secure technology.

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9. Verto

verto recieve dollars in nigeria

Verto is a global cross-border payment service that lets individuals and businesses send and receive instant payments globally.

You can receive dollars in Nigeria using Verto’s multi-currency account or the Verto wallet from anywhere, anytime.

After receiving your dollars with Verto, you can easily withdraw your money to your bank account.

10. Skrill

skrill recieve dollars in nigeria

Skrill is one of the most popular ways people globally use to send and receive money from various parts of the world.

Skrill is an online wallet for online payments and money transfers. The platform supports over 200 currencies worldwide. it is estimated that over US$1 billion worth of transactions happen on Skrill yearly.

You can receive dollars in Nigeria by opening a Skrill account.

11. Afriex

Afriex app review

Afriex is a money app that allows users to send money to Nigeria. You can use Afriex to send and receive money from anywhere in the world.

Afriex provides a free multi-currency wallet for sending and receiving money instantly to and from Nigeria and Africa instantly.

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You can receive dollars in Nigeria with the Afriex Money Transfer App from countries like Ghana, Kenya, Canada, and USA. Also, Afriex transfer fees are 25% cheaper than Moneygram and WesternUnion.

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