How to Unblock My GTBank Account with 737

How to Unblock My GTBank Account with 737

It was a weekend, and I had just lost my GTB ATM card, it was a serious problem since all the funds I had at that moment were in that account, I quickly blocked my GTB account as I wanted to protect the funds there, However the next day, I began looking for how to unblock my GTBank account with 737 in Nigeria.

Eventually, I found a solution and decided to turn it into a post.

If you’re sure that your GTB account isn’t in any danger after previously blocking it, and you want to unlock the GTB account to access the funds there, just dial *737*11# using any mobile number in Nigeria to unblock your GTBank account with 737. This service is FREE OF CHARGE.

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You can also unblock your GTBank account by using GTBbank’s self-service portal.

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Once your GTBank account is blocked or locked, all transfer or debit transactions will be restricted on the account. So no one will be able to send money from that account.

To unlock or unblock your GTBank Account, use the 737 service, call GTConnect, contact GTBank Contact Care Centre or visit any GTB branch near you.

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How to Unblock my GTBank Account with 737

To unblock my GTbank account with 737, I followed these steps:

  • Dial *737*11# with the phone number linked to your GTB Account account.
  • Next, you’ll be asked to Input your BVN
  • Then, Click on 1 to continue
  • NGN100 (reactivation fee) will be deducted from your GTB account.

You can also unblock your account by calling GTConnect, GTBank Customer Care or visit any GTBank branch near you.

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How to UnBlock GTBank Account Online (Internet Banking)

You can block your GTB account online by using GTBank’s internet banking platform. You can also use it to block your ATM cards as well. Here’s how to block your GTB account using these steps:

  • Visit GTBank’s internet banking platform
  • Log in using your UserID/Account Number/Phone Number/ Email and password
  • Select the Self-Service Option
  • Then, Click on the Account Switch off/on Option to unlock your GTB account
  • Next, Choose the duration for the Account Unblock (
  • Then input your secret question answer
  • Click on the submit button
  • Finally, confirm the Account Unblock request.

Alternatively, you can also block your GTB account by using GTBbank’s self-service portal.

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How to Unblock GTBank ATM Card Online

To unblock your GTBank ATM card online (Internet banking or mobile app); follow these steps:

  • Login to GTBank’s internet banking platform or the GTbank mobile app
  • Then navigate to Debit Card Services
  • Next, Tap the debit card option
  • Then Input your account number and the card number on the provided segment
  • Click on Proceed and an OTP will be sent to your phone number or email address.
  • Put in the OTP and a notification will display on your screen telling you that your debit card has been reactivated.

How to Block GTBank Account Using Mobile App

You can block your GTB account using the GTBank mobile app by following these steps:

  • If you haven’t already, Download and Install the GTBank mobile app on your phone.
  • Log in to the mobile app and choose the account Option
  • Scroll down to the account hotlist request
  • Select the Account number you want to block
  • Enter the reason for hotlisting the account
  • Enter your Account’s secret answer and password/token and click continue and click submit.

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How to Block GTB ATM Card

If your ATM Card has been stolen or lost, just dial *737*51*10# using the mobile number linked to your Account. Alternatively, you can block your GTB ATM Card by dialling *737*51*74# from any mobile number. You will be required to provide the phone number registered to your GTB account and your 737 PIN.

Once you lock or block your GTB ATM Card, all transfer or debit transactions will be restricted on the ATM Card. So no one will be able to send, transfer or withdraw money using that GTB ATM Card.

How do I Unlock & Unrestrict My GTBank Account with

You can block your GTBank account by dialling *737*11# using any mobile number in Nigeria. Input your BVN and click on “1” to unlock your GTBank account. You can also block your GTBank account by using the bank’s self-service portal.

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