How Much is A $100 Steam Card in Naira —Best Rate in 2023

how much is $100 steam card in nigeria best rate

Updated on May 18, 2023

In the realm of digital gaming, Steam has established itself as a dominant platform, offering a vast library of games and a vibrant community. To enhance the gaming experience, Steam offers an innovative gifting system through Steam gift cards.

If you have a Steam card, you may want to know the rate if you decide to sell it for cash or other digital assets. Let’s move on to the real gist; How much is a $100 Steam card in Naira?

In this article, we will give you a full guide to compare rates in different currencies, and tips for selling Steam gift cards at the best rate.

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What is a Steam Gift Card

Steam Gift Cards are preloaded debit cards that can be used to add funds to your Steam wallet. They act as a form of virtual currency, enabling you to purchase games, downloadable content (DLC), and in-game items.

If you have a Steam account, you can redeem your Steam gift card on the Steam platform. There are 2 forms of steam cards: physical and e-code and the two forms can have different rates in Nigeria.

Where Can I Buy Steam Gift Cards

Gift cards are widely available at various retail locations and online platforms. Here are some common places where you can buy Steam Gift Cards:

Retail Stores: Many physical retailers, such as gaming stores, electronics stores, and department stores, offer Steam Gift Cards. Look for the gaming or gift card section. Within these stores, where you can find a range of denominations to choose from.

Online Marketplaces: Numerous online marketplaces, including official gaming websites, e-commerce platforms, and digital gift card retailers, provide Steam Gift Cards for purchase. Popular options include Steam’s official website, Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart, and more. These platforms offer both physical and digital versions of the cards, depending on your preference.

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How Much Can You Get With $100 Steam Card in Naira

Currently, A $100 Steam card is about N56,075 on Tbay, which is the best rate you can get in Nigeria today.

You should know that the rate is always changing, there are 2 important factors that affect the Steam card rate, so if you want to get more money, consider those factors:

  • Types of Steam gift card: generally, physical gift card has a higher rate than e-codes.
  • Market demands: if there is a high demand in the market, the steam card rate will be increasing, otherwise it will be going down.

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Sell Steam Gift Card For Cash at the Best Rate

Tbay is a secure and professional gift card trading platform worldwide. On this platform, the Steam card average transaction time is only 1.5 minutes, you can quickly complete the trade. In addition, the self-redeem feature of Steam cards ensures the security of the gift card buyer’s transactions and there are no defective cards.

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At the same time, you can also sell Steam gift cards at the best exchange rate.

how much is 100 steam card in nigeria

Now you know that how much Naira you can get with $100 Steam gift card, follow the 2 steps to sell a Steam Gift card on Tbay.

1. Create a free account on Tbay.
2. Sell your Steam gift card at the best rate.

We listed the different rates with their currencies to help you know which has the highest resale value.

  • Steam UK Physical – (700/₦)
  • Steam UK E-code – (674/₦)
  • Steam Switzerland Physical – (620/₦)
  • Steam Euro Physical – (610/₦)
  • Steam Euro E-code – (591/₦)
  • Steam US physical – (562/₦)
  • Steam US E-code – (545/₦)
  • Steam Canada Physical – (413/₦)
  • Steam Canada E-code – (401/₦)
  • Steam Australia Physical – (372/₦)
  • Steam Australia E-code – (361/₦)
  • Steam New Zealand Physical/E-code – (341/₦)

Our Final Say on Steam Cards

Steam Gift Cards offer a versatile and accessible means to access and enjoy the world of digital gaming. You’ve already known that the rate can’t remain the same all the time, sell a Steam gift card at the right time, and you can get more profits.

Tbay as a global gift card trading platform, offers gift card traders the most competitive rates available. Register on Tbay to get a ₦3,000 reward by using the referral code: 83q2HW.

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