11 Buy Now Pay Later Apps & Stores in Nigeria: How to Buy Now Pay Later in Nigeria

buy now pay later in Nigeria

last Updated on July 21, 2023

Hey there, are you a savvy shopper in Nigeria? Are you itching to get your hands on the latest gadgets, trendy fashion, or must-have home essentials but you’re worried about the strain on your wallet? Well, we’ve got a game-changer for you – Buy Now Pay Later apps and stores!

In this article, we’ll talk about Buy Now Pay Later in Nigeria and unveil the top 13 platforms that let you shop to your heart’s content and pay in easy instalments. No more waiting for payday or breaking the bank. Get ready to indulge in guilt-free shopping and enjoy the convenience of deferred payments.

Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) also known as point-of-sale loans are a type of short-term financing that allows you to purchase physical items (like phones, electronics, cars and laptops) and pay for them later in the future. Say over a few months with regular instalment payments instead of paying for the item immediately or upfront.

Buy Now Pay Later in Nigeria is now gaining popularity and new platforms and companies are emerging to offer a buy now pay later service in Nigeria.

As inflation continues to rise in Nigeria and the economy continues on a downward trajectory, Nigerians are finding it very hard to have enough disposable income that they can use to acquire items that are important for everyday living.

But with Buy Now Pay Later in Nigeria, people now have a way to acquire items without leaving a deep hole in their pocket or them having to go source for loans or beg around for money. With Buy Now Pay Later, you can buy items and own them by paying a portion of the cost now and spreading the balance (instalments) over a certain period of time.

Consumers are not the only ones who get a win out of this situation, merchants also win as BNPL helps in driving sales too.

Let’s dive in and discover the best Buy Now Pay Later options in Nigeria!

Stores for Buy Now Pay Later in Nigeria

Buy Now Pay Later in Nigeria is helping relieve the financial burden of people in the country. People can now buy all sorts of items, receive the items and pay for them in instalments instead of in one go. The platforms offering Buy Now Pay Later service in Nigeria tend to require some form of identity validation (voters card, international passport, or driver’s licence) from customers who want to use BNPL.

If you’re looking for platforms that offer Buy Now Pay Later in Nigeria, where you get to buy an item and receive it immediately while getting some extra time to pay for them. Here are the best Buy Now Pay later Apps and Stores in Nigeria:

1. Carbon Zero – Konga Buy Now Pay Later

carbon zero

Carbon Zero is a Buy Now Pay Later product of Carbon, a digital bank in Nigeria for getting instant loans in Nigeria, paying bills, transferring money, and enjoying high-interest savings plans.

Carbon claims that Carbon Zero is the smartest way to Buy Now Pay Later in Nigeria. With Carbon Zero you can easily get the things you need by spreading the payments in small, equal instalments. There are no interest or hidden fees with the items you purchase using Carbon Zero.

You only need to pay a fraction of the original price and then spread the remaining bulk conveniently.

2. CDcare – Pay Small Small in Nigeria with Zero Interest

cdcare review - cdcare app - cdcare products

Over 1,000 Nigerians are already using CDcare’s Buy Now Pay Later service in Nigeria to buy what they love in a smart and stress-free way.

CDcare is an online marketplace in Nigeria that lets you buy gadgets and household appliances and pay in instalments at zero interest. Buy items Pay small small of the normal price at 0% interest.

When you buy a gadget or a home appliance on CDCare marketplace, you get to choose an instalment payment option between paying weekly or monthly. Your purchased item will be delivered to you when half the price is paid in the middle of the instalment plan while the payment continues until it is complete. CDCare’s payment process is safe, secure and powered by Flutterwave.

All orders made on CDcare are subject to approval. A CDcare payment plan cannot be reviewed or changed once payment starts, it must reach completion.

You can also request for a product that isn’t on CDcare’s marketplace by using the “Product request ” option on the account dashboard.

3. Credpal – Buy Now Pay Later Credit Card in Nigeria

credpal review

Credpal lets you get what you want and pay over time using a credit card. You can Shop from thousands of CredPal stores and enjoy flexible payment options with your CredPal credit card.

Some of the stores you can buy now pay later in Nigeria with Credpal include Addidas, Konga, Hard rock cafe, Pointek, LG and thousands of more stores.

Crepal’s mission is to provide seamless credit access to businesses and point-of-sale loans to individuals across Nigeria and other developing economies. With CredPal, you can buy anything across various online and offline merchants that have partnered with Credpal and pay for it in instalments.

You get to earn some cash back every time you buy from a CredPal Merchant. the interest rates on the Credpal credit card is really low so you can make purchases with your mind at peace.

Credpal offers two payment plans:

  • Pay in 30 days (No hidden fees, no down payment, and minimal interest rate)
  • Split into 6 repayments (Pay a fraction of the cost now, and pay the rest over the course of 5 months)

4. PayQart – Buy Now Later, Pay Later Online and In-Store


PayQart offers simple instalment payment plans at checkout Online & In-store for its partner stores. Currently, the store directory (partners) on Payqart website are Tecno, Spreeda, LG, Nexus, Panasonic, Nexus, Reohub (solar energy) and Zero Finance.

You can use PayQart Buy Now Pay Later in Nigeria service to pay weekly for items you buy from its partner stores.

You can use Simply select PayQart Online at checkout by simply selecting “PayQart” at checkout on the stores of authorised PayQart retailers. You can simply pay in-store (Physical store) by letting the cashier know you want to pay with PayQart.

5. Zoomba – Pay Small Small Online Shop in Nigeria

Zoomba is an e-commerce store that lets consumers buy items now and pay for them later using an initial payment and a monthly instalment plan for products above N20,000.

You can lock down a product (phones, beauty products, home appliances and groceries) on Zoomba. Zoomba refers to this process as Layaway agreements

The Buy Now Pay Later payment plans or Layaway plans Zoomba offers on products above N20,000 are:

  • One-off Pay (100% payment)
  • Pay through co-operative
  • Pay it Now – Pay 70% and get the product now
  • Layaway Classic – Pay 40% and lock it down
  • Pay 20% and get it now

6. Alt Mall – Buy Now Pay Later e-Commerce Platform


The Alt Mall (Alternative Mall) is an e-commerce website powered by Sterling Alternative Finance (SAF), a Non-Interest Banking initiative by Sterling Bank.

Alt Mall Buy Now Pay Later service was created so customers can shop while having the ability to spread the payments for products in monthly installments. Customers shopping on Alt Mall can either pay with a card or via the OneBank App. 

On the Alt Mall platform, goods can be purchased for up to a maximum limit of N2 million and the repayment tenure extends for up to 12 months. Alt mall has no hidden fees and requires No deposit is required and there are no hidden charges.

Alt Mall Buy Now Pay Later in Nigeria service is available to both salaried and non-salaried individuals who can make monthly payments on the products that are on its platform

7. Parktel Online

Parktel Online is an online store that sells smartphones and their accessories in Nigeria and within West Africa. The company offers a Buy Now Pay Later Plan to people staying in only Lagos and Abuja. These payment plans only apply to products that are worth N50,000 or more.

Parktel Online’s Buy Now Pay Later service are only available to people with a working salary account. You can use Parktel Online BNPL service by applying online via its website or at any ParktelOnline store in Lagos and Abuja.

8. Betacar – Buy Now Pay Later Car in Nigeria


Betacar is an online auto platform that helps with auto financing that offers salary earners and structured business owners in Nigeria the opportunity to buy quality certified Tokunbo (second-hand) cars and pay over a period of 12-24 months.

Betacar Buy Now Pay Later service is like a loan where you pay down 30% of the car you want to buy and spread the rest over monthly instalments. The used car online shop has a simple car loan calculator to check the upfront deposit required, the monthly repayment, and the period of payment for the car you want to buy.

To buy a car now and pay later in Nigeria with Betacar you have to select your preferred car on the site and choose the “Apply for a Loan” option. You’ll be shown a pre-approval assessment form to fill. After filling out the form you will get an approval or rejection email within 10 minutes. If Betacar approves, you will get an email listing the documents needed for the process.

After preparing all your documents. you can now visit Betacar HQ office for inspection and test drive.

9. Slot – Buy Now Pay Later Phones in Nigeria

Slot sells mobile phones, computers, accessories, and various types of electronics in Nigeria. They also provide other services as well. Like mobile phone engineering, phone screen insurance, phone trade-in, stolen phone recovery, and a flexible payment plan (Buy now pay later) for customers.

To use SLOT’s Buy Now Pay Later service, you need to visit a SLOT store near you and make enquiries regarding the device(s) you want to buy. They’ll let you know the price, payment plans, and any other details that you need to know.

If the payment plans and pricing is fine with you and you want o go ahead with the BNPL service, you’ll be given an application form to fill out and some documents to submit. After submitting the form and documents, your application will be processed in 24 hours.

If approved, the device you want to purchase will be given to you and you can continue with the payment plan you chose. SLOT has 60 outlets spread across 18 states in Nigeria, so finding one close to you might not be a problem.

10. Zilla

Over 30,000 people have used Zilla to shop and pay later. With Zilla you can shop and pay over time. This buy now pay later in Nigeria platform is also interest-free. You get to spread your payments in 4 equal instalments.

Zilla has no hidden fees and no interest. You just have to pay 25% upfront and get your item immediately with no hassles or stress.

11. Jumia Buy Now Pay Later

jumia buy now pay later

Jumia had a buy now pay later service called Jumia Flex but the service was stopped in 2019 after launch. However, Jumia still offers a way to buy now pay later in Nigeria via a Standard Chartered Bank Credit Card.

You’ll be able to borrow money from Standard Chartered Bank using their Credit Card to make purchases on Jumia by selecting “Pay with Standard Chartered Credit Card” as the payment option at the checkout page.

Can I pay for iPhone in Instalments in Nigeria?

Yes, you can. MyiStore offers device financing in partnership with Sterling Bank for iPads, iPhones and Macs. The process is quite simple and fast and you can pay conveniently over a 12-month period.

How can I buy now and pay later in Nigeria?

You can buy now and pay later in Nigeria using any of these BNPL platforms: Carbon, CDCare, Credpal, PayQart, NowLater, Spredda, Zoomba, Alt Mall, Parktel Online, Betacar, Slot, BuyNowPayLater Nigeria, Zilla & Jumia.

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