List of All CBN & Bank Codes in Nigeria

bank codes in Nigeria

Last Updated on July 22, 2023

Are you tired of frantically searching for CBN & bank codes in Nigeria? Well, guess what? We’ve got your back with the ultimate cheat sheet – a comprehensive list of all the CBN and bank codes you’ll ever need!

No more feeling lost or confused when it comes to handling your banking needs. We know how daunting it can be to remember every code for different transactions, so we’ve crafted this informative resource just for you.

From checking your account balance to topping up your mobile credit, bank USSD codes let you easily perform transactions on the go.

The world is generally evolving at a steady and consistent pace, as technology and digital advancement constantly seek new ways to make life more convenient for humanity in general. For people in Nigeria, bank codes in Nigeria really make life convenient for everyone.

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Banking in older times and in the present day is a key part of human living now as millions of people keep and make transactions via various banking institutions around the globe, Nigeria not excluded.

In light of this, banking institutions over the years have gradually adopted the use of the various digital devices and options available to us today to satisfy their customers and ease banking procedures. One of the highlights of this important adoption is the creation of the USSD bank shortcodes.

USSD bank shortcodes are usually a series of numbers and characters that one can dial and do certain banking transactions with. The advantage of this is the fact that it doesn’t require an internet connection or any special banking app to be installed on your phone as opposed to mobile banking apps that require internet connections and can only run on smartphones.

List of All Bank Codes in Nigeria

Here is the Ultimate list of all bank codes in Nigeria:

1. Access Bank Code: *901#

Types of Access bank Loans

With the Access bank USSD code, you can make transfers, buy airtime and do so much more. Let’s get banking with ease. Dial *901# to get started today.

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2. Eco Bank Code:*326#

ecobank logo

As one of the most prominent banks in the country, this bank offers customers or users the privilege of using the USSD codes for lots of banking operations like airtime recharge and money transfer. Dial *326# to send money and do lots and lots more via your phone.

3. Fidelity Trust Bank Code: *770#


As the name implies this bank offers a trustworthy means of easily achieving banking operations via its USSD code. this bank’s USSD code can perform various tasks that would normally demand going physically to the bank such as money transfers. Dial *770# now.


4. First Bank Code: *389*214#

first bank nigeria internet banking

The oldest bank and arguably one of the giants of the banking sector in the country is not left out on the bandwagon as they have also adopted the USSD shortcode options for lots of self-service activities like airtime purchases, Bill’s payment etc.

Dial *894# to get started with First bank code for banking services.

5. First city monument bank (FCMB) Code

fcmb internet banking

To do money transfers and Bill’s payments and lots more via this bank you can also dial *389*214# to use their bank shortcode.

6. GTB Bank Code is *737#

gtbank gtco

Banking just got easier as the Guaranty Trust bank offers the use of USSD bank shortcodes for transactional operations. Dial *737# to use the GTBank code for loans, transfers, pay bills and much more now.

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7. Heritage Bank Code: *322*00#

heritage bank nigeria

if you’re using this bank, you’re not left out as you can now dial *322*00# to get started.

8. Keystone Bank Code: *7111#

keystone bank

One of the many great banks in the country. Keystone also offers users the ease of dialling *7111# to go through their banking services via USSD.

9. Polaris Bank Code: *833#

polaris bank nigeria

Polaris bank steps up its game and provides its own unique USSD code to enable its clients and customers around the country to go through with their banking demands and operations without going through the hassle of getting to the bank. The Polaris bank code is *833#. Dial the code to enjoy Polaris banking now.

10. Sterling Bank Code: *822#

sterling bank nigeris

You can now do airtime recharge, and money transfers, for yourself and your family and friends with their unique banking short code *822#

11. UBA(United Bank of Africa): *919#

uba nigeria

Dial the UBA bank USSD code; *919# to get started on UBA and enjoy banking ease with no stress.

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12. Union Bank Code: *826#

Get banking on the go anywhere and anytime with the union bank short USSD code *826#.

13. Unity Bank Code: *7799#

unity bank

Dial this unique shortcode now to start banking with your phone almost immediately. *7799# is the code for those using this bank.

14. Wema Bank: *945#

wema bank nigeria

Dial *945# to enjoy quick and lightning-speed transactional ease on the Wema bank digital space via their unique banking shortcode.

15. Zenith Bank Code: *966#

Zenith Bank nigeria

Zenith bank makes it so much easier to buy airtime for yourself and family and friends, send money and check your account balance via their code. Dial *966# to begin using the Zenith bank code today.

16. Stanbic IBTC Bank Code: *909#

stanbic ibtc

Dial *909# to get started with their unique shortcode.

17. Jaiz Bank Code: *389*301#

The USSD code for Jaiz bank is *389*301#.

CBN Bank Codes in Nigeria

Here’s the list of CBN Bank codes in Nigeria:

  • 044 – Access Bank Nigeria Plc
  • 063 – Diamond Bank Plc
  • 050 – Ecobank Nigeria
  • 084 – Enterprise Bank Plc
  • 070 – Fidelity Bank Plc
  • 011 – First Bank of Nigeria Plc
  • 214 – First City Monument Bank
  • 058 – Guaranty Trust Bank Plc
  • 030 – Heritage Banking Company Ltd
  • 301- Jaiz Bank
  • 082 – Keystone Bank Ltd
  • 014 – Mainstreet Bank Plc
  • 076 – Skye Bank Plc
  • 039 – Stanbic IBTC Plc
  • 232 – Sterling Bank Plc
  • 032 – Union Bank Nigeria Plc
  • 033 – United Bank for Africa Plc
  • 215 – Unity Bank Plc
  • 035 – WEMA Bank Plc
  • 057 – Zenith Bank International

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