Kuda Virtual Dollar Card Rate & Limit

kuda virtual dollar card rate limit

There are posts littering Obansanjo’s internet with fake news that Kuda has a virtual dollar card. Well, there is no Kuda Virtual Dollar card. What exists is the Kuda Visa Card.

Some apps let you create a virtual digital dollar card right from your smartphone that you can use for making international payments and online purchases, all without the need to visit a bank.

A lot of traditional cards issued in naira do not work for international purchases. Virtual dollar cards solve that! They’re app-based, easy to get, and perfect for online shopping. No need to worry about physical cards or international transaction limits.

However, Kuda doesn’t offer virtual dollar cards to its users in Nigeria. Instead what exists is the Kuda Visa Card.

How to Get a Kuda Virtual Card instead of the Kuda Virtual Dollar Card

kuda cards
  • Open your Kuda app.
  • Have at least ₦1,200 in your Kuda account.
  • Tap “Card” at the bottom.
  • Select “Request A Card” and then “Get A Virtual Card.”
  • Confirm with your Kuda transaction PIN, fingerprint, or Face ID.

Kuda offers free Visa virtual cards. No hidden charges.

How to activate your Kuda Visa Card in Nigeria:

  • Open Kuda and tap “Cards.”
  • Tap “Activate Card.”
  • Read the instructions and tap “Activate Card.”
  • Enter your card number and you’re done.

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What Can You Do with Kuda Virtual Visa Card?

You can use the Kuda Visa card to pay, shop, and even invest. You can use it anywhere Visa naira cards are accepted. Kuda’s Visa card can be used for international payments on platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Show Max, and Spotify.

Kuda Virtual Dollar Card Rate

  • The daily spending limit for the virtual Kuda Visa card is ₦1 million.
  • No maintenance charges.

How to Block Your Kuda Visa Card

  • Open Kuda and tap “Card.”
  • Swipe the “Block Card” toggle to the left.
  • To cancel, tap “Cancel Card.”

Final Thoughts on Kuda Virtual Dollar Card?

We’ve established that Kuda Bank doesn’t own a virtual dollar card service, however, it offers its customers a Kuda Visa Card, which is in Naira.

But if you need a legit virtual dollar card in Nigeria, here are the best and cheapest virtual dollar card providers in Nigeria.

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