Top 10 Investment Companies in South Africa

best top investment companies in south africa

Wouldn’t it be incredible if your hard-earned money could grow while you simply went about your daily life in South Africa? Well, Let’s be honest; most of us aren’t financial experts. That’s precisely where these investment companies in South Africa come in. They are like seasoned guides in the intricate world of finance, taking your money under their wings and making it work diligently for you.

Now, you might be thinking, “Investing is too complicated for me.” Fear not. These investment companies serve as your financial allies, managing the complexities of investing, conducting the analyses, and making the crucial moves. Your role? Becoming more financially savvy and reaping the rewards of your investments.

You don’t need to be a millionaire to start investing in investment companies in South Africa. South African investment firms cater to investors from all walks of life, regardless of the size of your initial investment. So, whether your dreams involve a grand vacation, a dream home, or a worry-free retirement, these companies can be your financial architects.

Imagine your money not just sitting idly, but actively multiplying as if it has a life of its own. So let’s learn about the investment companies in South Africa where you can put your money to work

Best Investment Companies in South Africa

Are you ready to make your financial dreams come true as we explore the top investment companies in South Africa and their areas of expertise? Here are the top best investment companies in South Africa:

1. Allan Gray

allan gray

Founded in 1973, Allan Gray is one of the top investment companies in South Africa known for its long-term investment approach. They offer a range of investment solutions, including mutual funds, retirement products, and discretionary investments. 

Allan Gray focuses on fundamental analysis and seeks out undervalued assets to generate attractive long-term returns.

Allan Gray has consistently managed significant assets over the years. In September 2021, they had over 500 billion Rands in assets under management. Their funds have historically delivered competitive long-term returns, often outperforming benchmark indices.

2. Investec Asset Management


Investec Asset Management now rebranded as Ninety One, is one of the globally recognized investment companies with a strong presence in South Africa. They provide investment solutions for individuals, institutions, and financial advisors.

Ninety-One is known for its active investment approach, rigorous research, and expertise in emerging markets.

They have over 2.2 trillion Rands in assets under management. Their funds have a track record of generating competitive returns across various asset classes.

3. Coronation Fund Managers

coronation south Africa

Coronation Fund Managers is a leading asset management company known for its active investment approach. They offer a variety of investment products, including unit trusts, segregated portfolios, and institutional mandates.

3. Sanlam Investment Management

Sanlam investment management

Sanlam Investment Management, a division of Sanlam Group, is a prominent investment company in South Africa. 

They provide a range of investment solutions, including equity funds, multi-asset funds, and specialist funds.

4. Old Mutual Investment Group

old mutual investment group

Old Mutual Investment Group is a subsidiary of Old Mutual Limited and offers a wide range of investment options, including unit trusts, retirement products, and alternative investments. 

Old Mutual has managed over 2 trillion Rands in assets. 

As a prominent African investment manager, they pride themselves on being a leading black-owned firm that provides a diverse range of investment capabilities. Their primary objective is to deliver sustainable long-term returns to clients while upholding their commitment to responsible asset management.

5. PSG Asset Management

PSG investment company

PSG Asset Management is a well-established investment company that focuses on long-term value creation for its clients. They offer a range of investment products, including equity funds, multi-asset funds, and offshore investments.

PSG investment company has over 100 billion in assets under management. They have a strong focus on long-term value creation and have delivered competitive returns across their investment products.

6. Prudential Investment Managers

Prudential Investment Managers

Prudential Investment Managers is a leading South African investment company that manages investments for both institutional and retail clients. They specialize in equities, fixed income, and multi-asset strategies.

Prudential Investment serves as the asset management arm of Prudential Financial, Inc. (PFI), an esteemed financial institution with a rich heritage spanning over 145 years and encompassing more than 30 market cycles. 

As a leading global asset manager, Prudential Investment boasts a substantial $1.27 trillion in assets under management, demonstrating her robustness and capability in navigating diverse investment landscapes. 



STANLIB, a subsidiary of Liberty Holdings Limited, is a multi-specialist investment company offering a comprehensive range of investment products and services, including unit trusts, retirement funds, and portfolio management.

STANLIB has over 41 billion in assets under management. STANLIB has since gained the trust of policyholders as an insurer. 

8. Fairtree Asset Management

fairtree investment

Fairtree is a prominent investment company based in South Africa, specializing in the management of alternative and long-only investment portfolios. With a client base that spans both local and offshore markets, they are dedicated to delivering exceptional investment solutions.

Headquartered in Cape Town, their unwavering commitment to a consistent and robust investment philosophy has been instrumental in providing successful outcomes for investors since the launch of our inaugural fund in 2003.

At Fairtree, their team of expert investment professionals oversees a substantial R125 billion in assets spread across a range of asset classes, including hedge funds, traditional unit trusts, and private equity.

9. Ashburton Investments

Ashburton Investments

Ashburton Investments serves as a dedicated investment management business of the FirstRand Group, fully committed to meeting the unique needs of its clients with utmost effectiveness.

They offer a wide range of investment products, including equities, fixed-income, and multi-asset solutions.

Their primary focus is on assisting clients in the growth and protection of their investments. Ashburton understands the importance of managing risk and volatility, and they strive to provide innovative solutions and building blocks tailored to meet their client’s specific requirements.

10. 36ONE Asset Management

36ONE Asset Management

36ONE Asset Management is one of the best independent investment companies based in South Africa. Known for its expertise in long/short equity strategies, the company has garnered a solid reputation in the investment industry. 

One of the standout features of 36ONE Asset Management is its specialization in long/short equity strategies. 

This investment approach involves taking both long and short positions in equities, aiming to generate returns through both stock selection and market timing. By combining these strategies, 36ONE seeks to benefit from both rising and falling stock prices, thereby potentially delivering superior risk-adjusted returns.

11. Mergence Asset Managers

Mergence Asset Managers

Mergence Investment Managers is a boutique asset management firm that specializes in equity and fixed-income investments. They have earned a strong reputation within the financial industry.

With its focus on equity and fixed-income investments, Mergence offers a diverse range of investment solutions to cater to the needs of its clients. 

One of the notable strengths of Mergence Asset Managers is their team of experienced investment professionals. The company boasts a talented group of individuals with deep expertise and knowledge in equity and fixed-income investments. Their team is adept at conducting thorough research, analysis, and due diligence to identify attractive investment opportunities.


South Africa’s investment landscape is vibrant and diverse, thanks to the presence of numerous reputable investment companies that provide a wide array of investment solutions, catering to different investor preferences and risk profiles. 

Whether it’s equities, fixed income, multi-asset strategies, or alternative investments, these companies offer expertise and experience to help investors maximize their returns and achieve their financial goals. 

As always, investors need to conduct thorough research, consider their risk tolerance, and seek professional advice before making any investment decisions.

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