7 Best Places to Visit this Eid El Kabir (Sallah) in Lagos


last Updated on September 25, 2022

Another Public holiday is upon us, it is Sallah time. Eid el Kabir( the feast of the sacrifice) or as the Yorubas call it ileya, is an important Islamic holiday.

40% of Nigerians are Muslims, so Eid el Kabir is especially observed in Nigeria. Eid el Kabir holiday falls in August, the windiest month in Lagos.

Holidays offer many of us an opportunity to sit back and relax for a bit of time. Just the thought of a break from our usual routine can sustain us through the most stressful months, and the benefits are felt long after the kickbacks have ended and normal service has resumed.

Holidays are usually the perfect time to take a rest, spend time with family, catch up on that side project, create new experiences or just time away from work or school.

Lagos offers a lot of places where you can get almost anything you want and still not get satisfied because new items seem to be available every day that will make your shopping experience worth a while.

Some of the best ways to create new experiences involve taking a trip or visit new places. These places can give you unforgettable memories this Eid el Kabir.

Since we want to help you make the best memories, we offer you a list of fun places to visit and explore this Sallah in Lagos. Hope this article has been helpful in providing fun places where you and your loved ones can have a lovely and blissful holiday.

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1. Freedom Park

freedom park

Freedom Park is a historical monument for Nigeria. It used to be a former prison yard (Majesty’s Broad street prison) run by British colonial masters for imprisoning and torturing people who broke the rules.
Freedom Park has been reconstructed into an arts and cultural site, and a recreational centre. It is now an open complex that houses resource centres, food courts, a museum complex, a Wole Soyinka art gallery

and so much more. Freedom Park is a terrific place to hang out with friends and family and also a great place to meet new people since people of diverging interests tend to go there.

Freedom Park is located at 1, Hospital road, Old Prison Ground, Broad Street, Lagos Island, Lagos.

2. Hard Rock Cafe

Hard Rock Cafe Sign3 Sacramento 2

This exquisite place is a hub of Cafes, hotels, and Casinos. HRC is a trendy place with good music, food, and overall great times. there’s something for everyone at Hard rock cafe from their Legendary Burger, to live music, Classic Tee shirts, a Rock Star Suite, or the latest collectable pin.

Every Hard Rock Cafe, Hotel & Casino, or Live around the world serves up authentic experiences that rock. Even though HRC has a high-feel atmosphere, it’s very possible to have a great time with friends and family on a budget.

3. Inagbe Grand Resort


Inagbe Resorts is a haven of pure charm and tranquillity. The resort is situated on an island detached from the Lagos hustle and bustle. This beautiful landmark gives you more than just sand, sun and sea. With a full storehouse of fun activities, lively entertainment, and genuine hospitality, Inagbe Grand Resorts is an exciting place to be at this Sallah.

This sensational resort captures the true essence of nature, culture, and tradition with a view of the lagoon from the ‘floating bar’.There are a number of exciting activities that will lift your spirits and guarantee you have the best time this Sallah holiday.

From sports centres that offer a wide range of games and adrenaline-pumping activities to a standard spa for massages, a reservation for a boat charter for surfing the ocean, an infinity swimming pool with a thrilling view of the ocean and free access to WIFI on the resort’s grounds.

The resort also has a range of tastefully furnished relaxing rooms if you intend to sleep over at the resort for a night or a few days

Enjoy the feel of romance and charm in the air as you watch the sunset and involve yourself in different activities at this breathtaking beachfront this eid el Kabir.

4. High Impact Planet Amusement Park


Hi-impact Planet is a world-class amusement park with thrilling outdoor rides and exciting indoor games positioned for children, teenagers and the whole family to have a fun-filled experience.

If you are quite thirsty for excitement, High impact planet is the perfect place to quench your thirst. The park hosts 15 exciting rides that are more than capable of satisfying your thrills. 

The park boasts state-of-the-art facilities such as luxurious apartments, a well-equipped Clinic, multi-purpose halls, and a souvenir court with a variety of gifts.

One of the best experiences is the Boeing 777, courtesy of a computer-aided design that creates an illusion of a flying experience for guests.

Located on the outskirts of Lagos, Ibafo, this grand park will give you all the thrills and heart-pumping experiences during this Sallah period.

5. Nike Art Gallery

Outside Nike Art Gallery 4202980259 1

Nike Art Gallery is one of the top places to visit in Lagos, Nigeria, and the country’s leading art gallery. The four-storey gallery is owned by Chief Nike Davies Okundaye. Nike art gallery houses an art gallery, a textile museum that features over 15,000 pieces and a coffee shop.

The gallery only shows and sells work done by Nigerian artists and is said to be the largest gallery of its kind. The gallery is a beautiful sight to behold, from its unusual doors to its bright white walls. The artworks in the gallery range from paintings and sculptures to fabrics and mini-installations.

While some of the artworks in the gallery are quite expensive, costing millions of naira, there are some pieces that are more affordable. If you aren’t seeking to buy a piece of art, feeding your eyes with the graceful artistry of Nigerian artists comes at no cost at all as entry into the gallery is free.

Nike gallery allows you to go enjoy some of the most beautiful art you’ll come across in Nigeria. You can also find some inspiration if you do any kind of creative work at the Nike art gallery.

6. Rufus and Bee

rufus and bee lagos lekki 1

Rufus and bee is a full-service restaurant and a video arcade all in one. For most of the games available at Rufus and bee, you stand the chance of winning tickets, which can later be exchanged for gifts.

The games at R&B range from a pink panther heist game, a four-way air hockey table, an angry bird arcade game and an immersive four-way car racing game (our current fave) and so much more for everyone.

Stocked with a ton of memorable arcade games, some of the best include, an addictive Pink Panther heist game, a four-way air hockey table,

Rufus & Bee’s is so much more than its arcade games, there’s a lot more entertainment for people to enjoy which includes great food, affordable cocktails, a massive sports-viewing centre and bowling alleys.
Rufus & Bee is located at 121 2 TwinWaters Street, Oniru Estate, Lekki.if you’re seeking a new type of entertainment this Sallah then this spot is for you.

Terra Kulture

terra kulture laagos 1

Terra Kulture is a leading hub for art, culture, lifestyle, and education located in Lagos. A premier recreational centre that includes a theatre, bookstore, gallery, and restaurant. A really nice place to enjoy your sallah (Eid el Kabir)

Terra Kulture’s restaurant has an array of exotic  Nigerian delicacies with an appetizing aroma floating from the restaurant.

Terra Kulture is a paradise for any enthusiastic Afrocentric. The terra kulture arena always offers entertaining African plays. The bookstore and gallery host some of the finest works from Nigerian artistes.

The gallery spans different types of art from paintings, photography, and sculptures. There is also a great collection of alcoholic beverages from the local palm wine to the spirits and signature cocktails.

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