Top 15 Best HMO in Nigeria 2023 (List of Accredited HMO Companies)

Best HMO in Nigeria - ist of accredited HMo companies in Lagos Abuja

Last Updated on December 21, 2022

In this guide, we talk about HMO in Nigeria. We cover the list of best HMO companies in Nigeria, so you can decide which one fits your healthcare insurance plan needs.

But first, let’s talk more about what HMO means and why health insurance in Nigeria it’s important.

What is the Meaning of HMO?

An HMO (Health Maintenance Organization) is an association that offers health insurance policies and provides access to healthcare services through a network of healthcare providers.

There are several HMOs in Nigeria presently, but choosing the correct one is important.

Health insurance essentially covers everyone under the policy’s basic medical expenditures. It works by sharing the risk among a group of people, such as a family or a business.

In Nigeria nowadays, various health maintenance groups mediate on behalf of the hospital and the patients.

For care that cannot be provided within the HMO system, HMO plans may refer members to outside specialists.

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The Advantages of a HMO plan

The advantages of an HMO plan are:

  • It organizes and manages your care providing a primary health care doctor.
  • Lower cost of payment for both premium and regular services.
  • Prescription of drugs and medical services comes at often low cost.
  • You won’t have to file claims frequently as the medical care you receive us is often in-network.

List of Accredited HMO in Nigeria

Here are some of the top and best HMOs in Nigeria for getting health insurance:

1. Reliance HMO

Reliance is a well-known HMO in Nigeria, selling affordable health insurance plans for both families and businesses.

In addition, the Reliance HMO mobile application makes their HMO services easily available. They provide the following services as part of their packages: families, parents, and businesses.

2. Hygeia HMO

Hygeia is one of the oldest and most well-known HMO in Nigeria. This HMO has more than 30 years of experience since the company has been in operation since 1986.

Hygeia HMO received its license from the National Health Insurance Scheme in 2005. This Health Maintenance Organization provides citizens of Nigeria with cheap and affordable health insurance.

Some of Hygeia’s HMO plans include the following plans:

  • Individualized strategies
  • Plans for the family
  • Plans for maternity leave
  • Plans for an SME group
  • Corporate strategies

3. AIICO HMO Nigeria

AIICO Insurance is one of the top insurance companies in Nigeria, so it’s accurate that its HMO component is seen as one of the best HMOs in the country.

AIICO HMO or AIICO Multishield has been in operation since 1997, making it one of the best and oldest in the industry. AIICO provides a variety of HMO options spanning retail and corporate plans.


This is another Top HMO in Nigeria providing affordable health insurance plans for individuals, families and corporates.

Avon HMO is registered with NHIS and began to operate as a national HMO in October 2012 but commenced its operations in 2013.

AVON is a subsidiary of the Heirs Holdings Group, an investment company committed to the economic transformation of Africa.

5. Clearline HMO

Clearline HMO or Clearline International Limited is a limited liability company that was incorporated in January 1994 and is duly registered with National Health Insurance Scheme  (NHIS).

Clearline HMO offers robust healthcare insurance plans that are tailored to satisfy the needs of individuals, families, groups, companies and even the public sector.

As one of the top HMO in Nigeria, Clearline offers these healthcare plans: Corporate Health Insurance Scheme, Family/Individual Policy and Tertiary Institution Social Health Insurance Program.

6. Redcare HMO

Redcare HMO or Redcare Health Services Limited is a top HMO in Nigeria that offers qualitative healthcare plans for individuals, families, and companies in the country.

Redcare HMO has over 600 hospitals in their network across Nigeria, so with a Redcare HMO plan, you can access healthcare almost anywhere in the country.

In addition, the organization is known for going above and above for its policyholders. Among the services they provide are corporate healthcare plans, private plans, and family plans too.

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7. Anchor HMO

Because of its broad network of hospitals, Anchor HMO is regarded as one of the best HMO in Nigeria.

Anchor HMO or Anchor HMO International Company Limited is a subsidiary of Anchor Insurance Group and has an authorized share capital in excess of N500 million.

Anchor HMO was created to provide easy access to quality health services for individuals and corporate entities.

Anchor MO plans include corporate health plans, retail health plans and third-party administration.

8. Roding HMO

Roding HMO is one of the best HMO in Nigeria that offers different health plans to any class of individuals or company.

Just like most of the HMOs on this list, Roding HMO provides health plans for individuals, families and corporates.

9. Prohealth HMO

ProHealth HMO’s mission is to become a world-class HMO in Nigeria that provides efficient and quality health care plans to Nigerians by leveraging the latest technologies.

ProHealth HMO plans include Private Health Plan, Tertiary Institutions Social Health Insurance Plan, Voluntary Contribution Social Health Insurance Programme, Community Based Social Health Insurance Programme, Micro Finance Health Insurance Programme, and retirees Health Insurance Program

10. Metro Health

MetroHealth HMO despite not being as well-known as some other HMO in Nigeria, this health maintenance organization provides quality health insurance to Nigerian nationals in a variety of packages. Here are a few examples: couples, families, institutions, and individuals.

11. Hallmark

Hallmark HMO is a popular choice among Nigerians looking for the best HMOs in Nigeria. They also provide a variety of cheap and long-term health care coverage. Among the services they provide are Corporate health plans and plans for retail as well.

12. Health Point HMO

One reason Health Point is one the best HMO in Nigeria is because it offers free health insurance packages to widows and children.

A significant advantage of Health Point HMO is their low cost health care plans. You can get Health insurance from Health Point for as little as N800.

Some of the packages that health Point HMO offers are: Pro-Health, Standard health, and max.


Since 2001, this insurance maintenance company has been operating in Nigeria. They are one of the finest HMO in Nigeria at what they do, with a mission to provide consumers with the highest degree of health and wellness.

The services that IHMS HMO provide are:

  • Health insurance for the general public.
  • Health-care package for employees.
  • Health insurance for groups and associations.
  • Social health insurance plan for tertiary institutions.
  • Social health insurance scheme centred in the community.

14. Green Bay HMO

Personal, group, and business health insurance plans are the emphasis of Greenbay HMO’s services. They also have an online platform where you can access your health insurance information at any time.

Some of the services that this HMO in Nigeria provides are Corporate health care plans and Individualized health care plans.

15. Total Health Trust HMO

total health trust hmo

With over 300,000 members, Total Health Trust Limited is one of Nigeria’s largest HMO in Nigeria. It is also one of the oldest, having been founded in 1998. You have access to more than 500 private hospitals through Total Health.

Total Health Trust offers HMO plans for corporations, families, and individuals.

Finally, you can protect yourself, your family, and your employees against medical emergencies by choosing the correct HMO. HMOs are a key part of Nigeria’s cost-cutting and, more critically, health-protection strategies.

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