13 Simple Breakfast Ideas in Nigeria (Healthy Nigerian Breakfast Ideas)


last Updated on October 23, 2023

If you’ve ever found yourself staring blankly into your kitchen, wondering what to make for breakfast, then this guide is for you. Say goodbye to the dullness of tea and bread – it’s time to check out exciting breakfast ideas right here in Nigeria.

Choosing meals to eat daily in our Nigerian homes can be a little tasking. Especially for breakfast meals. This guide will take you through healthy breakfast ideas in Nigeria that you can easily try.

We understand how not having a plan for the next meal might be for you and after listening to numerous people complain about how hard it is to choose a healthy balanced diet for breakfast, lunch and dinner in Nigeria, we decided to make this resource for you.

Breakfast is the most essential meal of the day. Breakfast, as the name implies, is a meal that breaks the overnight fast. Breakfast provides vital nutrients to your body, such as proteins, carbs, and lipids. It releases enzymes that help you lose weight and burn fat. It benefits your heart and increases the amount of nutrition you consume.

Breakfast is arguably the most important meal of the day, but a lot of Nigerians, are stuck deciding what to eat in the morning, so we’ve compiled a list of top healthy breakfast ideas in Nigeria that anyone can use.

From the comforting goodness of akara to the savoury delight of moi moi, and the hearty satisfaction of yam and eggs, we’re here to take your morning meal from ordinary to extraordinary. Check out exciting Nigerian breakfasts that will tantalize your taste buds and kickstart your day with a burst of energy. No more breakfast blues – just pure, tasty inspiration that even your 12-year-old self would be thrilled about!

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Simple & Easy Healthy Breakfast Ideas in Nigeria

Here are a few awesome breakfast ideas in Nigeria to try out:

1. Yam and Egg

yam egg
yam and egg

This is one of the most interesting breakfast ideas in Nigeria as it’s a usual suspect on the tables of Nigerians. Boiled or fried yam coupled with a well-made egg sauce is always a hit!

This meal is quite filling and can carry you throughout the whole day. You also get your needed carbs and protein intake. Yam and Egg sauce is an easy-to-prepare meal. To really enjoy this meal make sure the egg sauce is sautéd with tomatoes, onions, crayfish and veggies.

In fact, this yam and egg combo can actually be eaten any time of the day and it would still make sense.

2. Tea/Beverage and Bread Sandwich

tea bread

One of the most common breakfast dishes in Nigeria, however, is still one of the best breakfast ideas in Nigeria.

The ever-present Bread and ‘tea’. In most homes, this is the go-to breakfast dish. It is loved by both adults and children, it is quick and easy to throw together. Bread and ‘tea’ can be accompanied by boiled egg, omelette, sausage, bacon, canned sardines, corned beef, mackerel in tomato sauce (geisha) etc. A lot of kids call any hot beverage ‘tea’.

No introductions are needed. Children, adults, the elderly, everyone loves Nigerian tea and bread. The tea could be a tea (teabag) or a cocoa beverage mixed with milk, while the bread can be toasted or eaten with a spread.

3. Plantain Porridge

plaintain porridge

Plaintain porridge is a healthy meal rich in vitamins C, A, and B-6 and is low in fat, making it one of the best breakfast ideas in Nigeria.

This meal is also gluten-free and high in calcium. You are sure to have energy throughout the day when you have it for breakfast.

Plaintain porridge is best eaten when it’s made with dry fish and vegetables. It’s also great for pregnant women as well.

4. Pasta


Pasta is another one of the best breakfast ideas in Nigeria. While it is very starchy, you can balance it out with eggs and meat or any other protein source.

You can also spice up your pasta breakfast with carrots, bacon and other veggies. Pasta is a delightful dish for breakfast and you should definitely incorporate it into your breakfast meal plan.

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5. Akara and Pap

akara pap breakfast

This is one of the common breakfast ideas in Nigeria. In most homes, both the Akara and pap are bought from street vendors who fry the akara on the spot, so you buy it steaming hot.

Some people prefer to make their Akara at home. Akara is a bean fritter made from bean paste while the pap is a paste made from grains, mostly corn but also millet etc.

It is turned into a paste to go with the akara using boiling water.

Akara and Pap are very nutritious. The former is rich in protein while the latter is rich in folic acid and is said to be really great for expectant mothers.

6. Moi Moi & Pap

moi moi and pap

Just like Akara, Moi-Moi is bean pudding that is boiled in a container of some sort.

Just like Akara and pap, Moi-Moi and pap are top breakfast ideas in Nigeria for anyone.

However serving it for breakfast, one has to start very early if using whole beans because the process is quite tedious. Alternatively, to cut down on prep time, bean powder can be used or the Moi-Moi can be bought already made.

Alternatively, you can eat Moi-Moi with custard instead of pap.

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7. Cereal packed with Fruits & Nuts


Cereals are one of the finest breakfast ideas in Nigeria for anyone because they’re packed with protein and fibre. They will also keep you filled till you’re ready for lunch.

Nigerians like their cereals too although due to the high cost of cereals, especially imported ones, it’s seemed like it was going out of the reach of the average Nigerian but they are now sold in smaller packs so anyone can buy enough for just one meal portion.

Some of the best cereals to try in Nigeria are cornflakes, oats, cocoa flakes or pops, Golden Morn, Fruit n’ Fibre and Weetabix.

Cereals are best eaten with nuts and fruit to get maximum deliciousness and nutrition.

8. Yam Porridge

A guide covering the top healthy breakfast ideas in Nigeria.

One of the top-notch breakfast ideas in Nigeria, Yam porridge sometimes called Yam pottage or Asaro is a very nutritious meal.

Yam porridge is made by cutting yam into cubes and boiling it with vegetables, meat and fish along with some ground tomatoes, pepper and onions, all mixed with some red oil.

Yam porridge is a great dish for breakfast or lunch and even dinner.

9. Noodles and egg

noodles and egg

This is one of the ever breakfast dishes in Nigeria. In fact, it can be served as breakfast, lunch or dinner in most Nigerian homes.

It is so common that there are noodle stands at street corners dishing out delicious noodle dishes all day, and all night. Instant noodle is so convenient, cheap, and easy to prepare that they will give bread and tea a run for the money in Nigerian homes.

It is mostly served with boiled egg or omelette. In fact, in a lot of homes, this is the first dish children learn how to cook.

Indomie is an extremely popular instant noodle brand in Nigeria, so popular that it has become the household name for all instant noodles. People can get very creative when preparing Indomie and usually pair it with fried or boiled eggs.

10. Beans and Bread – Ewa Agoyin & Bread

beans and bread

it would be crazy not to include Beans and bread in this list. This meal combo is definitely one of the top breakfast ideas in Nigeria. You can make the beans the usual way or you can make them as Ewa agoyin

Ewa agoyin is a mashed-up beans porridge served with a special stew. it is mostly sold by street food vendors. It is best served with soft chewy bread, usually called Agege bread.

11. Fried Plantain and Egg

plaintain and egg

This combination is another awesome breakfast dish common in Nigeria, it can also be eaten as lunch or dinner.

For fried plantain, ripe plantains are commonly used. Some households prefer boiled plantain and plantains that are not totally ripe.

Some people also include fried sweet potatoes alongside fried plantain. The egg sauce can be made as egg stew, scrambled egg or even garden egg sauce with other ingredients like meat and fish added.

12. Okpa and custard

okpa and custard

Okpa is the local name for Bambara nuts. It is also the name of the boiled pudding made with the Bambara nut powder.

Although Okpa is very easy to make, hardly anybody makes their own Okpa, rather, most people feel it’s not worth the trouble to make it at home so they buy from the numerous Okpa vendors.

It is mostly sold in the eastern part of Nigeria. Okpa is very filling and can keep hunger away until lunch. It is excellent for diabetics as well.

13. Pancakes and a Hot Beverage


Pancakes are a very delicious Nigerian breakfast meal, especially if they’re made with wholesome ingredients. like wheat flour.

Healthy pancakes are filled with fibre, so you can expect to remain full til your next meal. You can have pancakes with any beverage like coffee, tea, or your favourite beverage. To spice things up you can add cheese, bacon, and hot dogs and yes you should definitely add syrup to your pancake.

Do you think this list of breakfast ideas in Nigeria is great? Should there be more breakfast ideas added to the list, what are your thoughts about these dishes, let us know in the comments below. Happy Breakfasting!

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