How to Check BVN on Access Bank Mobile App, Online & Code

how to check bvn on access bank

Last Updated on January 9, 2023

If you have an account with Access Bank and you want to check your BVN on Access bank you don’t know how to go about it? Then this article will reveal how to check BVN on Access Bank. Do read on to learn more.

access bank

Access Bank Plc is a Nigerian commercial bank that is part of Access bank group – a financial conglomerate with a presence in over 6 African countries and the UK. Access Bank is headquartered in Lagos, Nigeria.

On April 1st of 2019, Access Bank merged with Diamond bank to expand and double its banking operations and base.

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What is BVN and Why it is Important?

BVN (Bank Verification Number) is a unique 11-digit number that is produced by the biometric identification system developed by the Central Bank of Nigeria.

Anyone that has a Nigerian bank account must have a BVN number. You can’t even open a new bank account in Nigeria without your BVN.

You can have multiple bank accounts in Nigeria but only one BVN code will be used for all your accounts. All your financial information in Nigeria is linked to your BVN number.

BVN is very important today in Nigeria if the country wants to continue to limit fraudulent banking actions. Because of the sensitive nature of BVN and the need to keep it safe, a lot of people tend to write down their BVN code.

A lot of people have also forgotten where they wrote down their BVN number and they might need to use it immediately. They need a quick way to check their BVN number without having to go to the bank.

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How to Check BVN on Access Bank

You can check BVN on Access Bank via two methods:

  • Check BVN on Access bank using the USSD code
  • Check BVN on Access bank using the Access Bank mobile app

How to Check BVN on Access Bank using USSD Code

You can check your BVN on Access bank using the USSD code by dialling *565*0# on the phone number linked to your Access Bank account.

After dialling the code, your BVN will show on your phone screen and you can copy it out. Although using this method means you’ll be charged N20 Naira.

So make sure you have airtime on the line you’ll be using to check the BVN before proceeding with the step above.

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How to Check BVN on Access Bank using the Access Bank Mobile App

Other than the USSD code method, you can also check BVN on Access bank using the Access bank mobile app.

To do this you’ll have to download the Access Bank mobile app from Google PlayStore or Apple AppStore on your internet-enabled device.

After downloading the Access bank app, you’ll need to register for Access bank mobile banking.

When you’re done registering, log in to the Access bank app which will display your account name and balance.

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To check your BVN on Access Bank using the mobile app, follow these steps:

  • Log in to the app and then click on the Profile option.
  • Then click on Show Details
  • Your BVN will be displayed alongside your email address and phone number linked to your Access bank account.

If for some reason you don’t have access to the phone number linked to your bank account, then you can check your BVN on Access bank by simply visiting the nearest Access Bank branch close to you.

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When you get into the banking hall, meet a customer service agent and request your BVN.

However, you’ll be asked to provide some information like a verifiable ID and your bank account number. After which your BVN will be issued to you.

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