Kano State Salary and Wages

kano state salary and wages

This is a comprehensive guide on Kano State salary and wages in Nigeria.

As the economic hub of northern Nigeria, Kano State boasts a diverse economy with a rich cultural heritage.

The government ensures fair compensation with additional benefits like housing and transportation allowances, medical benefits, and more. Transparent payment practices and a commitment to regular payments contribute to financial stability and workforce morale.

In this article, we’ll talk about the salary structure and wages across various sectors in Kano State, shedding light on policies, ministries, and the intricate details of compensation.

You’ll learn about:

  • Transparent and accountable administration ensures fair compensation.
  • Salaries vary based on industry, position, qualifications, and experience.
  • Kano State and Salary Background

Now Let’s explore the Kano State manages salaries and wages.

List of Ministries That Earn Salary and Wages in Kano State

These are the various ministries in Kano State, each contributing to the economic landscape and compensating their employees based on industry standards.

  • Local Government and Community Development
  • Agriculture and Natural Resources
  • Commerce, Industry, Cooperatives & Tourism
  • Higher Education
  • Education
  • Environment
  • Finance
  • Health
  • Land and Physical Planning
  • Planning and Budget
  • Rural and Community
  • Science & Technology
  • Water Resources
  • Women Affairs
  • Information, Internal Affairs, Youth Sports & Culture
  • Works Housing & Transport

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Kano State Salary and Wages Structure

In Kano State, salaries and wages are diverse, depending on industry, position, qualifications, and experience. Let’s delve into the details from Grade Level 1 to Grade Level 16.

The minimum salary for Kano state senior civil servants is NGN400,000 while Kano state junior civil servants earn a minimum of NGN22,100.

Here’s the salary and wage structure for Kano state civil servants:

Kano State Work GradeKano State Monthy Salary & Wage
Grade Level 1 (Lowest Level)N22,100 and N23,096
Grade Level 2N26,176 and N29,610
Grade Level 3N32,085 and N33,878
Grade Level 4~N37,089
Grade Level 5~N39,032k
Grade Level 6 (Entry level For NCE)~N42,057
Grade Level 7N66,386 and N93,781
Grade Level 8 (Entry Level For NCE)~N164,434
Grade Level 9 (Entry Level For Masters Degree)~N193,819 and N289,324.
Grade Level 10NGN218,180 and NGN343,220
Grade Level 11NGN354,220
Grade Level 12N263,240 and N379,597
Grade Level 13~N379,597
Grade Level 14N325,518 and N457,952
Grade Level 15N360,537 and N502,217
Grade Level 16N399,701 and N579,043

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Key Takeaways

The Office of the Head of Civil Service Kano (OHCS) oversees the salary and wage administration. Check out the kano state salary and wages portal for the latest updates.

Consider Kano State if you are looking for a place with a competitive salary structure, financial security, and a stable social economy.

The state government’s commitment to fair and competitive compensation, along with continuous improvements in transparency and accountability, makes it an ideal choice for skilled professionals.

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