Best Holiday Package Tour & Travel Companies in Nigeria

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last Updated on June 21, 2023

The best travel and tour companies make your trip as highly satisfying and low-stress as possible. Helping you experience the feelings you had imagined and more. Tour operators exist to make your travel plans as effortless and as comfortable as possible. Going on any of their trips can change the way you see the world.

You get to save time by using travel agencies as they give you the necessary information as well as useful advice on everything you will need for your trip. Travel companies who also act as tour operators have the ability to elevate the experience of a trip. By curating travel plans based on your interests, they can unlock experiences that you never knew were available.

Nigeria is still yet to fulfil its potential in recreational tourism, despite the ample natural resources, attractions, cultural attractions and heritage it possesses. Travel and tour companies are filling this gap by exposing people to top-notch tour destinations. That is certain to take you away from daily routine experiences, provide an avenue for you to explore beautiful destinations, understand and communicate with nature and also leave you with life-lasting experiences.

We’ve reviewed travel and tour companies available to Nigerians based on their travel packages, travel destinations, guides and activities. These companies offer experiences and travel that are authentic. They are able to bring any imaginable trip to life.

Top Holiday Package Tour & Travel Companies in Nigeria

These are the tour and travel companies you must know if you want a smoothly planned trip with professional and exceptional service. Here are our top picks:

1. Tvpadventures


TVPAdventures is Nigeria ’s travel to happiness company. A one-stop-shop for exciting travel experiences across not just Nigeria but Africa. TVPAdventures wants people to experience the joys of travel without the stress of planning trips.

TVPAdventures provides all-inclusive travel experiences that are easy to book and affordable. This company is focused on bringing your travel goals to life.  

2. Irinajo


The major focus of this travel and tour company is tourist attractions in Nigeria. Although the company also explore other destinations other than Nigeria. Irinajo also seeks to connect and inform people through tourism.

Irinajo prides itself on the services it offers its customers. The company assures that customers enjoy a premium quality tour, easy transportation,  best value and travel experience and detailed attention to security.

3. Ideal Face Travels


Ideal face travel is an award-winning luxury tour operator specializing in tailor-made journeys and escorted tours to exciting destinations around the globe. The company designs custom trips that suit your interests and budget, we will use our decades of experience and expertise to put together your dream holiday.

Ideal face travel is of the belief that travel can open the mind to new ideas, cultures and ways of thinking, hence they endeavour to make their packages real educative, fun, easy and affordable.

4. Tambollo


Tambollo is a travel company that creates authentic and life-changing experiences. We encourage people to travel more, learn about the world, meet people and have wholesome experiences. The company does this by hosting personalised private trips, group trips and retreats.

The company aims to inspire people to travel more,  leave their comfort zone and immerse themselves in new cultures. Tombollo is one of the few travel and tour companies that chart undiscovered courses to make them destinations.

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