Abeg App is now Pocket by Piggyvest : How Does Pocket by Piggyvest Work? (2023 Review) 2023

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last Updated on January 16, 2023

Abeg app now called Pocket by Piggyvest is similar to the famous Cash app. Pocket by Piggyvest is a P2P (peer-to-peer) payment app targeted at millennials in Nigeria and Africa as a whole.

It’s a fun and interactive social payment app for easily sending and receiving money in Nigeria. 

It is also the headline sponsor of Big brother season 6 (2021) – The shine ya eye reality TV show. Which has an unofficial cost of $2m. However, they have a co-headline sponsor in Patricia (A site for selling & buying bitcoin and other cryptos in Nigeria).

So What does Abeg mean in Nigeria?

In West Africa, and mostly In Nigeria, this is slang that translates to “please.” A word used to plead for something. 

For example: “Bros, abeg make you send me something small. You fit use the Abeg app.”

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What is the Abeg app used for? How does Abeg App work?

The fintech industry in Africa and Nigeria is on a high rise and there are a lot of fintech apps for sending and receiving money. But they’re mostly the same. They also have a lot of user experience issues.

But the Abeg app is different. It’s a simple, functional, fun and intuitive app.

It applies a social twist to sending and receiving money. This is the biggest selling point Abeg.

Abeg allows you to send and request money from people on your phone contact list. They also have to be users of the app.

With its request for money feature, you can ask for funds from family, friends and even strangers if you have their IDs – what the Abeg team calls “tags.”

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Who owns Abeg App? Who is the CEO of Abeg App

Abeg was launched in Semptember 2020 by founders Muheez Akanni, Michael Okoh and Dare Adekoya. The app launch went viral on social media because of its similarities to Cash App and its remarkable social approach to receiving and making payments.

There’s an unconfirmed rumour that the idea for the Abeg app came from a social media post by someone asking for a Nigerian alternative to Cash app.

The CEO of Abeg app is Dare Adekoya.

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What is the Abeg App (Pocket by Piggyvest) all About?

One of the reasons abeg was created was because of giveaways. People like it when they’re gifted money. You’ll see a lot of post from Nigerians on social media that goes somewhat like this: “ Boss come do giveaway”.

Giveaways are also a way to become popular on social media as some people can testify to.

This Abeg review won’t be complete without talking about the Abeg tags.

Abeg tags allow you to request money from any Abeg users who are on your contact list. You just need to type in their Abeg tag and your request for money will be sent to them. This doesn’t require your bank details. However, your phone number must be linked to the BVN you registered with.

You also receive badges when you send cash to people on abeg.  Some of the badges you can get include “fundssss”, “Thanks”, ”Lifesaver”, “You’re a Darling”, “Money Spender”,  and “Anon”.

Abeg also plans to launch a merch store where you can buy abeg merchandise and possibly gift them as well. Users of this app will also be able to donate to any cause (fundraising) and also tip professionals too. 

There are also talks of users being able to save spend in groups, where you and your friends start a clique on the app and are able to split payments for stuff as a clique. As well as the ability to save in groups too (Ajo).

Abeg also has plans for loans as well, where users will have access to loans too.

The Abeg app is available for download on Android Playstore and Apple Appstore.

You can start making people happy with cash giveaways today with the Abeg app now called Pocket by Piggyvest.

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