How to Link NIN to MTN via SMS & Online

how to link nin to mtn easy steps

If you’re here to find out how to link NIN to MTN line, you’re in the right place as we’ve all the essential details you need to know about MTN NIN registration.

Is it time to link your NIN to your MTN line? You can do this in a breeze! Wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, you can comfortably link your National Identification Number (NIN) to your MTN line in Nigeria.

Why is this essential? Think compliance, uninterrupted services, and added security – all with a few clicks.

NIN or National Identification Number is a unique 11-digit number issued by the Nigerian government to identify someone who lives in Nigeria. NIN is for Nigerians and non-Nigerians who live and work in Nigeria. The NIN is issued by NIMC to you when you enrol for it. NIN is the essential element of Nigeria’s National Identity Database that maps citizens’ biometric data to other important information as a means for verification and authentication.

The Nigerian Nigerian Communication Commission (NCC) has directed that all SIM cards and mobile phone numbers should be linked to their owner’s respective NIN. The commission has stated that the lines that are not linked to NIN will be blocked from being able to make calls.

Note: When you link NIN to MTN or any other phone line (e.g Airtel. Glo & 9mobile), you are only connecting your NIN to your phone line, it doesn’t in any way affect your bank account(s) or have anything to do with your BVN.

Join us as we embark on this journey of tech-savvy empowerment, where we unravel the art of NIN-MTN harmony.

Curious to know how? We’ve got you covered with not one, but two super-simple methods of linking your NIN to MTN in Nigeria; via SMS or the magic of online.

Ready to dive in? Keep reading to unlock the ultimate guide on connecting your NIN to MTN, making sure your communication game is stronger than ever!

If you’re unsure about how to link your NIN to your MTN line, here are steps you can easily follow to do it.

How to Link NIN to MTN via SMS

You can link your NIN to MTN via SMS by text NIN-your 11 digit NIN to 785 and send e.g: type NIN-12345678999 as a text message, and send to 785.

How to Link NIN to MTN using Code (Code to Link NIN to MTN)

  • You can link Your NIN to your MTN line by dialling this code: *785# using the MTN line you want to link.
  • Then enter your NIN and click Submit
  • Alternatively, you can just dial *785*Your NIN# from the MTN line you want to link to your NIN
  • Your MTN Line will be linked to your NIN automatically if your NIN has been verified with NIMC by MTN.
  • To confirm your NIN has linked to your MTN line(s) dial *346#.

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How to Link NIN to MTN Online or with MyMTN App (Simple Steps)

how to link nin to mtn online
  • You can also link your NIN to your MTN online by visiting this link:
  • Following this link, you’ll land on a form for linking NIN, Complete the form by entering your name, MTN line type, your NIN, and email address.
  • Another way to link your NIN to MTN is by submitting your NIN to the myMTN app. You can download the app, by texting ‘MYMTN’ to 5018.
  • Once you download the MyMTN app, log in and then go ahead and submit your NIN details.
  • To confirm your NIN has linked to your MTN line(s) dial *346#.

If you have further questions regarding how to link NIN to MTN or any other line here are answers to any of the questions you might have.

Code to Link NIN to MTN

The code to link NIN to MTN is *785#

How do I register for NIN?

A: You can register at the nearest MTN enrolment centre or any NIMC enrolment centre.

How to Check your NIN Number

You can check your NIN number by either looking at your NIN Slip. It is a visible 11 digit number at the top left corner of the NIN slip and also by dialling *346# and pressing 1. However, you will be charged N20 for checking your NIN number with this code.

Also, if you get an error code when you dial this code, it means you haven’t registered for your NIN, so won’t get charged N20 since the transaction failed. But if you’re completely sure you’ve successfully registered but you get an error message, then you need to contact MTN.

What if I Misplaced NIN Slip?

if you have misplaced your NIN slip, all you have to do is visit any bank branch near you and then pay a fee of N500 through REMITA.

Then visit any NIMC enrollment centre near you and show them your REMITA Teller and ask that they print your NIN slip for you.

Nin registration for foreigners – Can a foreigner get NIN in Nigeria?

NIN isn’t only for Nigerian citizens, foreigners that work and live in Nigeria who do not have a resident permit and those who are legal residents are required to enrol for NIN by visiting any of the NIMC enrollment centres in Nigeria.

Link NIN for Corporate in Nigeria

If a phone number is a corporate line, then you have to contact the Corporate account Officer for that phone number for more information. If it’s a data SIM, you will need a One-Time-Password (OTP) to link it to your NIN.

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