UBA USSD Code: How to Activate UBA Transfer Code

uba ussd code how to activate uba transfer code

Last Updated on January 8, 2023

Do you want to learn how to use the UBA USSD code for swift and secure financial transactions with UBA? Look no further, because this article will show you how to activate your UBA transfer code.

With just a few simple steps, you’ll be able to send money to anyone, anytime, anywhere using the UBA magic code *919#.

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The United Bank of Africa (UBA) is one of the top commercial banks in Africa. The bank has a massive customer base in Nigeria, so there are always tons of customer questions to answer.

We at koboline try to answer some of those pressing questions as we aim to help people access seamless banking services, and this guide is one of those answers to customer questions. 

One of the top trends in banking in Nigeria and Africa as a whole is USSD codes or Shortcodes. A lot of people use it to perform transactions, so they don’t need to go to the bank.

Each bank in Nigeria has its own unique USSD code. The UBA USSD code is *919#,  which allows the bank’s customers to access banking services without an internet service such as:

  • Open a UBA account
  • Pay bills Online
  • Transfer funds
  • Buy airtime for yourself
  • Access instant loans and so much more!

UBA Transfer Code

Since the UBA USSD code *919# can be used for different types of transactions, there is a different UBA USSD code for every type of transaction. But for now, we’ll focus on the UBA transfer code.

The UBA transfer code lets you send money from your UBA account to other bank accounts from UBA and other banks in a safe and secure way.

With the UBA transfer code, you can send up to a N1 Million Naira without the need for an Internet connection on your phone.

Benefits of Using UBA USSD Code for Money Transfer

Here are some benefits of using the UBA transfer code:

  • It is a safe, secure and convenient way to send money.
  • You can use this option any time of the day (24/7)
  • It can be used on any of the mobile networks in Nigeria.
  • No Internet connection is required.

How To Activate The UBA USSD Transfer Code

For you to activate the UBA transfer code, you need to have already collected your Uba debit card. If you have your card already, then lets go on.

Follow the steps below to activate your UBA bank transfer code:

  • Dial the UBA USSD Code, *919#. After which a welcome message will be displayed to you.
  • Then press 1 to sign up.
  • Next, You will be shown an option to either register your transfer code with your account number or the UBA prepaid card. Choose your preferred option.
  • Next, Select “Prepaid with Pin” if you registered for a Uba prepaid account. If not, Select “Account with Pin”.
  • Then Enter your 10-digit account number or the UBA Prepaid account number.
  • Next, you’ll Create your USSD mobile banking PIN.
  • Then you’ll be required to type in the last 4 digits of your UBA debit card or your BVN.
  • Next, Confirm your PIN to complete the USSD activation process.
  • You have successfully activated your UBA USSD code for transfer and all other transactions.

Code to Transfer Money from UBA to UBA

To transfer from a UBA account to another UBA account just dial this USSD code: *919*3*uba account number*Amount# using the phone number that’s linked to your Uba account. E.g *919*3*1234567890*5000#.

How To Deactivate Your UBA Mobile Banking Profile With USSD

You can also deactivate your mobile banking service in case there is a loss of your is useful in situations where your UBA bank account is compromised. 


There is a UBA USSD code to deactivate your account to protect it from fraudsters.

To deactivate your mobile banking profile follow these steps:

  • Dial *919*911#
  • Next, you will be required to enter the phone number registered to your UBA Bank Account.
  • Then Follow the instructions shown on your phone screen to deactivate your UBA account successfully.

List Of All UBA USSD Codes 

Here’s a list of all UBA USSD codes in Nigeria

  •  To Check your UBA balance Dial *919*00# 
  • To buy airtime for yourself from UBA dial *919*Amount#, to buy Airtime for others *919*Phone number*Amount#
  • The UBA code to Buy data for yourself is*919*14#, to Buy data for others dial *919*14*Phone number#
  • The code to transfer to another Uba account is *919*3*Account number*Amount#
  • The code to Transfer money from UBA to other bank accounts is *919*4*Account Number
  • The code to block your UBA debit card is *919*10#
  • The code to open a new uba account is *919*20# 
  • To Freeze online transactions on your UBA account, dial  *919*9#Retrieve BVN*919*18#ATM cardless withdrawals *919*30*Amount#Get Bank statements*919*21#
  • The UBA code to Generate OTP is *919*8#
  • The UBA code for Smile data top up is *919*23#
  • The UBA code to fund your Bet9ja wallet is *919*22*walletID*amount#
  • The UBA code to fund Baba ijebu wallet is *919*26*1#
  • The UBA code to fund Betking wallet is *919*26*amount#
  • The UBA code to fund Lottomania wallet is *919*26*2#
  • The UBA code for Oak pensions is *919*27*2#
  • The UBA code for ARM pensions*919*27*1# 
  • The UBA code to pay for Taxes and Levies is *919*13#
  • The UBA code to Check LLC e-tag balance is *919*16*1#
  • The UBA code to Top up LLC e-tag is *919*16*2#
  • The UBA code to for Dstv and Gotv payment is *919*5*2#

    UBA Transfer Code To Another Bank

    To code to transfer from your UBA account to another bank account is *919*4*Account number*Amount# using the phone number that’s linked to your UBA account. F

    UBA Account Balance Code

    The UBA code to check your account balance is *919*00#.

    To check your UBa account balance follow these steps:

    • Just dial the UBA balance check code from the phone number that is linked to your uba account.
    • Then follow the instructions and enter your 4-digit USSD pin to authorise the transaction
    • Your account balance will be displayed on the screen and also sent to you via SMS notification. (Note: A service fee of N30 naira will be deducted from your account anytime you use the UBA code to check your balance)

    Code To Borrow Money From UBA Bank

    UBA offers different kind of loans to its customers, who can access this instant loans in using the UBA magic code.

    To borrow money from uba using code dial *919*28# on the phone number linked to your UBA account. Just make sure you meet the requirements for getting a UBA loan.

    Code To Check UBA Account Number

    Like I mentioned earlier, you must be registered for uba mobile banking using the phone number linked to your UBA account to be able to check your UBA account number,

    The UBA code to check for your UBA account number is *919# on the phone number linked to your UBA account.

    USSD Code To Open A UBA Account Number With Magic Code

    You dont need to vist a UBA bank branch toopen an account. You can open a UBA account using your mobile phone and a USSD code.

    The UBA USSD code to open a UBA account on your phone is *919*20#

    Here’s how to open a UBA account on your phone using thse steps:

    • Dial *919*20# and a welcome message will appear on your screen asking “Do you have a BVN?
    • Just Enter your BVN and then follow the instructions.
    • Then Your UBA account number will be automatically generated and sent to you via SMS. 

    UBA Transfer Pin  

    Every UBA account holder will need to create a secure transfer pin to be able to perform mobile bank transactions. 

    This UBA transfer pin is a four digit secret pin you’ll need to authorise any USSD transaction you want to perform.

    To create your UBA USSD transfer pin:

    • Dial *919# on the phone number linked to your UBA account.
    • Next, you will be required to register with either your prepaid card or account number.
    • Then follow the instructions provided and create your 4-digit mobile transaction pin.

    If you feel your UBA secure PIN has been compromised, you can either reset the PIN or just deactivate your account.

    To Reset Your Pin:

    • Dial *919#
    • Then Press 8, and then press number 6.
    • Finally, Press 4 (PIN setup)
    • Then you will be presented with 2 options; choose either to Reset your PIN using your account number or Reset the PIN using prepaid card.
    • Follow the instructions, to enter your old pin and change it to a new 4 digit pin of your choice.

    For Forgotten UBA Transfer Pin

    If there’s a situation where you have forgotten your UBA Transfer PIN and can’t access the USSD code services. To recover your PIN, you will need to visit the nearest UBA branch and talk to a customer service agent for assistance.

    UBA Secure Pass

    The UBA secure pass is a mobile banking service that allows uba users to perform transactions using USSD or UBA’s internet banking by generating an OTP. 

    To set up a UBA secure pass to generate OTP for your transanctions, you’ll need to install a UBA secure pass. After installing it you will need your UBA userID from your mobile banking profile. Your UBA account will also need to be eligible for One-time password log in.

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