How to Make Money with Bitcoin in Nigeria (5 Proven Ways)

How to Make Money with Bitcoin in Nigeria

In 2021, Nigeria emerged as the global leader in Bitcoin transactions, with over one-third of Nigerians actively involved in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. If you’re eager to explore how to make money with bitcoin in Nigeria. This article will help you with everything you need to get started.

Nigerians are flocking to Bitcoin for good reasons. It’s a golden opportunity for wealth creation. But why exactly?

Bitcoin, often dubbed “borderless money,” is a game-changer. Unlike traditional currencies, it’s decentralized, driven by a global community rather than a central authority. Unlike traditional money (fiat), which is controlled by a single person, group, or country, bitcoin is instead governed by its users all around the globe.

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5 Ways on How to Make Money With Bitcoin in Nigeria 2023

How to invest in bitcoin in Nigeria - invest in bitcoin in nigeria

Here are the best ways to make money with Bitcoin in Nigeria right now:

1. P2P Trading

One of the most common ways for Nigerians to make money is through peer-to-peer bitcoin trading. This is where buy it cheaply and resell it for a profit at a higher price. P2P Bitcoin trading means traders can engage in a lot of arbitrage trading.

But how are they able to acquire them at a loss and sell them at a profit? Well, they can exchange cryptocurrency via several sites. Coins are purchased by traders from one OTC market and sold to another platform at a better price.

You can contrast the costs of various platforms.

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2. Bitcoin Investing

Bitcoin investments are getting simpler by the day as different crypto apps and fintech apps try to make the process easier for consumers via digital wallets.

Your digital wallet would have increased more than three times if you had purchased Bitcoin last year and kept it. This is an investment for the long haul.

However, due to price swings, bitcoin is also a worthwhile short-term investment. Your level of professional investment determines the profit. You should become proficient in chart analysis for Bitcoin.

Cryptocurrency investments are better made on exchange markets. The price varies up and down. Similar to the stock exchange, trades are filled swiftly here. You just need to pick the best time to trade, that’s all.

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3. Earn Bonuses

Earning cryptocurrency-based incentives is an excellent place to start if you are new to Bitcoin. It provides an excellent opportunity to learn about trading in addition to being a good source of revenue.

You might not be aware that a Bitcoin bonus was transferred straight to your Bitcoin wallet, though. In this advice, we remind you to monitor and check your bitcoin wallet.

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4. Accepting Bitcoin Payments (For Businesses)

Due to Bitcoin’s potential and worldwide reach, more and more businesses are becoming aware of its benefits. As a form of payment. You may now purchase a Tesla with Bitcoin, Elon Musk tweeted a few days ago. More and more individuals are adopting Bitcoin in their daily lives, which is a trend.

So, if you want to grow your company, you may accept Bitcoin payments, which will give you access to a whole new market.

You can store Bitcoin in your digital wallet in the meantime if you’re a regular person. Whether you are travelling or shopping, it can be one of several payment choices.

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5. Bitcoin Mining

Solving cryptographic challenges to produce new blocks and add them to the Bitcoin blockchain network is known as mining.

Miners are the individuals who mine new blocks. Bitcoin is given to miners for each equation they solve.

You must invest money in mining supplies, electricity costs, and time if you want to be a miner.

How to Get Started With Bitcoin in Nigeria

It’s really simple to begin investing in Bitcoin.

The situation was the opposite a few years ago, but thanks to sites like Binance, investing in Bitcoin from Nigeria is simple.

With more than 13 million users worldwide, Binance is the biggest cryptocurrency exchange in the world.

You may buy bitcoin with as little as N50 and add money to your account using a debit card or a bank transfer. Just register, put Naira into your crypto wallet and buy Bitcoin after that.

P.S: Due to CBN restrictions, debit card deposits are not temporarily blocked. Instead, you may deposit and withdraw using Binance’s P2P area, which is simple and quick. Just go to the P2P area after signing up and validating your account.

To invest in Bitcoin using Binance in Nigeria, follow these steps:

1. Create an Account

When you visit, a registration form will appear right away.
Complete the form, submit it, and use the link in it to confirm your email.
Visit “My Account” and choose “check your identity.”

2. Depositing Funds in your wallet

  • In the menu on the webpage, choose “Wallets.”
  • Next, choose “Deposit.” On the next page, choose “Deposit Fiat.”
  • From the currency menu, choose Naira.
  • You have a choice in the deposit method. a bank transfer or debit card
  • Select “Continue”
  • If you choose to make a bank deposit, enter the necessary information and then click “Pay” or “Submit.”
  • Enter your card information to make a payment, then click Pay. Make sure to include the “Deposit Reference Code” in the transfer summary if you choose to make a bank deposit and transfer to the specified account information.
  • When finished, the amount you deposited will be credited to your Binance account.

Is Bitcoin Legal in Nigeria?

Although it is difficult to prevent individuals from using Bitcoin, it has been classified as illegal in several nations.
However, there are no laws or rules in Nigeria prohibiting the usage of cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin is entirely legal in Nigeria.

What can you do with Bitcoin in Nigeria?

You can use Bitcoin as an investment vehicle to diversify your assets and trading by profiting from price fluctuations, similar to FX trading, which are two examples of what you may do with it in Nigeria. Additionally, quicker and less expensive international money transfers are possible with Bitcoin.

Taking Action

In conclusion, many Nigerians are becoming more aware of cryptocurrencies especially bitcoin which is at the frontier. Bitcoin And crypto in general are still developing and people are taking a chance on them to generate money.

Sign up right away to a cryptocurrency trading app in Nigeria if you want to start making money with bitcoin in Nigeria

Using Bitcoin as an investment option to diversify your assets and trading by profiting from price fluctuations, similar to Forex trading, are two examples of what you may do with it in Nigeria. Additionally, quicker and less expensive international money transfers are possible with Bitcoin.

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