Chipper Cash Review: Is Chipper Cash Legit? How does Chipper Cash Work?

Chipper cash Nigeria app review

last Updated on July 24, 2023

Chipper Cash started as a P2P cross-border payment service for Africans, the company has now evolved into an app that has a social element to it with its Twitter Tip Jar feature that allows creators to receive money. A feature that allows creators to easily be paid for their work by choosing either Venmo, Cash App, PayPal & Gofund to receive tips and payments.

Chipper Cash is becoming popular among Africans for sending and receiving money to and from other African countries instantly for free at competitive and reasonable conversion rates.

With the Chipper cash app, you can also pay your Cable, electricity and internet bills as well as buy airtime.

Is Chipper Cash Legit? Is it Legal?

Chipper Cash is a legit money transfer app that is available in Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, South Africa and Ghana. You can also send money from the UK to people in the aforementioned African countries using Chipper Cash.

This isn’t the only thing this app can be used for. You can pay bills, transfer airtime, collect payments & tips and also invest with Chipper cash.

The 4+ million users using Chipper Cash proves its legality, so you can be sure the app is legit and your money won’t vanish into thin air.

Chipper Cash is a safe app, so your account and funds are protected. The app uses s Two-Step Authentication (via SMS) before you can log back into your Chipper wallet account. There’s also a Security Lock feature where you’ll need to enter your Chipper PIN each time you close the app and open it again. You can also toggle on the ‘Hide Balance’ to conceal your balance from the home screen whenever you’re using the app.

Chipper Cash Features For Nigerians

  • Send & receive Money Across Africa
  • Chipper Card –
  • Pay bills Instantly & Buy Airtime
  • Invest in Foreign Stocks – You can buy fractional shares of the biggest companies in the world (e.g Facebook, Amazon & co)
  • Receive Tips & Payments for Creators

Chipper Cash Virtual Card

chipper cash virtual card 1

The Chipper cash virtual card for online purchases where you automatically earn 5% cash back on your purchases for a limited time. The virtual dollar card can be funded right from the user’s Chipper wallet and is absolutely free to acquire. The Card can be used online in the same way you use your physical debit or credit cards.

Chipper Cash App & Download Links

The chipper cash app is available on Android and iOS. it isn’t available on the web browser yet. You can download Chipper Cash for Andriod and Chipper Cash for iOS.

Who owns Chipper Cash?

Chipper cash is a venture-backed company that recently became an African Unicorn, valued at $2B. The company was founded by Ham Serungoji and Maijid Moujaled in 2018 and has raised a total of $302.2m to date.

Is my BVN Safe with Chipper Cash?

Your BVN is required by ChipperCash so you can access certain features on the app. Your BVN is safe with Chipper Cash as the platform goes all the length to ensure that your account and information are safe and secure using the highest level of security and encryption.

How to Use Chipper Cash in Nigeria

If you want to use Chipper Cash in Nigeria, you need to create an account using your phone number. It is also possible to use your email address as well. After registering on the Chipper Cash app, you’ll be required to verify your account with a verification code which will be sent to your number or the email address you signed up with.

You can also connect and sign in to your Chipper wallet (your account) with multiple numbers and addresses. This feature is really interesting as it gives you flexible Login options into your Chipper Cash account. If you cant access your main phone number or email address, you can still access your Chipper account using your other numbers or emails. To do this (add other numbers or emails), just go into the Chipper app, scroll to your account profile page, select “Personal” and tap “Add Phone or Email“.

Verifying Your Chipper Account

For your Chipper account to be verified for you to start using it, you’ll need to provide this information:

  • Your First & Last Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Email
  • Phone Number
  • Address
  • Gender
  • Place of Birth.

However, this will only get you a Tier 1 verification, to upgrade your tier level you’ll need to verify your account with BVN (Bank verification number)

Every new Chipper cash user (Tier 1 KYC) can receive an unlimited amount of money but will only be able to send out a maximum of N42,000 daily, Receive a maximum of N50,000, and deposit a maximum of N50,000 daily and N300,000 weekly. To remove these limits you’ll need to upgrade your Tier level by verifying your Chipper account with your BVN

You can choose to verify your Chipper Cash account via USSD (if you registered with your phone number). It is important to note that each time you want to sign in to your Chipper account after signing out, you’ll be required to verify your account.

Funding Your Chipper Wallet

Every first-time Chipper cash user in Nigeria will be required to deposit N10 to your Chipper wallet to add a bank card. Also, you can only fund your Chipper wallet in Nigeria through card payments.

Sending Money with Chipper Cash

chipper cash features

You can send money to other Chipper cash users or to people that don’t use Chipper.

To send money to a Chipper Cash user, follow these steps:

  • Login to your Chipper Wallet via the app and navigate to your Activity Tab
  • Choose the user you want to send money to by searching for their @chippertag or their contact name on your phone/contact book (If the user has a flag, it means they’re on Chipper – and the flag represents the currency of the wallet you would send to)
  • Enter the amount you want to send
  • Enter a description of the purpose of payment for future reference
  • Confirm the destination currency if you’re sending money to someone in a different country
  • Your money transfer should be confirmed as a Success!

Meanwhile, if you send money to someone who isn’t a Chipper user, they will receive a payment invite via SMS. Once the recipient creates a Chipper account with the same phone number you sent the payment to, the money will be sitting in their newly created Chipper account. If the recipient doesn’t create an account to claim the payment you sent, the money will be refunded to you.

Paying Bills & Buying Airtime with Chipper

You already know that you can pay for your internet, electricity and Cable TV (DSTV, GOtv) bills as well as buy airtime with Chipper, you should also know you can buy airtime for other Chipper users on your contact list all you have to do is tap the “Contacts” option and search for who you want to purchase airtime for.

You also get a 2% discount on every airtime purchase with Chipper alongside free bill payments on the app, making it one of the few payment apps where you don’t have to pay a fee or charge to pay bills, send money, or fund your accounts.

Withdrawing from Chipper Cash

Withdrawing funds from the Chipper app is free. However, for Nigerian Chipper users, you can only withdraw funds from your Chipper Wallet to your bank account.

To withdraw from Chipper, take the following steps:

  • Go to your Profile
  • Then navigate to Cash Out.

However, to do this you need to set up your bank account with your Chipper wallet, to do this take just navigate to your Profile and then choose the Payment Methods to add your bank account.

Withdrawal to your bank account with Chipper Cash is usually processed in seconds and bank accounts are credited instantly.

Chipper users also get to get a “Chipper Account Number”, an auxiliary bank account provided by Providus Bank that works just like your regular bank account. Anyone can send money into your Chipper Account Number account from their banks and banking apps, with the money deposited directly to your Chipper Wallet. This auxiliary bank account serves as an added medium for depositing funds to your Chipper Wallet. however, to get this account number you’ll have to request it, since it is not automatically given to a Chipper user. You can request for it by navigating to your Profile and selecting the incomplete account number to send a request.

Request Money & Twitter Tip Jar on Chipper

You can request money from Chipper users on your contact list using the “Request feature” on the app.

Earlier we mentioned the Twitter Tip jar where people can receive money or tips on Twitter using either Venmo, PayPal, Cash App, GoFund & Chipper Cash. For Africans and Nigerians on Twitter, you can use The Chipper option to receive payments from other Twitter users who want to reward you, show appreciation or help you out financially.

How to Make Money on Chipper Cash

You can make money on Chipper cash Nigeria by asking your friends to download the Chippercash app using your referral link. You can withdraw the money you earn through the app to your bank account anytime you want.

Is my BVN Safe with Chipper Cash?

Chipper Cash ask for your BVN because it is mandatory by the CBN (Central Bank of NIgeria) to use to identify you and protect you from identity theft. SO yes, your BVN is safe with Chipper Cash.

Chipper Cash Review Summary

There are a lot of fintech apps available to Nigerians at the moment with similarities and slight differences but Chipper cash seems like a must-have. With Free- charge bill payments and airtime discounts, you get to save some money with this app. You can make cross border payments as well as invest in stocks with this app as well. Chipper Cash seems like a sweet deal especially if you consider that their customer care responds to issues on time. I’ll give this app a 4/5 rating.

If you’ve used Chipper cash in Nigeria please let us know what you think about the app in the comments below, if not you can try it using this link.

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