Best Hookup Sites in Nigeria (Top 10 for 2024)

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Finding a dating or hookup app that works just for you can be tough. Here are the top Hookup sites in Nigeria for you to find your next hookup.

There are so many dating app options today that individuals are paralyzed when it comes to choosing which option to take because, well, they don’t know what to expect. Most of us research ‘the best…‘ before committing to anything these days.

Well, all the good dating or hookup sites in Nigeria are freemium (Free & Paid). You also have to consider a couple of things when picking the right hookup site. Like what type of people exist on the site or app? Is it better to be a paid user to have a full and better experience or is a free account on the hookup app just right for you?

Remember that simply using dating apps in Nigeria for hookups means you are not committing to anything. You’re just hooking up.

You can also sign up to as many hookup sites as you like. especially if you’re looking for diversity. Here are the top hookup sites in Nigeria for finding your next dating adventure.

9 Best Hookup Sites in Nigeria

1. Tinder


Because of its simplicity, this platform is one of the most popular location-based dating apps in the world and it’s perfect for hookups.

Tinder is one of the most popular free hookup sites in Nigeria that displays images of individuals around your location. You may choose a match by swiping right to “like” the individual or just swipe right to continue seeing more photographs until you find one you like.

When you swipe right to like someone’s photo, the individual gets alerted, and if the person likes back, you’ve found a match. If there is a match, you will be alerted. After that, you may start chatting with each other by sending each other messages.

Tinder is more often searched for in Lagos and Abuja than everywhere else in Nigeria, according to Google Trends.

2. Bumble


Bumble has millions of users who use it to find dates, establish new friends, and meet new people. Bumble is one of the top free hookup sites in Nigeria where you can make new friends, make new connections and get hookups near you.

Whether you’re looking to make new acquaintances, establish real matches and significant connections, speak with strangers and make new friends, or build your professional and social network, here is the place to be. Changing the dating rules Bumble is a free dating app that promotes equality, respect, and inclusiveness.

3. Badoo


Moving on to the international arena, Badoo is an all-rounder when it comes to legit hookup sites in Nigeria, it has all of the features that you want from a dating platform.

You may use its location-based function to locate and connect with individuals in your area. People may be found depending on their age, geography, and gender. Nigerians may use Badoo to talk with other Nigerians in their area, meet new friends, and even hook up.

Badoo is one of the popular Nigerian hookup sites and is a perfect place to find people to hook up with.

4. Zoosk

Zoosk’s popularity in Nigeria isn’t on either Tinder or Badoo’s level but it is still one of the best free hookup sites in Nigeria with more than 26 million worldwide users as of 2014.

The app is accessible in over 80 countries and 25 languages. In 80 countries, Zook is offered in 25 languages.

The app’s “behavioural matching engine” is its most striking feature. This application uses a complex algorithm to recognize and match individuals based on their behaviors. Users may also utilize the “photo verification service” function to post photos that fit the platform’s standards.

5. EverMatch


EverMatch is another dating site built for those who are searching for a committed relationship, hookups, acquaintances, and friends based on their own tastes.

You’ve undoubtedly tried everything before – attempting to meet someone on your own or via dating sites – but all of your dating hasn’t resulted in a meaningful relationship, and all of the partners you’ve been slightly interested in have turned out to be incorrect for you. Please don’t give up! If you’re not getting the outcomes you desire, well a hookup is around the corner to boost you.

6. Ablo


Ablo is a live video and chat software that allows you to explore dates the globe. You can connect with new people that don’t even speak your language..

You can communicate and speak in your original language, with the app automatically translating your conversations.

Ablo is a free, quick, and simple software for finding a large number of friends or your next hookup. Since its inception, the app has amassed over 10,000,000+ installs, which is rather impressive.

7. Olosho

Olosho is one of the ideal hookup sites in Nigeria for singles looking for the perfect lady, the guy of their dreams, new friends, or the love of their lives. Olosho is a free, quick, and easy dating site that allows you to locate a large number of ladies and males, pick the ones you like most, and speak with them.

Make new acquaintances by dating individuals in your area! – Meet new people in your area for free – exchange images, smiles, and audio messages, and talk with those that interest you Meet new people in your area and start dating them.

Olosho has a free, quick, and easy messenger that allows you to send free text messages to single women and men, as well as transmit audio notes in conversations and choose photographs from the gallery to share with other singles.

8. SweetMeet


SweetMeet claims to make single dating simple and enjoyable!

SweetMeet is one of the legit free hookup sites in Nigeria that allows you to meet locals and and plan experiences.

One of the advantages of local dating is that you may make rapid arrangements after speaking for a while, with minimal effort on either party’s behalf.

There’s no need to travel for an hour or purchase rail tickets to another city. There’s no need to be on talking apps for weeks on end; go get coffee with your date, see a movie at the local theatre, or have dinner and drinks after work.

Matching, talking, and setting updates are all as simple as it gets with Sweetmwet

9. OkCupid


OkCupid is one of the OG hookup sites in Nigeria with more detailed user profiles than the other dating apps.

With over 4,000 questions to pick from, OkCupid allows you to share a lot of personal information. You may wear badges to show your political beliefs, such as the current pro-choice badge, and there are also 60 sexual orientation and gender possibilities.

Unlike other dating apps, OkCupid uses a match percentage to determine how compatible you are with other users. OkCupid did not react to Mashable’s request for comments on the algorithm, although it does have a blog post explaining how it calculates its match rate.

You’ll have a high match % if another person has similar search choices and replies to questions as you, and is seeking the same things in terms of relationships. On someone’s profile, you may view their match % with you.

10. Bingdum

bindum dating app

Bingdum is slowly becoming a popular hookup site in the Nigerian dating scene. It offers an exceptional user experience that ensures you discover precisely what you’re seeking.

The app’s innovative design provides dedicated spaces for various interests, such as hookup rooms where like-minded individuals gather exclusively for casual encounters. In addition to hookup rooms, Bingdum features specialized spaces for those seeking marriage, love, singles, sports enthusiasts, university communities, and more.

Unlike many other apps that require costly subscriptions for premium features, Bingdum is entirely free to use. No upfront fees are necessary before you can start connecting with others and exploring the diverse rooms tailored to your preferences.

Wrap up on Top Hookup Sites in Nigeria

For years, people have attempted to use dating apps to their advantage or questioned why the apps would provide them with possible mates that are so unsuitable for them.

Apps for dating are essentially search engines. They create match suggestions based on your data, which includes personal information (such as location and age), as well as preferences you specify and app activity.

Some argue that dating apps are bad search tools precisely because of algorithms and that they “micromanage” relationships since the romantic connection is notoriously difficult to anticipate.

 The idea is that you need to find out how these algorithms work in order to achieve better matches. While this isn’t the case, we were able to gather some useful information by looking into the algorithms underlying your matches on a few other platforms.

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