UBA Internet Banking: Do You Want to Register for UBA Mobile banking in 2020

UBA Internet Banking: Do You Want to Register for UBA Mobile banking in 2020

UBA internet banking will allow you to seamlessly manage your UBA account from anywhere. UBA internet banking is also called UDirect. UBA Internet banking is available to both old and new customers of UBA.  UBA internet banking is also called UBA online banking

UBA internet banking is not an app. It is a page for assessing and managing your UBA account  through an internet browser if you don’t want to use the UBA mobile app

If you have already registered for UBA internet banking and want to just log in. Visit this page to login to UBA internet banking.


Now moving on to how to register for UBA internet banking. First, you need to know the requirements required for registering for UBA internet’s banking. These requirements are:

  • You must have a UBA account (current or savings)
  • Your phone number and email you used for opening your UBA account must be active.
  • An active UBA ATM card#
  • An active internet-enabled device.

If you have all these requirements then let’s move on to how you can register for UBA internet banking. 

How To Register For UBA Internet Banking

UBA internet banking

To register for UBA internet banking. Follow these steps>

  • Visit the UBA Internet Banking Instant Self-Registration page to begin your registration.
  • You’ll be asked to select your user type. Select retail if you’re an individual account holder and Corporate if you are a company.
  • Then click continue.
  • Next, you’ll be shown a form that requires you to enter your account number*,  First 6 digits of your debit card*, Last 4 digits of your debit card*, your debit card PIN* and card expiry date(YYYY-MM)*
  • Click on continue.
  • Next, create and confirm your password. (choose a secure password that you can easily remember)
  • Your registration will be completed and confirmed as successful. 

Features of UBA internet banking 

with UBA Direct, you have access to a ton of features. Some of the features of UBA internet banking include:

  • Local bank transfer (Inter & Intra)
  • International transfers (FX Transfer) 
  • Account Monitoring
  • Generating digital receipts for proof of transfers
  • Bills Payment & Airtime Recharge
  • Book flights
  • View, Download, and print statements of account
  • Personalization of your UBA account

 UBA Transfer code (USSD code)

UBA transfer ussd code and  UBA Internet banking.

UBA transfer code allow customers of UBA bank to perform a host of transactions.  UBA transfer code is *919#. With this code, you can purchase airtime, pay bills, transfer money, check your bank statement and even open UBA accounts. However, to use UBA transfer code or USSD code, you must first generate your transfer code PIN first. Simply dial

*919# and follow the instructions on your screen. You’ll be asked to enter a 4-digit pin that will enable you to start using  UBA mobile USSD banking.

Some shortcuts for using UBA transfer codes include:

Transfer money to a UBA Account –  Dial *919*3#

Transfer money to other bank accounts – Dial *919*4#

Check your UBA account balance – Simply Dial *919*00#

Buy airtime for yourself –   Dial *919*Amount#.

Buy airtime for someone else –  Dial *919*Phone number (the person’s phone number)*Amount #

Using UBA Mobile App

While UBA Internet banking is a great way to manage your UBA account online. UBA mobile app is usually the preferred way most people assess the account online. If you dont already use UBA mobile app and want to try it out. You can go on to download the mobile app to start using UBA mobile banking.

For Android phones, you can download the UBA mobile app here. For iOS devices (Apple), you can download the mobile app here.

Frequently Asked Questions On UBA Internet Banking

How Do I Reset My UBA Online Banking Password?

On Internet Banking Home Page here, please click on ‘forgot your password?’

Then, enter your Internet Banking USER ID on next screen and submit, then provide an answer to any security question set by you and a new password is automatically generated and sent to your registered e-mail address.

UBA customer care 

You can contact UBA customer care by either calling these numbers  01-2808822 01-6319822, 07002255-822 or sending an email to [email protected]

You can also visit any UBA bank branch or UBA’s head office at 57, Marina, Lagos Island. Lagos State.

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