How to Redeem Gift Card to Naira

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A lot of people don’t know how to redeem gift card to Naira. After reading this post. You’ll learn how to redeem all types of gift cards in Nigeria to naira using gift card exchanges and platforms.

If you’ve ever been scammed of gift cards you planned to exchange for some much-needed cash then you’ll be eager to stay away from corrupt gift card buyers (merchants) and stick to the best apps for redeeming gift cars in Nigeria.

In essence, a gift card is a prepaid card (Physical or virtual) stored with value (mostly money) provided by a retailer, bank, or company as a substitute for cash for transactions within certain platforms or stores both offline or online

Gift cards are most especially popular with retail customers who are loyal to certain brands and retailers.

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Types of Gift Cards

There are two different kinds of gift cards: physical and digital (e-gift cards). However, you can group gift cards based on their nature. Here are the groups:

1. According to Acceptance

In this group, gift cards are either Open Loop (or network) or Closed Loop.

Gift cards that are open loop or open network are generally accepted because they are typically linked to a specific network, such as Visa or American Express. As a result, it suggests you can use these gift cards anywhere that takes the brand’s gift cards.

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Gift cards that are Closed Loop or Closed network are gift cards that are only accepted in a limited number of physical or online retailers or used for a small number of specific brands.

2. According to the Ability to Reload

In this group gift cards are either Reloadable or Non-Reloadble. Reloadable gift cards can be refilled with cash until they expire. While Non-Reloadable Gift cards can only be loaded once.

When you receive a gift card, you must put it to use. You need to redeem a gift card for you to use it.

Ways to Redeem a Gift Card in Nigeria

gift cards in Nigeria

To Redeem a gift card, you make purchases from a physical or online store or exchange it for money or digital currency on a safe app.

How to Redeem Gift Card to Naira

gift cards

There are different ways to redeem gift cards in Nigeria but if you want to redeem a gift card to Naira then you must sell it for cash by redeeming it online.

Don’t forget you can Redeem a Gift Card from a Nigerian physical store. If you have a particular brand’s gift card, you can visit their physical store, shop for what you want and pay with it using the gift card.

For instance, Shoprite has physical stores in Nigeria and offers gift vouchers or gift cards (they are the same thing) to their customers. So with a Shoprite gift card, you can visit any of their outlets and purchase what your card will allow.

Just hand the voucher to the cashier and they will do the rest.

The best way to redeem your gift card is to do it online. If you have any gift cards you want to redeem to naira? You can trade that card in exchange for naira.

By selling it on any digital platform for buying and selling gift cards.

There are a couple of dependable gift card platforms that let you redeem your gift cards to naira.

Here are the best platforms and apps to redeem gift cards to naira in Nigeria:

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