Tips & Advice for a stress free christmas in Nigeria.

Tips advice for a stress free Christmas

last Updated on November 15, 2022

Christmas is here again, a time filled with festivities. Although this festive period signals a time of celebration, reflection, and merriment. It can also bring with it moments of stress.

So how can you pull through this season and come out of the holidays actually feeling you have had a break or blown out steam, rather than feeling in desperate need of one?

We have identified 8 things you can do to ensure you get a most stress-free festive season and make it through the holidays relatively unmarred.

1. Make Advance Plans

It’s easier to start thinking about what you want and need for the Christmas season before it gets into full flow.

Start stockpiling items as soon as possible – especially weeks and days leading up to Christmas along with your regular shopping.

When it comes to giving gifts, prepare a list of everyone you intend to give gifts to no matter how small, which should include the maximum amount you are willing to spend as it helps you manage your holiday budget.

Check out our gift guide if you are undecided about what to gift someone.

2. Travel Smart

If you’re going to be on a trip this holiday season, then you’re going to have pack smart. Tuck your underwear, toothbrush and everyday utilities in an easy-to-reach bag.

Are you travelling by road?

If it’s with your personal car, ensure your vehicle is in good running order for the trip by checking belts, hoses, air pressure, fluid levels, and windshield wipers.

If you’re going to be travelling by public transport, it will be wise to book and make reservations ahead of your trip day.

If air travel is your mode of transportation this season, simplify your travel experience by arriving up to two hours early for domestic flights and up to three hours for international flights.

You can also avoid parking hassles by getting someone to drive you to and from the airport, if possible.

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3. Consume Moderately

While it’s almost impossible to eat healthy this Christmas, try not to pile up your plate with the most delicious things you can lay your eyes on first.

Although overeating is a major issue people face during Christmas, you can eat the foods you enjoy while staying healthy.

Try to load up your plates with salads and veggies first before trying out everything else you want to eat.

Food isn’t the only thing we wallow in during Christmas. Drinking alcohol responsibly can also be a tough thing to do. Nigeria has the 41st-highest alcohol consumption per capita (10.1 litres) in the world.

In 2016 the country was estimated to have consumed 3 billion bottles of beer.

While it’s really ok to relax and enjoy a drink, drinking to stupor should be involved in the mix.

You can reduce the amount of alcohol you consume by choosing a light version of your favourite drink.

You should also have a glass of water or soft drink in between your alcoholic drinks while keeping track of the number of drinks you’re having.

4. Spend Wisely

The best way to not overspend this Christmas season is to keep track of your spending. You can put a limit on your Christmas expenses and track your spending when you shop or make general payments.

Another great tip is to buy only what you need, as you don’t want to be throwing away leftover food.

You can also get exclusive discounts and coupons through the social channels of the brands you follow online by becoming more social.

You can also find bargains by searching the web for discounts and coupons. Please endeavour to always check the terms and conditions to make sure you know what you are getting.

Try to use ride-hailing services for most of your movement. Use Uber and Bolt if you are more for convenience and comfort but if you’re seeking to beat traffic, bike ride-hailing services like Gokada and Max should be your go-to.

5. Focus on what’s Important and Enjoy Simple Things

It has been proven by research that Christmas is one of the six most stressful life events, along with divorce, moving house and changing jobs.

With this sort of stress, it can be easy to lose sight of what’s important, but by giving yourself a break and taking things in, you can gain a better perspective.

If it’s family that’s more important to you, your spirituality or making an impact in your society, then set aside time and resources to indulge in them. While remembering that Christmas is a time for family, friendship and spending time together.

Listen to some music, go for a walk or enjoy a hot cup of coffee for some minutes. These activities can help you stay recharged, and improve your mental health, leaving you ready to take on anything.

6. Ask for Help

Urge family and friends to get involved in the preparations. Family and friends can help with decorating, coming up with gift ideas, and tidying the house for Christmas visitors.

Guests can help with some small tasks rather than you trying to do everything by yourself. Even the kids can get involved by offering drinks to visitors and directing guests to the dining table.

This will not only ease the burden on the person who usually does it all but will also make everyone feel included.

7. Do not forget to sleep

Naturally missing out on a proper night’s sleep can be bad for anyone. With all the Christmas buzz and preparation it’s easy to have late nights and early mornings.

Where you have little or no sleep at all.

Ensure you get some quality sleep if you want to remain mentally and physically sound this Christmas season.

8. Have Fun

There’s only one way to say this. Enjoy yourself.
Forget about the ‘perfect’ Christmas and enjoy the special moments.

Merry Christmas!

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