CDcare Review: Is CDCare Legit? How Does CDCare Work?

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Over 1,000 Nigerians are already using CDcare’s Buy Now Pay Later service in Nigeria to buy what they love in a smart and stress-free way.

CDcare is an online marketplace in Nigeria that lets you buy gadgets and household appliances and pay in instalments at zero interest. This platform lets you buy items and Pay Small Small (Nigerian slang for paying installmentally) of the normal price at 0% interest.

When you buy a gadget or a home appliance on the CDCare marketplace, you get to choose an instalment payment option between paying weekly or monthly.

Your purchased item will be delivered to you when half the price is paid in the middle of the instalment plan while the payment continues until it is complete. CDcares payment process is safe, secure and powered by Flutterwave.

All orders made on CDcare are subject to approval. The platform’s payment plan cannot be reviewed or changed once you’ve started payment, it must reach completion.

CDcare offers no-interest instalments for gadgets and appliances. It combines flexible instalment payments and schemes that help you to pay an equal amount weekly or monthly towards buying an item over a given period of time, and when up to half of the item’s cost has been paid in the middle of the instalment period, the company ships the item to you, while the instalments payments continue until full payments, is made.

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Is CDcare Legit? How Reliable is CDcare?

CDcare is a legit company as the 100s of testimonials on the CDcare website can attest to and the over 1000 gadgets and home appliances that have been delivered to customers. A lot of people have used CDcare’s Buy Now Pay Later service and only have good things to say.

CDcare’s requirements are simple and short, so you can easily register an account and start browsing the marketplace’s wide range of products. So you can be sure that CDcare is a reliable company for buying gadgets and appliances and paying later.

Payments on CDcare are powered by Flutterwave, one of the biggest Fintech companies in Nigeria that makes online and offline payment experiences seamless and secure. So this platform’s payments feature uses a PCI-DSS Level 1 certified and PCI-DSS; this is a set of standards that all companies that process, store or transmit cardholder data have to adhere to. 

CDcare Products

cdcare products

The products you can purchase on this platform’s marketplace and pay installmentally are:

  • Home Appliances (Fridges, Ironing Machines, Washing Machines, Home Sound Systems, Microwaves, Cooking pots, Blenders, Matrassesceling & Standing Fans, Gas Cookers & Toasters)
  • Phones
  • Laptops
  • Tailoring Machine
  • Smartwatches
  • UPS
  • Generators
  • BP Machines
  • Air Conditioners
  • Wireless Earpieces
  • Office Chairs
  • Projectors
  • DSLR Camera’s

How Does CDcare Work?

Here is how CDcare works:

  • You have to register an account with CDcare through its App (iOS & Andriod) as well as its web app
  • Once you’ve registered with the platform. You’ll be able to browse the platform’s wide range of products (gadgets & home appliances) and make your choice by following the instructions and choosing the payment instalment type and duration
  • Next, proceed to start your instalments
  • Your ordered product will be delivered in the middle of your payment instalment (when you paid for half of the item ordered -50% instalment)

Note: The instalment payments continue until you complete the payment. To better understand how it works, watch the video below. 

CDCare App Download

You can download the CDcare app on Andriod Playstore here and on Apple Appstore here

A Look into CDcare Terms & Conditions

  • One of the most important terms and conditions to note while using CDcare’s service is that you only get the item when you’ve paid half of the cost of the item (in the middle of your instalment period). This is when the item will be delivered to you.
  • This Buy Now Pay Later service requires your BVN to verify that it’s the same Individual purchasing the item as the one paying for it. You should know that your BVN does not give CDcare or anyone for that matter access to your account. If you’re still doubtful, you can confirm this information from your bank before you proceed. Still, inputting your BVN on this platform is optional until you want to pick up your item.
  • This service also requires your credit/debit card details so they can easily facilitate easy payment of your chosen payment instalment plan. CDcare doesn’t store your card details. As all card transactions are handled by the payment service; Flutterwave.
  • If you’re wondering if you can collect your money back from CDcare if you change my mind? The answer is yes, however, this attracts a fee of 10% of the instalment sum already paid. This is to discourage unnecessary cancellation of orders.
  • Delivery of items is only free when you pick up your item at the company’s office at 12, Adenekan Street, Fadeyi, Lagos. if the item is getting delivered to you at your place of choosing, then the delivery schedule and the delivery fee will be communicated in the middle of your instalment period (this attracts a delivery fee)

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