Best Business Apps in Nigeria 2023

business apps in nigeria

Updated on November 9, 2023

Do you own a business in Nigeria? Are you looking for the best tools that can transform your business for growth and profit? These are the best business apps in Nigeria for making your business more productive.

Technology has become an indispensable tool for entrepreneurs and professionals alike. With the rise of mobile devices and the advent of apps, businesses have never been more accessible and convenient to manage.

In Nigeria, where the entrepreneurial spirit runs deep, the use of business apps in Nigeria is changing the way business is conducted. From managing finances to organizing meetings, these apps have made the lives of business owners easier and more productive.

Owning or running a business in Nigeria can be really overwhelming. With all the bottlenecks that exist for small and big businesses alike, any opportunity to maximise resources and improve business performance for business owners must be welcomed.

So, if you’re looking to take your business to the next level, here are the best business apps in Nigeria that are sure to transform the way your business works!

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1. Calendly

calendly app

Meetings are firmly ingrained in our everyday work, so managing business meetings is very important to optimising the time of your business. That is why scheduling meetings is a very important workflow for any business.

Enter Calendly.

One of the top meeting and appointment scheduling software on the planet, Calendly, works on both smartphones and laptops.

With Calendly you get to save time and cut out the back-and-forth communication by setting appropriate meeting times or rescheduling calls with colleagues or clients.

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Calendly is definitely one of the top business apps in Nigeria used by over 500,000 people across the world, and it offers free and paid plans.

Calendly works well with a lot of other platforms like Gmail, Slack, LinkedIn Messaging, Recruiter, Zoom, Hubspot, Sales Navigator and Mailchimp.

2. Kippa

Kippa app

Kippa is a banking and finance management app for small businesses.

This is definitely one of the business apps in Nigeria for business owners to have.

The Kippa app lets a business owner get an instant business bank account, perform simple bookkeeping for their business, send invoices & receipts, and get an e-commerce website (store).

So basically you can track sales, expenses and debt and just proper business management using Kippa.

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3. Flutterwave


One of the top fintech companies in Nigeria, Fluterwave, allows any business owner to sell online, process payments, build financial products, or use business tools designed to grow their business.

With Flutterwave business owners can accept payments easily by receiving money from anyone, anywhere in the world, make Make single or bulk transfers (payouts) to bank accounts, generate professional invoices for their customers and get paid from anywhere.

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Flutterwave also offers quick access to flexible loans to grow your business. with no collateral required.

Also, business owners can easily register & grow their business using the Flutterwave Grow product which simplifies the process of registering and incorporating your business in the US, UK, and Nigeria from anywhere by removing all the complexity around paperwork and legal procedures.

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4. Paystack

paystack commerce

Paystack is similar to Flutterwave in almost every way. It is one of the best business apps in Nigeria great for collecting payments locally and internationally from wherever they are in the world.

You can also create an e-commerce store and issue invoices.

Paystack doesn’t just see itself as a payment processor for businesses but as a growth engine for business owners.

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5. Moniepoint

moniepoint solutions

Moniepoint has become of of the most popular business apps in Nigeria for business owners.

Moniepoint offers simple solutions for powering businesses.

Businesses can use Moniepoint business banking solutions to collect payments, access loans and manage operations with a business banking solution that meets all your needs.

So with Moniepoint, your business can get a business bank account, a Moniepoint POS machine, and a secure debit card for business expenses and flexible loans.

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6. Pocket by Piggyvest App


Pocket by Piggyvest is another one of the top business apps in Nigeria that allows businesses to bank, shop and sell easily.

With the Pocket app businesses can perform and receive instant bank transfers, creating a seamless digital selling experience, and also managing cash and expenses as a group.

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7. Sabi

sabi b2b platform

Sabi is a B2B (business-to-business) platform in Africa that helps business owners increase the demand for their products, improve cash flow, streamline logistics and save money.

In essence, businesses can track the performance of their business digitally through Sabi’s sales and inventory management tool.

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Businesses can also buy their products and have them delivered to their doorstep, keep track of their customers and access reports on their business performance using Sabi.

Sabi also offers businesses money to grow their business with their integrated loan services.

8. SeamlessHR


Another business app that is important for businesses in Nigeria is SeamlessHR solution, which allows businesses to easily manage their staff, their HR data and workflow.

SeamlessHR solutions include Human Resource Management, Leave Management, Disciplinary Management, Reporting and analytics, Payroll Management and Performance Management.

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So SeamlessHR lets a business efficiently manage its HR processes from the hiring point to the moment each staff exits the company.

9. Tix

tix app africa

If your business involves live or virtual events then Tix is definitely of the business apps in Nigeria you should be using.

Tix is a self-service ticketing platform for event creators and businesses to create, share and collect payments for live or virtual events using online ticketing tools.

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The Tix toolbox includes a ticketing solution, virtual events, cashless payment, a sales dashboard and an email marketing solution as well.

10. Selar


Selar offers one of the best ways to sell digital products online in Nigeria.

In essence, Sellar allows you to quickly set up an e-commerce store to sell digital products to anyone or anywhere in the world.

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You can sell all types of digital products with Selar. From content packs to designs to bundles, Ebooks, courses & memberships, event tickets & training and even physical goods.

You can also use Selar to sell your physical products from clothing to books to electronics and appliances and more.

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