Hawkit App Review: Is Hawkit Legit? (Hawkit Minimal Withdrawal & Registration )

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Last Updated on April 4, 2023

Hawkit is a social payment app in Nigeria where individuals and businesses can make money and promote themselves.

Hawkit app Users can make earn by performing social media tasks like commenting, liking, following, and sharing, as well as starting an airtime/Data business and by selling on the platform.

In this Hawkit Review, you’ll learn if Hawkit is legit or a scam, how to earn from Hawkit and what the platform is all about.

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About Hawkit: How it Works?

In essence, Hawkit or Hawkit.ng is an e-Commerce and also a C2B (Consumer-to-Business) company. The company’s e-commerce feature allows users a unique online shopping experience, where they can buy and sell products.

While its C2B (Consumer-to-Business) feature allows users to perform social tasks for brands and businesses and in return earn as much as ₦5,000 daily. Users can also start an airtime business as well (a 10% to 50% Discount for Airtime), where they buy and resell it to other people and earn from the discounts.

Here’s how Hawkit works:

  • You can Perform Social Tasks such as following, Like, Commenting, Sharing, Retweeting, App Reviews, Whatsapp posts and Earn Daily.
  • Boost Your Social Media accounts by getting Real Followers, Likes, Comments, Shares, Retweets, App Reviews, and Whatsapp Views.
  • Start Your Airtime/Data Business by Buying Airtime or Data on Hawkit at up to 10% Discount and Reselling to friends and family at standard prices.
  • Buy and Sell Anything on the Hawkit Marketplace by Posting your products and services on Hawkit Market and getting thousands of buyers (Hawkit) at your fingertips.
  • You can also Earn on Hawkit by Referring people to join the platform and earn a ₦500 instant referral commission. You also earn a 20% Commission on every transaction carried out by your referrals as well.
  • Hawkit also lets you Manage and Edit your profile, View your earnings, Fund your Wallet, withdraw your earnings into your bank account or buy airtime on the platform.

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Is Hawkit Legit or a Scam?

Hawkit is registered as Hawkit International Limited (RC 1677464) with the CAC (Corporate Affairs Commission) and there hasn’t been talk or reviews of Hawkit not being safe to use or not paying its users their earnings.

So Hawkit is legit for now and pays its users and members their funds.

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How to Earn from Hawkit

hawkit earnings
Hawkit Tasks earnings

You can earn from hawkit by:

  • Performing social tasks like following, Like, Commenting, Sharing, Retweeting on social media, doing App Reviews, and posting on Whatsapp.
  • Selling on the Hawkit marketplace
  • Starting an Airtime business
  • Hawkit Referrals

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Here’s an overview of the social tasks and how much you can make from them:

  • Hawkit Apple Store Review: This is the highest-paid activity on Hawkit. For this task, members are required to download and review certain apps on the Apple Store. After completion, a member earns ₦60 for each app review.
  • Google Play Store app Review: This is the second highest-paying task on the platform. With this task, you just need to download and review certain apps on the Google Play Store. You will earn ₦30 per app review.
  • Subscription to YouTube Channels: With tasks like this, Hawkit will provide you with a YouTube link. Whenever you click on it, you will be directed to a YouTube channel to subscribe to that channel. Once you’re done subscribing, you will earn ₦30. If you subscribe to 10 YouTube channels in a day, you will earn ₦300 from the YouTube task.
  • Social Media Commenting: Users can earn money by commenting on social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. This task allows you to earn ₦15 per post you comment on.
  • Following and Liking Posts on Social Media: This is the task with the lowest amount of earnings on Hawkit.ng. All you have to do is follow and like certain accounts on some social media platforms. You will get paid ₦3 for liking and another ₦3 for following individual social accounts and pages.
  • WhatsApp Statuses: This task allows you to earn money from posting certain adverts on your WhatsApp status. Each WhatsApp post will earn you ₦20.
  • Twitter Retweets: This Hawkit.ng task will earn you ₦10 when you retweet a post on your Twitter account.
  • Facebook Post Share: This task requires you to share posts on your Facebook account. Each Facebook post share will make you ₦10 which will be added to your Hawkit account.
  • Hawkit Referrals: Members can earn ₦500 for each person they refer to the Hawkit platform. The money will be added to your Hawkit account whenever your referral activates his/her account. Users can also earn a Social Boost Referral 20% Commission whenever they refer someone to Buy Likes, Followers, Comments, Shares, Whatsapp Post Views etc.

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Hawkit Referral System

Hawkit Referral is a simple way to make money on this social finance platform. When a Hawkit user refers someone to the platform, they’ll earn N500 for every successful referral.

A successful referral is someone that registers with your Hawkit referral link and activates the account (become a member).

There’s also the Social boost referral commission; where a bonus is attached to referring individuals to the platform, where you earn a referral Commission of 20% of any amount paid when you refer someone to Buy Likes, Followers, Comments, Shares, Whatsapp Post Views etc. For example, if you refer 100 users to buy 2000 likes or followers worth N10,000, you will earn N2,000 per user which accumulates to N200,000.

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How much can I earn on Hawkit?

There’s no limit to how much you can earn on Hawkit. It depends on how effectively you utilize the platform.

Hawkit App download

While you can use Hawkit on the web, it also has a mobile app that is only available to Android device users. You can download and install the Hawkit mobile app from the Google Play Store.

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Hawkit Registration: How to Sign up on Hawkit

Here’s how to signup and register an account on Hawkit.ng:

  • Sign up by visiting the Hawkit registration page or you can download and install the mobile app to sign up. Your email address will be needed to create an account.
  • Activate your Hawkit account by verifying your email address and paying the activation fee (N1000) before you can start earning money on Hawkit.

How to Withdraw Money from your Hawkit Account

The least you can withdraw on Hawkit is ₦1,000, and it can be withdrawn into your local bank account.

Here are the steps to withdraw to your account from Hawkit.ng:

  • Login to your Hawkit account, Navigate to your account dashboard, locate and then click on the “Withdraw” button
  • Enter how much you want to withdraw. (The minimum is ₦1,000)
  • Next, Enter your bank account details
  • Then provide your Hawkit PIN to complete your withdrawal from the platform to your bank account.

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More on Hawkit.ng:

When was Hawkit.ng Launched

Hawkit International Limited (RC 1677464) is an e-commerce company that was launched on the 1st of June 2020 and incorporated on the 22nd of June 2020.

Hawkit Minimum Withdrawal

The platform minimum withdrawal is just N100.

Where is the Hawkit Head Office Located?

Hawkit’s physical office address is in Nigeria and is situated at 89, Allen Avenue, Ikeja, Lagos State, Nigeria.

Hawkit Customer Care and e-mail Address

Hawkit’s customer care team are available during working hours and can always be contacted for any issues or questions regarding the platform: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Hawkit web support and Hawkit’s Email Address: [email protected].

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