Coreum Review: A Simplified Real Estate Investing & Crowdfunding Platform

Coreum Review: A Simplified Real Estate Investing & Crowdfunding Platform

Investing in Real estate isn’t such a hard thing anymore. Real estate investment platforms are starting to pop up. One of such platform is Coreum. A platform that allows any Nigerian to make micro-investments in real estate. With Coreum anyone can own a fraction of a real estate. You can also invest in more than one property.

All assets in Coreum are acquired and held in trust by FBN Quest Trustees.  A firm duly registered by the Nigerian Securities and Exchange Commission. FBN Quest Trustees serve as Trustee for all co-investors and members of the platform. Protecting their interest and ensuring that there are transparency and accountability. 

Payment on the platform is processed and secured by Paystack.

Review of Coreum

4.0 Koboline rating


Coreum gets 3.8 stars out of 5 for overall performance. Coreum model for real estate investing is very interesting. You can invest in Lands or residential properties. Every property is divided into 100 units that can be purchased. The minimum investment of Coreum is N50,000. The projected ROI on your investment can range from 2x to 7.1% – 15%.

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Features of Coreum

coreum real estate investing crowdfunding platform
  • Each property on Coreum is divided into 100 equal slots. 1 slot is valued at 1% of the property price. 
  • You can purchase one slot or more. You can also y investing across different locations and property types.
  • Minimum investment of N50,000
  • You can liquidate (cash-in) your investment before maturity
  • There are two plans. Growth and Passive income plan.
  • Growth plan allows you to invest in lands in high growth locations and share in the value appreciation over a period of 5 years. Projected return on this plan is 2x.
  • Passive income plan allows you to invest in revenue-generating multi-family, stand-alone residential or commercial real estates in high demand locations and share rental income over a period of 5 years. Annual return on investment for this plan is 7.1% – 15%.
  • There is also a dashboard for tracking your investment value, access your yield and withdraw your returns.
  • You can also fund your Coreum wallet with at least N5,000 and get 4% interest without even investing in any real estate investment plan.

What Do You Need to Ask Yourself Before Investing with Coreum?

As with everything it all comes down to personal preference. The online investment platforms available in Nigeria today are quite varied. Yet there are only a handful of real estate investment platforms.


So you’ll want to ask yourself a couple of questions before deciding on whether you should invest with Coreum. Some of these questions are

  • What’s your preferred time frame? The time period for real-estate deals can be from a few months to a few years. Coreum real estate investments are usually 5 years.
  • What type of properties are you interested in? Are you interested in commercial real estate offers or residential properties? Some platforms even offer both.
  • How much money do you want to invest in real estate investments? Minimum investments is N50,000.
  • Debt or equity real estate investing? Coreum strictly offers equity. With equity, you’re a shareholder in the property, with debt you’re just a lender to the property owner and the property is the collateral for the loan. Debt and equity real estate investments have different types of risks and benefits.

The Bottom Line 

Anyone can benefit from income-producing real estate in Nigeria as well as the capital gains it affords. With Coreum you can invest in fractions of properties. Hold them till maturity or sell when you want to. 

You can also check out other platforms like Rise and that allow you to invest in real estate in Nigeria.

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