How to Block First Bank Account (Code to Block First Bank Account)

how to block first bank account

Updated on January 12, 2024

Did you just lose your First Bank ATM card, or has your phone been stolen? Is your first bank account in danger of scammers or your funds being stolen?

Are you wondering if your First Bank account is secure at all? Here’s how to block First Bank account in Nigeria and protect your funds.

More so than ever, security has become very important in today’s world, and part of that security is safeguarding your money.

There are only a handful of reasons for wanting to block your First bank account, the common denominator is that you want to protect your funds from being taken.

However, a lot of people do not know how to go about blocking their account number and there isn’t sufficient information on how to go about it out there either. Well, we’ll give you sufficient info.

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We have created this guide for people who own a First Bank account and want to block their account for whatever reason.

As soon as you notice that your first bank account is in danger of being exploited, you need to take quick action if you’re going to protect your money.

Some of the best and quickest ways to block your First Bank account are via SMS, Firstmonie (mobile app), contacting First Bank’s customer care about the issue, or visiting a First Bank branch close to you.

However, if you cannot take any of these steps above then there are other ways you can use to block your First Bank account.

Read on to learn how to block your First bank account without having to go to the bank.

How to Block First Bank Account

You can use the phone number connected to your first bank account to block your First bank account and secure your funds by following these methods:

Block First Bank Account Using SMS

You can block your First bank account if your ATM Card got misplaced or if suspicious activity or transactions are happening on your account by sending an SMS with  “BLOCK” to 30012 using the phone number registered with your First bank account.

You have to use the account number connected to your first bank account, if not it won’t work.

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Visiting the Bank or Calling First Bank Customer Care

You can quickly visit the nearest First Bank branch to block your First Bank account or Call the First Bank Nigeria customer care numbers; +234 1 905 2326, +234 708 062 5000, +234 1 448 5500.

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First Mobile (First Bank Mobile App)

  • Log in to your First Bank Mobile App (First Mobile), if you don’t have the app, see how to register and use First Bank mobile banking.
  • Select Option and then choose Card Services
  • Then Select your Card type and then tap on Hot LIST CARD, and you get instructions on what to do. Make sure you follow all the instructions to block your First bank account or ATM Card.

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Code to Block First Bank Account From Another Phone

You can not block your first bank account from another phone, however, you can deactivate the phone number linked to your First bank account from carrying out any transactions (USSD).

Just dial *894*911# from another phone number, then enter the phone number linked to your first bank account that you want to deactivate, and that your phone number will not be able to perform any transaction on your First bank account.

How Long Does It Take to Block Your First Bank Account in Nigeria?

It should not take more than 24 hours to block your First bank account. Just make sure to use the SMS method, or visit any nearest First Bank branch or call the bank’s customer care number.

Can I Unblock My First Bank Account Number

You can unblock your First bank account after blocking it. You can always reactivate the account after you’ve made sure your account is secured. As you won’t be able to make transactions when your account is blocked.

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